Zavior Davik

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Zavior Davik
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Alexia Davik
Father Tyler Davik
Spouse unknown
Siblings Maziel Davik
Children unknown
Born Year -39, Day 37
Died Year 11 Day 351
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Coloring Dyed Blue
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Huruk-Rah
Positions Moff - Pentastar Alignment
Minister of Engineering - Falleen Federation
Master Sargent - New Imperial Order
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
New Imperial Order
Pentastar Alignment

Zavior Davik, son of the late Tyler Davik, was a Moff of the Pentastar Alignment and was the former Minister of Engineering and State in the Falleen Federation.

Early life

Born of Alexia and Tyler Davik, Zavior was born into the Huruk-Rah clan of the second royal line. Zavior went through extreme schooling by order of his father. After 25 years of intense studies, he set off to wander the galaxy to view the corruption that fueled the galaxy, mainly that of the Galactic Republic that held double standards on most things. Zavior then continued to wander the galaxy exploring other cultures and ways of thinking.

Return from the Rim

Following the capture of his father by Sola Toa of the New Imperial forces, Zavior rushed back to Falleen space which had grown exponentially since the days of Imperial Rule. Unable to secure the return of his father he pledged help the Falleen cause and quickly rose the ranks all the way up to the Minister of Engineering.

The Betrayal

Unhappy with the level of bureaucracy and lack of effort by the rest of the Royal Court. Zavior and his father's best friend Minister Landion Domic began to devise ways to overthrow the idle King Bisz. Several opportunities arose most involving the sacrificing of Landion himself for the greater cause. Davik, not completely willing to allow Landion to burden approached another member of his clan to get another perspective on the situation. Following the meeting, Davik sent Domic a holo-recording of the conversation to get him up to speed. Landion, overcome with sudden guilt turned the recording into the Falleen Intelligence Bureau and Zavior was promptly arrested for treason.

Zavior was charged with High Treason and various other charges related to such. Due to the popularity of Davik within the Federation and fearing rebellion, most of the charges were dropped. Davik was stripped of from the Order of Rukhar, demoted to Acting Lieutenant, and banned from the Royal Court for life. Powerless within the Federation, Davik gave his resignation.

The New Imperial Order

Zavior left Falleen space and attempted to retrieve his captured Father, himself. Tyler Davik had been locked up but well taken care of by Grand Vizier Seele. Following brief negotiations, Zavior obtained his father's release. But in strange irony, enlisted in the Imperial Army due to polite and upstanding respect they had given him and his father. Seele introduced him to Colonel Vincent Lytear and the two quickly developed a rapport. Zavior quickly took command of the 2nd Legion's Phoenix Brigade leading such names as Timothy McVale, Greg Black-Granger, and Dan Black-Granger. 2nd Legion's Phoenix Brigade was eventually merged with 1st Legion's Iron Brigade. After a while New Imperial High Command issued an Ultimatum to him to give up his Falleen contacts or resign. Davik unwillingly resigned and left Bothan space.

BlasTech Corporation / Pentastar Alignment=

Not long after Year 9 Day 276, when the Imperial Outer Rim Authority declared neutrality and rechristened itself BlasTech Corporation again, Zavior was approached by Brat Cost Ru. Brat was looking for someone with knowledge of galactic politics and insight into building an independent government. He was instrumental in creating a new hierarchy and keeping the traditions the Empire had instilled in them, The Pentastar Alignment was born.

Using his contacts within the Galactic Alliance, Zavior assisted in shifting perceptions and allegiances from the Imperial Union to the Galactic Alliance. Zavior quickly rose the ranks and become a Moff in the new regime. But nearly a year later, the Alignment couldn't defend or manage the large amount of space it had ceded from the Galactic Empire and quickly downsized and merged with the Rouge Squadron government.


With his rank striped to the politics of the galaxy, Zavior attempted to set off for new tides. Unfortunately, a suppose of ship malfunction caused his life to end early and crash into a nearby star.