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Pell Banven
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Marital Status Single
Born Year -3 Day 172
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Coloring Green
Eye Color Maroon
Political Information
Affiliation [Falleen Federation]
Title Classified
Prior Affiliation [Rwookrrorro Industries]

As the average height for a Nautolan male is around 5'8", at 6' 2" Pell is much taller than most of his Nautolan species, although he is by no means the tallest!

Due to Pell often spending weeks on end in his parents house in the G'alsy lagoon on his home planet, Glee Anselm, his habit of spending half of his time out of the water in the sun may go some way to explaining his slightly blue/green colour and his dark Maroon eyes. The unusual salts in the lagoon mixing with the prolonged exposure to the sun slowly changed his natural green tone to more of a turquoise blue. His unusual Maroon eyes and his blue skin tone became a great talking point with the female Nautolans! His water living also meant that, unlike most Nautolans, his tentacles are still quite sensitive. He is aware of this and still tries to swim or spend time in water when he gets the chance and recently had a tank fitted in his YT-2000 to accommodate this habit.

Pell is a really outgoing Nautolan and tries to make friends wherever he goes. He often breaks the ice with his own invented cocktail, which he calls this the CorRyhllian Drop. A combination of a warm Rhyll beer and ice cold Corellian Whisky, this is a sure way to loosen even the most tight lipped. He loves to laugh and joke and likes nothing more than spending time in good company.

They say if you buy him a beer you'll be on your way to a making a new friend!


Early Life

Pell’s needs in life are pretty simple: Cash, Beer and Friendship.

Hailing from G'asly, a small lagoon to the North West of the Glee Anselm’s capital, Anselm, Pell decided to leave his home planet in Y13 in search of some adventure, and, of course, the aforementioned goods!

Pell was only young when he first heard the exciting stories of the ‘Battle of Glee Anselm’ which took place during the Clone Wars. His grandfather was of the warrior clan Rak`Qua and as a child Pell was inspired by the tales of his grandfather fighting side by side with the Jedi. The stories led to daydreaming and he was often punished in his school years for wandering off and not paying attention.

It was the stories and his family connection to Rak’Qua that gave Pell the desire to leave home and explore the galaxy, to see different races and make new friends, Pell became almost obsessed with the idea and he was fascinated with all life outside of his watery home.

His favourite stories where always of the warrior Wookies that helped the Jedi. It was the strength and honour of the Wookies that had the biggest influence on his adolescence and, although he occasionally got into trouble, he would always admit to his mistakes and would never turn his back on a friend. He would always remember that above all, honour and integrity are the most important things someone can have.

Chasing the Dream

After years of daydreaming Pell made up his mind to leave his home and search the stars for adventure and a new life. His own planet, which once held it's own fascination with Pell, was starting to look like a tiny rock in the ocean, he wanted off as soon as possible.

After a few years of delivery and repair jobs, Pell finally had enough money to pay his way off the planet. While on a transport to a nearby star port Pell got talking to a strange Arkanian about his planet and his dreams. The Arkanian never really spoke, asking questions Pell was only too eager to answer, the main thing the Arkanian said was to get to the planet of Gand.

So, upon taking the advice of the tall stranger, and although he had no idea where this planet was, Pell managed to hitch-hike his way to Gand. When arriving, Pell took shelter in a local 3* hotel, hoping to get away from the strange smell the planet seemed to have, although the hotel wasn't much better.

After a full day of sleeping he spent the next couple of days trawling through the hundreds of messages on his data pad, hoping to find a job offer that was at least slightly interesting and didn’t run the risk of having himself killed before he’d managed to even do anything!

After hours and hours of reading about mercenary groups, the galactic empire, mining corporations, the 30 or so messages about the Prince of Drenra dying and needing 500,000 credits to process 4 billion credits, of which he was promised half in return for help, the hundred or so pretty female Nautolians in his area who all wanted to chat and offer a good time, the messages from the intergalactic second hand trading company offering him 'ideal products' because he bought an aray off there 2 years ago.... he finally came across a couple of messages that really stood out.

The first message promised him his own factory, after someone recognised Pell's name from a job on a speedbike a while back. The other message was offering him a community, a career, adventure and, most importantly for Pell, it was from a Wookie!

Pell weighed up his options and looked closely into both offers. While the promise of his own factory was tempting, Pell knew in his heart which one he really wanted, he was delighted to talk to a real life Wookie and so accepted the position at Rwookrrorro Industries.

After formally applying for the job, he hit it off with the Wookie CEO right away. He was accepted in huge, open, hairy arms and was told that a transport would be picking him up in a couple of days.

He felt his luck changing right there. 'This is the start of something great' he though to himself.

Pell's dream of finding his place in the dizzying vastness of space was finally becoming a reality.

Rwookrrorro Industries

Pell is the go-to guy for Rwookrrorro Industries when it comes to important transportation. Pell’s love of beer, whisky and relaxing makes him the perfect candidate for long haul journeys. Although his laid back attitude and friendly persona shouldn’t be taken for granted, Pell is able to handle himself in a fight and is an adept and accomplished pilot. Often seen wearing his Corellian Powersuit and carrying a host of weapons, Pell can be intimidating when he needs to be.

Pell fitted in to the life at Rwookrrorro Industries with relative ease and now considers his colleagues and bosses his family. With company owner Elijah Shoryyhn taking Pell under his wing Pell has learned a lot from the Wookie. Elijah and Pell have become friends over the years and Pell was once heard saying “the big hairy carpet is my brother, dude”. Elijah was unavailable for comment.

Over the years working at RI, Pell has struck up a number of friendships and often shares a drink and a chat with anyone he comes across. Another of RI’s “big hairy wigs” (as Pell calls them) also took a shine to Pell and the two have become friends. Jorvan Drey even giften Pell a YT-200 as a showing of their friendship and servie to RI over the years. Pell was quoted as saying being recognised for his hard work and loyalty was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Pell’s allegiance to RI grows stronger by the day although these days he’s often doing various personal jobs or favours for Elijah or Jorvan away from RI.


Sabre of Sabilon

The Sabre of Sabiln was the first addition to Pell Banven’s ever growing fleet. Purchased from his mentor and friend Elijah Shoryyhn of Rwookrrorro Industries, the YT-200 was his dream ship. Pell has since retro fitted this YT with his very own water tank and bar area and Pell often hosts private pool parties on board. Although often docked on board his Marauder, Pell considers this his home from home. This YT-200 is one of Pell’s most prized possessions.


The Hurricane was the second YT-200 owned by Pell Banven. This one was given to him by his friend Jorvan Drey in recognition for Pell’s service and loyalty to Rwookrrorro Industries. Named Hurricane to remind him of the turbulent weather on his home planet.

Other Vessels

Pell boasts a fleet of over 70 ships and continues to add to his collection when a good deal passes his way. Wanting to help those in need, Pell is known to let new pilots use his ships when needed, often not charging a single credit for the service.