The Endor Pact

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The Endor Pact is an treaty authored by the Trade Federation in Year 19 that ensures nonaggression and mutual defense for its signatories in the galactic south-west region.

In Year 16 theAvance Coalition merged with the Trade Federation in what is known as the Great Merge. While most of the Avance systems and nationalized industry assimilated into the Federation, Lord Arklari Clise, former Avance leader, objected to the agreement and after debate and deliberation arranged for his holdings to be granted their independence and retain their territory. These holdings, namely Golan Technologies, Czerka Corporation, and the Harbingers, would soon become organized as The Kingdom of Elysia, which named Clise as their king. While not outright hostile to the Federation, ELysia's territory in the heart of the Federation's newly governed sectors raised security concerns for both sides. Adding to to the tension, nativist insurgencies on Kalee were frustrating Federation attempts to assilimate the planet, and after the fated Siege of Kalee, the system was turned over to Kolkpravis.

In Year 19, Viceroy Jacob Jansen attempted to decrease the tension by calling all the parties together on the Forest Moon for a summit. During this meeting, the Endor Pact was drafted and signed. Signatories agreed to defend one another if attacked and not to contest members' territory claims in the region. Original Signatories were the Trade Federation, Kolkpravis, and Elysia, speaking for Golan Technologies, Alpha Medical, and Czerka Corporation. Since then, the Pact members have successfully cooperated during the land rush in the Western Reaches, saving countless lives.

In Year 21, The Krath signed the treaty and Matukai Dragons are the most recent signatories to the Endor Pact, joining in Year 22.