Vernon Foxtail

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Lord Vernon Foxtail B.F. P.S.
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Year -14 Day 13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 2in.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank Premier
Positions Leader of Tresario Salvage Yards
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
Awards Falleen Federation:

Graduation.png6monthmember.pngDefence.pngEngineering.pngFF Ministry of State.png

Tresario Star Kingdom:

TSKuniversity.png3mon.png6 Months(small).pngSmall-1year.pngSmall-2year.pngSmall-3year.pngSmall-4year.pngSmall-5year.pngSmall-HoM.pngTSKuniversityIntructor.pngMedribbon.pngTSK- Navy.pngMosribbonsm.pngTskff.pngKornama.pngSmall-armoredcowl.pngSmall-algaraxv.pngSmall-kubakaivii.pngSmall-kubakaiX.pngSmall-artmonkey.pngSmall-ootfwhite.pngLeadership.png

Lord Vernon Foxtail B.F. P.S. is a member of the Department of Construction, leader of Tresario Salvage Yards within the Tresario Star Kingdom.


Family History

Early Life

Falleen Federation

Year 11 Day 177: Enters the service of Falleen Federation as a Cadet.

Year 11 Day 208: Graduated Ichigo Military Academy, promoted to Petty Officer.

Year 11 Day 213: Starting working for Ministry of Engineering, Department of Construction.

Year 11 Day 293: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

Year 12 Day 132: Left Falleen Federation for personal reasons to pursue a career with Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Year 12 Day 132: Enters the service of Tresario Star Kingdom. Ministry of Economical Development, Department of Construction at the rank of Lieutenant.

Year 12 Day 144: Received TSK/FF Ribbon.

Year 12 Day 145: Started as University of Tresario Instructor.

Year 12 Day 160: Received Kar-Bannog Ribbon.

Year 12 Day 197: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Year 12 Day 262: Started as Tresario Star Kingdom Recruiter.

Year 13 Day 17: Promoted to Commander and Department of Construction XO.

Year 13 Day 37: Awarded the Leadership Star Point.

Year 13 Day 79: Received Armoured Cowl Ribbon.

Year 13 Day 130: Promoted to Captain.

Year 13 Day 249: Promoted to Commodore.

Year 13 Day 285: Promoted to Deputy Dean of University of Tresario.

Year 14 Day 103: Appointed Leader of Tresario Salvage Yards.

Year 14 Day 143: Promoted to Rear Admiral

Year 14 Day 144: Inducted into the Order of Tresarian Freedom as a Colonel


Falleen Federation

Graduation.png Academy Graduation Ribbon

6monthmember.png Falleen Federation Six Month Service Ribbon

Defence.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Defense Service Ribbon

Engineering.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Engineering Service Ribbon

FF Ministry of State.png Falleen Federation Ministry of State Service Ribbon

Tresario Star Kingdom

Medribbon.png Tresario Star Kingdom Ministry of Economical Development Service Ribbon

Mosribbonsm.png Tresario Star Kingdom Ministry of State Service Ribbon

TSKuniversity.png University of Tresario Graduation Ribbon

TSKuniversityIntructor.png University of Tresario Instructor Ribbon

3mon.png Tresario Star Kingdom Three Month Service Ribbon

6 Months(small).png Tresario Star Kingdom Six Month Service Ribbon

Small-1year.png Tresario Star Kingdom One Year Service Ribbon‎

Small-2year.png Tresario Star Kingdom Two Year Service Ribbon

Kornama.png Kar-Bannog Build Project Ribbon

Tskff.png TSK/FF Ribbon

Small-armoredcowl.png Armoured Cowl Build Project Ribbon

Small-algaraxv.png Murkhana IV Build Project Ribbon

Small-kubakaivii.png Ku' Bakai VII Build Project Ribbon

Small-kubakaiX.png Ku' Bakai X Build Project Ribbon

Small-artmonkey.png Tresarian Art Team Ribbon

Small-ootfwhite.png Order of Tresarian Freedom, Colonel

Leadership.png Leadership Star Point Ribbon

Preceded By:
Vernon Foxtail
Year 14 Day 103 - Year 19 Day 332
Tresario Salvage Yards Administrator
Okrim Rimdor
Year 19 Day 332 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Tresario Salvage Yards Second in Command
Succeeded By: