Wedge Cornely

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Wedge Cornely
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
House House Black
Mother Lyra Cornely†, née Darfas
Father Cyrus Cornely†
Marital Status Engaged
Partner Sydney von Ismay
Born Year -9 Day 151
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83m 6'0"
Weight 86.18kg 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Title His Excellency, Lord
Rank Premier, TSK
Prior Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Talost Nightwatch
Awards Tresario Star Kingdom
Expediency Star Point
Order of Tresarian Freedom
Sentinels of Tresario

His Excellency, Lord Wedge Cornely P.S. G.F. is Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom. He currently serves the Tresarian People in the Stewardship of King Forge.


Early Life

Wedge was born in Tyrena, Corellia as the only child of politician Cyrus Cornely and his tailor wife, Lyra. Cyrus was well known as an outspoken opponent of Imperial methods of policing, though was a pacifist by nature and doctrine. Lyra was a relatively successful tailor, and it was through this business that she met Cyrus. Being pregnant at the time of their wedding, Wedge was born just 3 months after the ceremony. Due to his father’s influence and relative wealth, Wedge attended the Tyrena Preparatory Academy, earning high marks. Given Tyrena’s proximity to the Corellian Gold Beaches, Wedge spent many days in his childhood at the beaches with his mother. This ended abruptly, however, when he ventured too far out into the water at 6 years old and was caught in a tide current, almost drowning. This led to Wedge’s extreme aversion to water.

Rebel Insurrection

In early Year 8, tensions in Tyrena between Imperial forces and small pockets of Rebels reached a head, leading to the “Tyrena Bloodbath”, in which an Imperial sting went awry, bringing about the deaths of many innocent civilians thought to be Rebels. This resulted in the Empire placing Tyrena under martial law. The combination of the occupation and the massacre led to public outcry, which the Rebels used to further their cause. Cyrus was of course outraged by the violence, and began publicly denouncing the Empire and their methods of policing. An arrest warrant was issued for Cyrus by the Empire, forcing the Cornely family into hiding. Their plight was further exacerbated by the Rebels claiming Cyrus as a champion of their cause, causing Cyrus’ warrant to be upgraded to a death warrant. In an effort to protect his family, Cyrus went to the Corellia News Service, at great personal risk, for an interview, publicly denying the Rebels’ claim, and denouncing their calls for violence. The only effect this had, however, was to place Cyrus on the wanted list of both the Rebels and the Imperials.

Kidnapping and Torture

According to official documents, while returning home from a supply run for his family later in Year 8, Wedge noticed he was being followed. Though he tried to evade his pursuers, eventually he was hit by a swoop and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he was tied to a meat hook on the ceiling of an unknown building. Three men identified themselves as Imperials and interrogated Wedge for the whereabouts of his father. Knowing about the death warrant, Wedge told them nothing. For the next 17 days, he was tortured in an effort to extract the whereabouts of his father. The torture ranged from simple beatings, to electrocution, and in the final days to the skillful use of a vibroblade. Throughout this time period, one of the men would periodically holo-record the torture sessions. Little did Wedge know, these videos were played across the local holo-channels via hijacked transponders, along with a message to Cyrus to turn himself in.

Murder of Cyrus and Lyra

On the 17th day, Wedge was awoken by his captors and subjected to yet another torture session. Records indicate that on this day, his back was laid open with a vibroblade, he was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen, and he was beaten until his nose was broken and his right eye was swollen shut. Unbeknownst to Wedge at the time, his mother and father had reported to the location presented in the holovids. Falling unconscious during the beating session, he was kicked awake to see two figures being led into the same small room in which he was being held, hoods over their heads. His captors took off the hoods, revealing the faces of his parents. His captors undid his restraints, however he no longer had the strength to hold himself up and he crumpled to the floor, at which point Lyra rushed to him, holding him close. Reportedly, Lyra was killed with a a single shot through her right temple as she held Wedge with - less than 15 seconds later - his father meeting the same fate. Following the cold blooded murder of his parents, newfound energy surged through Wedge's body as charged the man who had just killed his parents. Slamming into the man’s side, a small fight ensued before ultimately Wedge was subdued and lost consciousness.

Escape and Recovery

The account of events indicates that some time later Wedge awoke, bleeding profusely; crawling to the bodies of his parents, he wept. During the next 12 hours, Wedge battled to maintain consciousness, eventually kissing his parents goodbye and making his way towards the exit in what he would later describe as a, "slow and agonizing process." Ultimately, and with much difficulty, Wedge managed to activate the controls to open the door, greeted by fresh air for the first time in three weeks. Though he attempted to scream for help, the trauma of the ordeal allowed only a cry. The last thing he saw before passing out was a light approaching him in the distance.

Two days later, Wedge awoke in a ramshackle tent, and was greeted by a man who identified himself as Volo Kharr. His wounds had been bandaged, though he was still in extreme pain. Volo explained that he had been scavenging the back alleys of the slums and had found Wedge. Volo had been a vagrant in the less than savory part of the city for over 20 years, and thus knew much about survival. Once Wedge had regained his strength, he broke down in tears and told Volo what had happened. Volo listened intently, and could relate as his mother had abandoned him long ago, and his father was eventually murdered in a robbery. As Wedge started to heal, Volo slowly collected artificial skin grafts. However, when presented with them, Wedge vehemently refused them and told Volo to only salve and bandage. Wedge blamed himself for his parents’ death, since they turned themselves in because of him. The scars he bore would forever serve as a reminder of his failure, and fuel his newfound hatred of the Empire.

For the better part of the next year, Wedge worked to recover with Volo attending to his wounds and recovery. As soon as he was able to walk, Wedge asked Volo to take him back to where he had found him. Volo knew that Wedge wanted to return to the site of his imprisonment, and strongly argued against it. However, he finally caved and took Wedge. They searched for around an hour, before finding the storage unit in which Wedge had been held. Upon entering however, his parents’ bodies were nowhere to be found. Blood still stained the floors, thanks to a hasty clean up attempt. Wedge didn’t even have their bodies to bury, nothing with which to provide him any sense of closure. Wedge would later state that at that moment he knew what he had to do: hunt down the men responsible for the horrors he experienced, and end them.

Departure from Corellia and time with the Talost Nightwatch

During the early months of Year 9, Wedge lived and breathed the underground of the slums in a stark contrast compared to his upbringing. In this time, he tried his best to get in contact with anyone connected with the Rebels. Once he had, he learned of an organization called the Talost Nightwatch, a mercenary organization for the New Republic, sworn enemies of the Empire he hated so. Bidding Volo goodbye, Wedge was picked up on Year 9 Day 151, and he has not been back to Corellia since.

He quickly fit in in the Nightwatch, under the tutelage of Azarin Isard. Wedge quickly grew fond of Azarin, who filled an almost fatherly role for Wedge. Wedge worked as a pilot for the Nightwatch, all while keeping his ear to the ground in an effort for intel leading to the men whom he so desperately sought. Eventually a rift developed in the Nightwatch, leading to Wedge defecting with Azarin and several others to the Anzatan Commonwealth. Having grown quite proficient in the cockpit, Wedge found himself a member of the Anzatan Starfighter Corps. He spent around 3 months in active service when the break he had been waiting for found him: he had actionable intelligence that could lead to the men responsible for the death of Cyrus and Lyra. Wedge resigned his commission, but not his citizenship, and raced off to hunt down this lead.

Captain Tresario's Armor

Off the Grid

Wedge spent nearly seven years off the grid, hunting these men. He came to learn that the Empire wasn’t responsible for his parents’ death after all, but rather it was a group of Rebels posing as Imperials after Cyrus had publicly denounced the Rebels and their efforts. This turned Wedge’s hatred towards the New Republic. With a newfound determination, Wedge returned to Anzatan space only to find that the Anzatan Commonwealth no longer existed, and that rather he was now a citizen of the Tresario Star Kingdom. As luck would have it, the Tresario Star Kingdom was a member of the Imperial Union, and enemies of the New Republic. Wedge enlisted in the Tresarian Navy, being granted the rank of Lieutenant.

The Birth of Captain Tresario

Wedge went to work within the Tresarian Navy, quickly distinguishing himself for his work ethic. This earned him the Expediency Star Point and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the Tresario Core Fleet. He fell in love with Tresario and everything is stood for, and what started as a running joke among his comrades quickly stuck: he became Captain Tresario, a larger than life character devoted to freedom, liberty and the righting of wrongs. He has since been spotted in custom TSK armor, and can always be found bearing a shield emblazoned with the TSK Tikiar. He has since been inducted into the Order of Tresarian Freedom as a Colonel. Wedge was promoted first to TCF Executive Officer, and then to Commanding Officer.

Discovery of Till Chorios

In late Y23, Wedge received an intelligence report that Tresarian enemy Arthur von Kaldreon was scouting for frontier systems in the Meridian sector. He (Wedge) and Ro-nin Linj immediately began a scouting expedition in the same sector to undermine enemy efforts. On Y23 D346, Wedge discovered the Till Chorios system. claiming it in the name of The Tresario Star Kingdom.

Selection as Premier

With the ascension of Ridley Forge as Sovereign of Tresario, Wedge was selected to serve as Premier by King Forge on Y24 D216. Alongside this appointment, Wedge became inducted into the Sentinels of Tresario as a Protector of the Sentinels (P.S.) and was promoted to General of the Order of Tresarian Freedom (G.F.)

Personal Information


At six feet tall and 190 pounds, Wedge tends to blend in while in a crowd. While not physically impressive, his time in the slums coupled with his torture experience taught Wedge to hold his own in a fight. His piercing blue eyes are perhaps his most outstanding physical feature, with the exception of his wounds, which he makes a point of covering and never showing. Typically clean shaven, as Wedge has aged he has dabbled with a beard, publicly remarking before that he's "not quite sure if he likes it or not". He keeps his brown hair cut short, neatly combed over.


Wedge and Sydney, Year 18

Wedge has been described as outgoing, charismatic and well-liked. He is fiercely loyal, to both Tresario and those that he cares for. However, with the exception of one person, Wedge keeps everyone at arms length, not allowing them to get too close. He is on friendly terms with all of those he works with, however he wouldn’t be considered particularly close with any of them. Wedge is known to be very blunt and direct, never sugar coating what he has to say.


For the longest time, Wedge had no relationships whatsoever, being too concerned with hunting down those responsible for destroying his life. Having no other known family, Wedge is the last of the Cornely name. He later was "adopted" by Teresa Rowley and Matsu Makino, who filled an aunt/uncle relationship. The couple had also "adopted" Mishka Sorokin, leading to Wedge always referring to Mishka as his cousin.

Several months after his return to Tresario, he began spending time with Sydney von Ismay. The more time went on, the more Tresarian news media remarked on his seemingly being enamored with her. Despite being known for keeping people at an emotional distance, reportedly his trust and love for Sydney is so intense that she is the only person besides Volo whom he has told the story of his torture, and the only person he has ever shown his wounds. They are currently in a happy relationship. Due to this relationship, Dominic von Black (a relative of Sydney's) inducted Wedge into House Black.