Varangian Guard

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Varangian Guard
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General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Simon Eusnomis
2IC Mira Scylla
Owner Simon Eusnomis
Headquarters Valhalla HQ
Banvhar Asteroid Field
Historical Information
Formed from Year 13 Day 335
Founded Year 14 Day 30
Dissolved Year 14 Day 46
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite Varangian Guard

The Varangian Guard is a mercenary unit headquartered in the Banvhar Asteroid Field.


The Varangian Guard takes its ideals from ancient writings discovered by its founders while exploring old cave systems on a uninhabited planet. These ancient writings were later deciphered to be written in a long lost language . It told of a band of mercenaries that held honour to the highest standard. It is not known what happened to these mercenaries, but the Guard was reestablished holding the same values as its predecessor.

Located in the Kriz sector in southwest portion of the known galaxy, the Guard maintains its main base of operations in the heavily fortified asteroid fields in Banvhar. It also maintains a number of deep space hideouts used for surgical strikes. Their main focus is the protection and security of the mining company known as the Empire of the Hand, their allies, and their sovereign territory.

The Varangian Guard are also soldiers for hire, more than willing to take on the brutal jobs that the larger groups don't wish to be associated with. The Guard is open to all, whatever your race or prior affiliations; all that is asked of you is that you stand by your brothers and sisters and, if necessary, die with your brothers and sisters.

Ancient History

Two of the original founding leaders.

The Return