Abyhsen Squeegor

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Abyhsen Squeegor
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean (Formerly Vratix)
Homeworld Dawn of Squeegor
Born Year -16 Day 45
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 Meters
Coloring Green, with grey dots
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Republic Medical, New Republic
Rank Senior Advisor, Colonel
Positions COO
Awards New Republic: Outstanding Excellence Award

Personality and Appearance

Abyhsen is a complex sentient who has had some difficulty adapting to his Gamorean body after so many years as a Vratix. His voice and tone come off as harsh, which may be due to the lack of experience useing the Gamorrean language and vocal apperatus, which differs greatly from the vocal apperatus and language of his native Vratix. Dispite these difficulties Abyhsen is still a very caring and calm individual who prefers to assit others rather than following a selfish lifestyle. Another dominant trait Abyhsen shows is his reluctance to trust others quickly. However, that reluctance is nicely counterbalanced by his willingness to do anything for you once you have gained that trust. Having a Vratix mind in a Gamorrean's body has made things a little challenging which leaves Abyhsen tired and vacant at times, but the amazing resourcefulness he has shown in the past will undoubtedly lead him to success in the near future.


Early years

Abyhsen was bred on Year -16 Day 45 on the Shelter of Squeegor. A C-3 Passenger Liner containing the sleeping, training and dining quarters for most of the members. While Abyhsen was going through the raising process of his hive he was a very eager student, often exceeding his instructors expectations and was allowed to complete the adulthood ceremony 2 years before other members of the same breed. The ceremony took place on the Dawn of Squeegor at Year 1 Day 85.

Joining Republic Medical

On Year 1 Day 90 Republic Medical CEO contacted the Hive Squeegor Council and requested some Vratix Personal to assist them in the refinement of Alazhi. The Hive Council agreed and began reviewing it's members for who would be best suited for working with Republic Medical as exceptional representatives of the Hive. Some days later Abyhsen and 10 other Squeegor members were chosen for the honor of representing the Hive as members of Republic Medical. The chosen Vratix jumped onto a shuttle sent by Republic Medical and headed for the Alazhi Refinement Facility on Adbatar. The refinement facility was in excellent condition and many were glad to see the new members arrive. As one of the youngest Abyhsen started working on a production line separating Alhazi. Abyhsen quickly established himself as an excellent worker with a quick mind and a tuning talent for managing his duties. During the next few years Abyhsen rose to line supervisor, where he gained the respect of his workers and increased line production by 100%in just two years. Later he was promoted again this time to production supervisor where he over saw the refinement process from beginning to end, once again he stood out among his peers as an excellent worker who had a knack for providing insight into processes and help to further the companies production. Finally after 10 years of working Abyhsen was promoted to the manager of the Alazhi Refinement Facility, and remains the model by which other managers are measured.


On Year 11 Day 95 Abyhsen joined the galaxy wide production department of Republic Medical. With the Guidance of Kesh Muntoo Abyhsen led several Departments (Construction, Production and Operations) and jumped into the Leadership position when Kesh Muntoo was on holiday.


On Year 12 Day 336 Abyhsen recieved a distress call from the Dawn of Squeegor calling for aid in a possible attack. Abyhsen arrived as one of the first and picked up any survivors his Ship could hold. After the Hive's Council decided to finally settle down on Polordio II Abyhsen decided that he wants to take on a more active role in securing the galaxy.

Military Career

After talking to the different branches of the New Republic Military he decided to join the Army with two of his best friends aiding him. During one of his missions he got shot down. After his body was recovered to a safe place, his friends decided to perform a reincarnation ritual.


But instead of wandering back into the Vratix corpse his soul transferred into a nearby Gamorrean corpse. It was later revealed that the Metamorphosis Plague might be the cause for this because in the autopsy of his Vratix corpse the virus of the Metamorphosis Plague was found. After some time of regeneration and accommodation he returned to active Service in the New Republic Army.

To be continued

Service History

Positions currently held

  • Senior Advisor for Republic Medical
  • Major New Republic Army

Former positions

  • Republic Medical
    • Secretary of Health
    • Director of Facility and Mining Management
    • Chief Operational Officer
    • Director of Production