Anthon Xger

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Anthon Xger
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Naval Contracts
Rank Captain
Prior Affiliation Republic Mining Corporation
Falleen Federation
Awards None

Anthon started off as a young tusker until his heroics in a tribal war which cost him his tooth saving the Warlord of his clan.

Due to this event Anthon was married and promoted into part of the clan boar After several years his heroics and bravery grew throughout the Gamorr Because of his growing legacy several clans came together and ambushed his clan Anthon is the only known surviving member of his clan. It is unknown if there are any surviving members of the clans that ambushed Anthon’s clan it is doubtful any survived. Due to situation surrounding those events. Anthon has decided to do all he can to make the Galaxy a safer and better place to live for all beings.

He was then recruited by the Republic Mining Corporation (RMC) to be a leader in the mines. Through his hard work and dedication to the RMC they recognized his leadership and promoted him to be the Security Director and Assets Manager for the RMC.

When the RMC dissolved Anthon moved on and joined with the Falleen Federation. In short time Anthon was moved into position of Assets Manager for the FF. Within his time with the FF they recognized his hard work ethic and promoted him to Commander. He is currently assigned to the FNC. Current job assignment is classified.