Vernon Foxtail

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Lord Vernon Foxtail B.F. P.S.
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Year -14 Day 13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 2in.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom Since Y12 D132
Rank Premier
Positions Leader of Tresario Salvage Yards
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation Y11 D177 - Y12 D132
Awards Falleen Federation:

Graduation.png6monthmember.pngDefence.pngEngineering.pngFF Ministry of State.png

Tresario Star Kingdom:

TSKuniversity.png3mon.png6 Months(small).pngSmall-1year.pngSmall-2year.pngSmall-3year.pngSmall-4year.pngSmall-5year.pngSmall-HoM.pngTSKuniversityIntructor.pngMedribbon.pngTSK- Navy.pngMosribbonsm.png20180829005623-9c66aa30.png20180829005635-6d9a5797.pngKornama.pngSmall-armoredcowl.pngSmall-algaraxv.pngSmall-kubakaivii.pngSmall-kubakaiX.png20180829005617-191541a6.png20180829005610-13d15001.png20180829005628-6dc060a1.pngRibbon-security-small zpsh6tfjswn.pngOPCS.pngR6S1.pngSmall-gryphon.pngSmall-artmonkey.pngTskff.pngSmall-ootfwhite.png20180829005606-e283790c.png20180829005646-28a3d248.pngLeadership.png20180829005633-437e0941.png

Lord Vernon Foxtail B.F. P.S. is Premier of Tresario Star Kingdom.


Early Life

Born under the watchful eyes of the two scorching suns of Tatooine, a vile crime-ridden and lawless world under the direct administration and governance of the New Republic government, Vernon Foxtail entered this life like any young child born into the dire and atrocious circumstances of being a New Republic citizen. He was faced with a dim future of lifelong indentured servitude to a government that catered only to the political elite in the New Republic ruling class at the expense of the hard working citizens, which the government was actually meant to serve and protect. Vernon yearned for a better life; one of excitement, one of hope, one of opportunity. One day while working his job as a bartender at a local cantina called Marzo’s, Vernon met a young officer from the Falleen Federation who inspired him to dream big and reach for the stars. When his shift ended, Vernon immediately got on the holonet and submitted an application to enlist in the Falleen Federation’s Department of Construction as a Cadet; where he hoped that he could build a new life and a brighter tomorrow for himself.

Falleen Federation

After Vernon’s first day as a Cadet in the Falleen Federation he felt surprised; he realized that he had never been treated as an equal before. He realized that his boss, Michael MaCleod saw more potential in him than he had ever realized that he had. He made friends with many of the citizens of the Falleen Federation, from his boss Michael MaCleod, to Alto Rexar, and Xyler Zero. A little less than a year after he joined the Federation, the people grew displeased with their King, Bisz Aldaris, and looked for real leadership in the galaxy, and yearned for a renewed hope for the galaxy. He realized that titles, positions, the people with the most people reporting to them and the size of ones office, throne, or crown weren’t what defined a leader. Vernon realized that real leaders were like the former Viceroy of the Federation, Jude Vatz; who had courage to challenge the status quo, who had enough character to know how you do things is as important as what you do, who valued collaboration and always sought out the views and perspectives of people from all different circumstances and walks of life, and who sees endless possibilities. Vernon saw the opportunities the galaxy was presenting in the visage of that charismatic King Jude Vatz, and left the Federation to join the Tresario Star Kingdom’s Department of Construction.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Soon after he had joined the Tresario Star Kingdom, King Vatz saw the potential in young Vernon and offered him the opportunity of serving as an Instructor at the University of Tresario, where he taught classes in the University’s Engineering Department and discovered his passion for sustainability. Vernon’s devotion to learning about sustainability in engineering was noticed by Michael MaCleod, who appointed him as Executive Officer of the Department of Construction. Vernon was able to transform the Star Kingdom’s building practices, by infusing his knowledge about sustainability initiatives, eco-friendly materials, and environmentally-friendly constructing into the Department of Construction’s Development Framework; his courage and leadership to challenge the status quo gained the eye of King Vatz, who recognized Vernon with the Leadership Star Point. Vernon would be called upon to help lead the rapid-response team to develop the Garn system and almost a year later to help develop the Boonta system, and less than a year after that to help develop the Yaled system; designing and constructing water and energy efficient buildings which incorporate and harness nature and its natural processes.

With Vernon’s practical experiences in his field, his national recognition for his teaching excellence, intellectual distinction, and academic rigor, he soon was chosen to be the Chair of the University’s Department of Engineering, and not long after was chosen as the new Dean of the University of Tresario. His dedication to his students and his strong interest in research, made him a natural choice to lead the Tresario Salvage Yards (TSY). TSY’s mission was to refresh and modernize the planets of the Star Kingdom using the natural landscapes of the planets as guiding forces in the design. Vernon’s legacy remains at TSY and the Department of Construction; where they continue to favor designs that while reducing costs and maximizing space, feel like natural extensions of the planets that they are on. Vernon’s leadership at breathing new life into the older developments across the Star Kingdom, was recognized by King Vatz and earned Vernon an induction into the Order of Tresarian Freedom as a Colonel.

Vernon’s successes at the TSY, earned him an appointment as Deputy Minister of Economic Development; where he continued to drive pioneering value for the citizens of the Star Kingdom, and continued to deliver services under budget and on time, preventing costly delays and overruns. King Vatz recognized that Vernon’s skills would be useful in other parts of the government and appointed him as Deputy Minister of State under recently appointed Minister of State Azarin Isard; to help oversee the unification of the two different regional and local government systems. When the change of Ministers later occured at State, and Minister Isard retired to further his medical studies; Minister von Ismay stepped in to take over the Ministry; and assigned Vernon the portfolio of Agriculture, Sports, Tourism, and Energy. With this assignment Vernon left the Tresarian capital and spent two years traveling around the Star Kingdom, meeting its people, visiting their communities, talking about sustainable energy and agriculture, and becoming a champion of communities across the Star Kingdom. After over two years on the road, Vernon returned to the Tresarian capital in a transfer back to the Ministry of Economic Development, to once again serve as its Deputy Minister for an interim period.

A few weeks after his return to Bal`demnic, King Alto Rexar announced Vernon’s appointment to Premier. With his elevation to Premier, Vernon began appearing on news shows, like Tresarian Tea at Three, Maltorian Mornings, and Toydaria Today, alongside Minister von Ismay to promote King Rexar’s foreign policy agenda. While he has not yet spoken publicly about his vision for the Star Kingdom, sources close to the Premier’s office and have stated that the Premier has already played a major role in the Year 20 budget process, has played a key part in planning Remembrance Day celebrations, and is expected to jump right into his new job. He is expected to join Minister von Ismay and Deputy Minister Rimdor at the Tresarian Agricultural Policy Council conference later this year; as well as joining Minister von Ismay on her tour of new startup companies formed in the Hibridium Valley Technology Corridor inside Tresario’s Aregente Rim region.

Preceded By:
Vernon Foxtail
Year 14 Day 103 - Year 19 Day 332
Tresario Salvage Yards Administrator
Okrim Rimdor
Year 19 Day 332 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Tresario Salvage Yards Second in Command
Succeeded By: