Tisha Velbaron

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Tisha Velbaron

Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth
System Gaulus
Clan None
Mother Vela Boran
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Languages Twi'leki, Galactic Basic (Minimal)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 176cm
Weight 57.8kg
Coloring Emerald
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red-brown
Political Information
Affiliation Preraditi Industries
Positions Junker
Prior Affiliation None
Signature TishSig.png

Tisha Velbaron is a young Twi'lek whose life has been shrouded completely in mystery from birth. Her mother, a former slave and dancer who had fled Hutt Space, had barely even settled into motherhood when a group of raiders tore through the village killing men, women and children alike, looting what little the villagers had to offer and burning what remained to the ground. During the raid itself, Vela Boran fought bravely whilst her sister Ayah fled with the newborn. Although she had successfully managed to get the infant safely aboard a small shuttle with a single datapad containing just minor details about the child, Ayah refused to leave her sister's side and returned to the battle while the shuttle was able to leave the village undetected. It is uncertain whether the two were able to survive the battle, but the datapad that Tisha studied and then destroyed contained only a clue as to the whereabouts of the small civilization in the mountains on Ryloth where the Twi'lek might be able to find out more about her mother.



Growing up on Ryloth, the Twi'lek had been known by the name given to her by her adopted family, Zari Vi. Although they were not as wealthy as some, they did everything they could to ensure the child got the best education she possibly could. Datapads galore were imported from all corners of the galaxy to allow Zari Vi to learn everything that would ensure a better future for her than the one that she had been rescued from. When she was old enough to know the truth, they sat her down with the datapad that had been left with her, giving their blessing that if she ever wanted to return to the small mountain village where she had been born, they would do everything in their power to help.

Although some of the data had been damaged over time, Zari Vi had been able to learn about her mother's name, a little about her history and where she had spent her life. Using her birth mother's name and turning it into a pseudonym, thus becoming Tisha Velbaron, the girl continued to live with her adopted parents, studying the datapads and taking up a part time job as a dancer in the local cantina, despite her age at the time. What few credits she earned she saved, using some from time to time to buy the odd bit of junk that her adopted father required for the droid that they were building together so that when Tisha finally left home, she knew that her parents would be taken care of.

Maiden Voyage

Tisha knew that although she enjoyed dancing, it was not something that she wanted to do her whole life. There were so many other things in the galaxy that she wanted to do, like travelling, sightseeing and exploring new planets beyond that of Ryloth and the Gaulus System. When an opportunity came up to visit the planet Tatooine, Tisha knew that she just had to go, but after only a few hours of travelling the Starspeeder was touching down in a city consisting of three large skyscrapers and the starport. Mos Eisley, it turned out, was several days travel by foot, and there were no facilities available to her to hire a speeder for the journey. Disappointed, she turned to the locals for assistance, accessing the holonet for merchants and other traders in search of a fine vessel to call her own, as well as a few necessary supplies for her lengthy journey ahead of her. Using her knowledge of the transport system and using the navcomp, she worked out distances and times in order to find the best suitable location, avoiding the more hostile territories, and set off on the second leg of her journey. Although it would take the same length of time that it would take for her to get to Mos Eisley, she was less likely to land up in trouble so with that in mind, she hopped on the next public transport and headed on to Giju where she had made arrangements to meet with a merchant who had just the ship for her.

New Foundations

During her journey to Giju, Tisha spent most of her spare time scouring the holonet in search of possible careers. Within hours she had received over a dozen recruitment messages and her decision had become a difficult one; did she join a Government faction or a Mercenary? Was the thrill of the fight something she wanted or would she have preferred a more casual and relaxed job? Despite every message being read and re-read meticulously, and conversations being held with members of various Factions, including a helpful Hapan female by the name of Zoya Alekea and a Kiffar/Zeltron by the name of Amelia Kolczynski she was still no closer to finding a job and/or a Faction to call home, although there were a few that were what she called 'Uberly Tempting'. After a while she came across a rather short and simple post that invited her to join a newly formed Faction known as the Preraditi Industries. Although Tisha had never really contemplated what sort of Faction she would have wanted to become a part of, she was far more open-minded than most and sent a message to the leader, Drax Whittler. Just a short time later she accepted the invitation and sent in her application along with her few credentials she had, being accepted almost instantly. Now, finally, she had something to call 'home', as well as a career in Recycling and Production. Wanting to celebrate her newfound home and future career, she immediately sent a message across to Zoya informing her of the good news.


Tisha is often quiet and kept herself to herself which was not uncommon for her race, using her lekku to communicate with her adopted parents. Because of her using her lekku on more occasions than her voice, she is rarely found communicating vocally so there are times when her speech comes across as disorientated and reasonably quiet. Growing up, dancing was her passion and she was able to secretly communicate with her family and employer in the cantina where she had taken up her job using only her lekku.

When Tisha first joined up with Preraditi Industries, she appeared to be the complete opposite; she was lively, bubbly and seemed to show off her intellect for ships and their speeds, but this was nothing more than a ploy, in order to prove to herself that she was in capable hands working among other alien species like the Sullustan and Iktotchi. Having studied a variety of languages and cultures, Tisha hopes to be able to broaden her horizon and learn the langauges of her employees, with the great ambitions of one day exploring every inch of the galaxy (within reason of course). For now though she is content with her career choice and looks forward to being able to create a path with a group she can call 'family'.