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Fleet Admiral Angelus Goth was Commanding Officer of the Imperial Military. He was formerly the Naval Commanding Officer, serving two tours of duty in that role; the first in Year 6 and the second commencing in Year 10. As the Military Commanding Officer, he is the head of both the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army alongside with the Army Commanding Officer and the Naval Commanding Officer.

Earlier in his career Goth was a senior member of the Imperial Core and Dark Empire, serving as Surgeon-General and Ambassador. After the merger between the Galactic Empire and the Dark Empire, he spent a period serving in the reserves, before returning to active duty in Year 5 as Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy's Support Fleet, holding the rank of Commodore. A few months later he was promoted to Rear Admiral and assign Commanding Officer of the 1st Imperial Fleet, with responsiblity for the protection of the Coruscant Sector. Early in Year 6 Goth was appointed Commander of the Imperial Navy with the rank of Vice Admiral.