Pentastar Alignment (Years 8-11)

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This article is about the government Pentastar Alignment active in Years 8-11. For the mercenary group Pentastar Alignment active right now, see Pentastar Alignment
The Pentastar Alignment
Political information
Motto "Peace. Order. Justice."
Type of government Martial Oligarchy
Head of State Moff Alan Steel (Year 10)[1]
Moff Daneel Olivaw (Year 11)[2]
Commander-in-Chief Grand Moff Alex McMount
Affiliation Formerly Galactic Empire

Outer Rim Defense Alliance
Rogue Squadron

Societal information
Capital Seswenna Sector
Territory Various Outer Rim regions
Language(s) Imperial Basic
Currency Galactic Credits (Imperial Dataries)
Historical Information
Formed from Galactic Empire
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 101 (as BlasTech Industries)
Year 9 Day 18 (as Imperial Outer Rim Authority)
Date of dissolution Year 11 Day 217 (merged with Rogue Squadron)
Industry Government
Status Defunct
Holosite Pentastar Alignment (Archived)

The Pentastar Alignment (abbreviated TPA) was a short-lived government in the Outer Rim Territories. The organization began as BlasTech Industries, an Imperial subsidiary company. After signing a city-state agreement with the Galactic Empire on Year 9 Day 18, BlasTech Industries was transformed into a full-fledged government and was later renamed the Imperial Outer Rim Authority (IORA). The Authority soon became known as one of the strongest governments in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy. However, due to its rapid growth, Emperor Vodo Bonias grew concerned the Authority was becoming too powerful and demanded that its ruling council merge its territories, assets, and personnel with the Empire. After an official vote by its ruling council, the IORA declared independence from the Empire on Year 9 Day 276 and became the BlasTech Corporation. When its ruling council decided to further consolidate their power into a single governing body, the Pentastar Alignment was born. On Year 11 Day 217, the Pentastar Alignment merged with its longtime ally Rogue Squadron and the vast majority of its personnel became part of Rogue Squadron's Blackheart Division.[3]



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The origins of the Pentastar Alignment date back to when Emperor Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire decided that BlasTech Industries should be reformed and reconstructed. Previously, BlasTech Industries had been a profitable subsidiary company of the Empire, but had collapsed when a significant portion of its funds and assets were stolen by a disloyal employee. For this latest incarnation of the company, Bonias wanted to create a independent force in the Outer Rim and foresaw that an industrial manufacturing company would greatly serve his vision of the Empire's future. As such, BlasTech Industries was formally recreated by the Empire on Year 8 Day 101 as a new independent organization rather than a subdivision of the Imperial industrial directorate. In order to ensure the success of this enterprise, Imperial Governor Brat Cost Ru was appointed by Emperor Bonias to serve as the President of BlasTech Industries.

Ru became well-known throughout the Empire for his effective yet hard-edged management style, as well as for his tremendous planetary management successes in the past. In the beginning, Ru conscripted young engineers and researchers from various Imperial planets. Using the scattered remnants and assets of the previous incarnation of BlasTech, Ru recruited specialists from distant worlds in order to reconstruct the organization.[4] Under Ru's auspices, the organization re-emerged on the galactic market and, with the help of the Galactic Empire, obtained new territories. BlasTech experienced a rapid economical and social growth. From its inception, Ru's "new BlasTech" organization was intended to be much more than merely a weapons manufacturer. As the Empire already had a reliable weapons supplier in the shape of Mandalore, the revived BlasTech Industries was designed by the Empire to survive on its own and to guard Imperial property in the process. As such, the company no longer pursued its past goals of competing against other weapons producers such as Merr-Sonn Technologies and SoroSuub. BlasTech now focused on supporting the Galactic Empire both as a guardian of territory and a hardware producer of E-11 blaster rifles.[4]

Outer Rim Government

On Year 9 Day 18, Imperial diplomats from various sectors convened with home-sector officials at the Imperial Palace for a special announcement. At this meeting, Grand Moff Arturus Goth of the Galactic Empire officially announced that BlasTech Industries was a signatory of the Imperial city-state accords. As a formal Imperial city-state, BlasTech was eligible for subsidies and other forms of support from the Galactic Empire. More importantly, BlasTech Industries was now recognized by the Empire as the legitimate government of the Outer Rim with Moff Brat Cost Ru as its designated leader.[5]

As a formal government, BlasTech soon became an unstoppable military power in the Outer Rim territories.[6] The immediate goal of the ruling council of BlasTech was to delegate their routine production tasks to subgroups within their organization in order to focus on defensive and political matters. After numerous meetings at their headquarters in the Seswenna Sector, the members of the Imperial High Command came up with an effective, but a somewhat complicated plan: BlasTech Industries would be renamed the Imperial Outer Rim Authority and serve as an umbrella organization supported by a variety of business-oriented subsidiary organizations. This approach effectively removed the giant bureaucratic bottleneck that plagued some of the larger galactic governments in the galaxy.

Upon approval by the Imperial High Command, the new structure was put into working order in a matter of two months. On Year 9 Day 77, BlasTech Resources was founded with the purpose of supporting the ever-increasing raw material needs of BlasTech Industries. Shortly thereafter, on Year 9 Day 265, BlasTech Industries purchased an existing news agency, Torchwood, and rebranded the organization as BlasTech Media. This new agency would serve as the public relations apparatus of the BlasTech umbrella group. Finally, as the well-being and growth of the local population was a primary objective of the revived BlasTech Industries, its formal name was rightfully passed to a medical company that focused on re-organizing the ailing healthcare system left by decades of reckless pirate and outlaw despotism in the Outer Rim. Ironically, BlasTech Industries went all the way from a weapons manufacturer through a government and turned into a ‘bacta bot’. The other organization, created about a month prior to the medical one, was a much needed ore extraction company that would focus on supplying the ever-increasing number of construction sites throughout Outer Rim.

Finally, BlasTech Industries was re-branded the Imperial Outer Rim Authority and officially accepted as an ally of the Galactic Empire,[6] thus settling the ruling structure of the Outer Rim Oversector for the time being. Additional members of the BlasTech umbrella were still in the works under the title, though it is pretty much unclear what type of corporations will they be and how many of them will there be. Only one thing is certain at this point in the history of the IORA: they're serious and they've come to stay for good in the Outer Rim.

Change of Heart

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Eventually, Emperor Vodo Bonias insisted the Imperial Outer Rim Authority merge its territories and assets with the Empire once again. However, the ruling council of the Imperial Outer Rim Authority looked at its past deeds and all of the accomplishments it had made without the Empire's assistance. Supreme Commander Brat Cost Ru called for a vote from his people whether to be united back with the Galactic Empire or to break away from the Empire. The vote was almost unanimous towards independence and BlasTech severed relations with the Galactic Empire. Unsurprisingly, hostilities ensued. Supreme Commander Brat Cost Ru declared war on the Galactic Empire and its allies. On Year 9 Day 276, the Imperial Outer Rim Authority rechristened itself the BlasTech Corporation and declared its neutrality.[7] The Imperial Outer Rim Authority was renamed "the BlasTech Corporation"[8] On the same day, Moff Brat Cost Ru decided to cede his ruling position to Anian Aksun. Aksun was appointed President of the BlasTech Corporation. Brat Cost Ru, however, retained a position on BlasTech's ruling council as an adviser.[9] During these difficult times, BlasTech worked hard to preserve its sectors and started to develop them further, concentrating all their political and social network in the Seswenna Sector. It became a successful independent corporate enterprise and controlled vast territories in the Outer Rim.

Seeking allies in the galaxy, BlasTech began clandestine negotiations with the Red Star Alliance (RSA), later known as Rogue Squadron. On Year 9 Day 356, BlasTech revealed they had signed an informal ceasefire agreement with the Red Star Alliance, as well as a non-aggression pact with the Galactic Alliance, a military coalition of that opposed the Imperial Union in the ongoing Galactic Civil War.[10][11] The Alliance between the Red Star Alliance and the BlasTech Corporation is called "Outer Rim Defense Alliance" or ORDA.[11] The High Command of the BlasTech Corporation decided then they had to reform into a more powerful and organized government based off loyalty, strength and justice for the Outer Rim leaving behind Greed and Profit. On Year 10 Day 61, with the secession of IORA from the Galactic Empire and their subsequent renaming to BlasTech Corporation, the ruling council of BlasTech contacted the Krath Dynasty, their longtime foe in the Outer Rim, and negotiate a cessation of hostilities against each other.[12]

Blackheart Division

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On Year 11 Day 217, somewhere in the deep forests of Meris V in the Meris System, a private ceremony was held in a forest clearing. Shortly before the ceremony began, the high command of Rogue Squadron — including Xavze Zavan, Hexx Harpy, Lud Star, Kurami Jankov and Mandor von Uberwald — arrived and seated themselves around a campfire. Soonafter, the ruling council of the Pentastar Alignment — such as Daneel Olivaw, Alex McMount, Alan Steel and Memnoch — likewise arrived and took their places around the campfire. The other guests ceased talking and dead silence fell over the clearing. The current leader of the Rogue Squadron, Xavze Zavan, stood up and announced that the Pentastar Alignment would become known as the Blackheart Division and merge into Rogue Squadron. Most of the guests knew that the Rogue Squadron and the Pentastar Alignment had been allies for years and had worked closely together. But the fact that there could be such high level of trust between the leaders of two independent governments came as a surprise to many of them.[13]

Known Leadership


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