Zyndyan Ivyx

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Zyndyan Ivyx
Zyndyan Ivyx.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Verpine
Homeworld Nickle One
Children Sephi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola Pirates
Rank The Insect
Prior Affiliation Endeavor Trading
Corporate Sector Authority

Zyndyan Ivyx is a Verpine male.


During Year 9 he attended Verpine Festivus where he met a close friend, Lila Vang, from his younger days. She enjoyed his travel stories and decided to join him in his travels from that day forward. During this time he worked for Corporate Sector Authority. He, like most of the CSA, was kicked by Moff Orphaea Imperium on Year 10 Day 72.[1]

In Year 10 he joined Endeavor Trading where he felt he was starting over his previous employer being caught up in the times. He remains with Endeavor Trading until its dissolution when he has to once again look for new employment. His traveling band adds a nurse, Aklee, and a bartender, Rhan, to its entourage. They also have the services of a couple of traveling musicians for a short time during these days.

During Year 11 his hard work pays off resulting in his purchase of his first ship. It also marks the birth of his first grub.

Year 12 he continues work acquiring a Quartermaster position for his efforts in building for his employer. He also begins to work on 'diplomatic matters' during this time.His grub is named Sephi during this year and receives much love from her parents. Later in Year 12 he won a sabacc tournament with an Idiot's Array hand. He names the prize from the tournament Idiot's Array in honor of the winning hand. Year 12 begins with Zyndyan involved in serious beautification projects across many systems. Zyndyan continues to build for his organization and as a result attains a QM position and a developing presence in "diplomatic matters!"

Year 13 for him sees him continue working hard on construction projects, and he becomes CEO of construction due to his work on many projects, he battles bandits around the construction sites and inherits a small city on an isolated asteroid in the later part of the year.