Alysia Kain

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Alysia Kain
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Marital Status Married
Spouse Dac Kain
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa

Alysia was born into a fairly wealthy family, raised in Crevasse City with her sister Melina. Her father owned a small mining company and a very prominent hotel, which her mother ran. Alysia with her sister Mel filled their days playing in the caverns where the hot springs and the beautiful crystal formations were. She put in with her father to go attend The Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies when she reached the proper age. She enjoyed her time there at the Academy, but missed out on all the things a normal young lady would go through. Alysia was a bit shy when it came to boys or men, which made it very difficult when she met her adopted sisters (Mia) husband at a family gathering.

One of the world's greatest holidays was the Silver Flow celebrated each spring when thousands of hatching glimmerfish choked the waterways. This was Aly's favourite time of the year, she shared that interest with her sister's Mel and Mia. Every year the family would get together for a celebration and watch the event. This was where she met Dac for the first time. Something about his eyes caught her attention, but she knew her place being as he was Mia's husband. Other than a light conversation with him and the family she avoided being in a room with him alone, not sure what she would do if left alone. After the celebration Alysia took off with friends from the Academy, to tour some parts of the galaxy and find out what she wanted to do in life. After several months of travelling she got very disturbing news that her Adopted sister Mia had been in a tragic accident, and she should head to a place called Meerec. She talked with her friends and they all decided to head to Meerec to drop Alysia off letting her find her own way home.

The system was filled with shipyards and stations, busy moving ships all in a hurry to get somewhere. She made her way to the area she was told people would be meeting, taking one last look in the mirror before grabbing her bags and stepping into the station. She was met by a service droid asking her if there was anything she needed. She looked at the droid, "Is there somewhere that my things can be taken and held for me. I am not sure where I am staying my name is Alysia Logan." The droid grabbed up her bags "follow me I will show you where you are to go." Alysia followed the droid looking around at all the ships docked near by, "Who owns all these ships, there seem to be so many here?" she asked the droid. She got no response from the droid other than please watch your step. Her room was set back in a L-500, "here we are Ma`am, make yourself at home" the droid said as he laid her bags onto the bed. Alysia looked out the small window as her mind wandered, "thank you, I will manage from here."

After the beautiful service she made her way back to the L-500, bumping into Dac there in the galley of the ship. Draw your own conclusion from there...