Trenika Family

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Trenika Family
Historical Information
EstablishedYear 13 Day 50
General information
Current headArchduchess Aylia Trenika
MembersRosalie Trenika
Noha Trenika
Xintra Trenika
FlagshipAtre`kaltar, YV-666
AffiliationAkheton Corporation


The Trenika family, who serves within the Akheton Corporation, is led by Aylia Trenika. Archduchess Aylia employs her trading and business skills to give her fellow family members almost anything they desire. Aylia is a member of Akheton's leadership and leads Akheton Medical Service, as well as being the unofficial recruitment liaison. Trenika family hopes to expand so it looks to its younger kin to recruit servants and birth offspring.

On Day 162 of Year 13 Aylia considered adapting the La Cosa Nostra ranking system into the families business hierarchy.

Known Captures & Murders

Galen Herocon - Captured by Aylia Trenika - Year 13, 162

Notable Ships
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Year 13 Day 50 — Present
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