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Anto Bajur
Anto armor.png
Biographical Information
Race Sanyassan
Homeworld Manda
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Mando'ade
Rank Ver'alor

Anto, of the Mandalorian clan Bajur and formerly of the Kiffar clan Tka, is currently a leader of the Mando'ade. Prior to suffering from the Derra Virus which turned him into a Sanyassan, Anto was a Kiffar.

Early Life

Born on Kiffex, Anto's parents fled the chaotic planet with their son in tow while he was very young. They settled on Marrovia, an agricultural world in the outer rim, which erupted in civil war a mere year later. Both of Anto's parents were killed in an anti-immigrant riot, though their young son managed to escape by hiding in a nearby pile of waste. He sat in stunned silence, shaking in fear, as he witnessed the mob beat his parents to death with clubs, pipes, and rocks.

He turned to living in the shadows and alleyways of the planet's capital, surviving off of garbage and whatever he could steal. He managed this way for several years, when pirates raided the planet, taking advantage of the planet's chaos. They occupied the capital for weeks before a group of mercenaries, hired by a group of the planet's elite from both sides of the conflict, hired a mercenary company to come and liberate their world. The mercenaries were fierce and quick in driving off the unprepared pirates, and Anto was impressed by their capability and strenth. When they left, he managed to stow away on one of their vessels.

The mercenary, a Rodian named Rolo, was the one who discovered Anto as he was trying to steal food from the galley. He took pity on the young Kiffar, and convinced the chief mercenary, a Wookiee name Captain Wrrafla, to allow him to remain. Anto spent a decade with the mercenaries, keeping their weapons and performing odd chores, but also in physical training and bettering his proficiency in all manner of weapons. When Anto turned 16, Captain Wrrafla assigned him to a unit and allowed him to begin accompanying the company on assignements.

Anto tattoos.jpg Anto prior to the removal of his Qukuuf

Though he established and maintained ties to a few individual Kiffar, he chose never to settle on Kiffex, nor did he take any interest in the unrest caused by the Black Sun and the Kiffar people's own politics.

Member of the Mando'ade

Anto was brought to the Mando world of Argovia by his childhood friend, Vorso Bel. Though he resisted at first, Anto eventually adopted the Mandalorian way of life as his own and was adopted by Wer Bajur into the Bajur clan. In doing so, he gave up his Kiffar heritage and became an Austerder in their eyes, even going so far as to have his Qukuuf removed.

He rose quickly in rank and esteem among the Mando`ade, working his way up in the organization until he became a close friend and adviser of Mand'alor Kai Oryk, and filling a vacancy left by Vorso, who had left the day to day business of the Mando`ade in favor of an administrative job on Argovia. He became an outspoken critic of Tyr DeMeer's rule of the Mandalorian government on Mandalore, though he did always seek to work towards the unification of the Mandalorians and the end of the Mandalorian Civil War. In this capacity, during one attempt by Mando'ade at talks with DeMeer's government, Anto was tasked by Mand'alor Kai to write up the Mando'ade complaints, which became The Grievances of the followers of Mandalore Kai.

Antobajur.png Anto during his time as Al'ori'ramikade

In Year 12, which saw Mand'alor Kai Oryk missing in the unknown regions, he led Mando'ade as Al'ori'ramikade, seeing himself more in a steward's role than as a successor to Kai. Upon Mand'alor's return later that year, Anto happily stepped back into his role as Ver'alor.

That same year brought forth the Battle of Karedda, in which Anto was an active participant, offering key strategic planning prior to the operation and lending his combat prowess during it. In this battle, he and other members of Mando'ade successfully attacked and seized the world of Karedda, which had been controlled by the government of Mandalore.

Mando'ade Leadership announcing victory

Mando'ade leaders announce victory over Mandalore on Karedda. From left to right, Anto, Dragan Bloodscream, and Mand'alor Kai Oryk

Derra Virus

Anto Sanyassan.jpg Anto after contracting the Derra Virus

Shortly after the galactic outbreak of the Derra Virus in Year 14, Anto was infected, and transformed from a Kiffar into a Sanyassan. He was shocked and appalled at his new appearance, and gradually established a reputation for never being seen outside of his armor. He retreated further into himself, shunning the company of those closest to him. This culminated in his departure from active leadership of the Mando'ade, ostensibly in order to focus his attentions on his clan. He drifted from job to job and pursued several failed financial projects, including establishing his own independent ship yards, which never proved profitable. Seeing his ventures fail, he gave up hope and decided to retire, moving back to Bajur Oriya on the planet Manda to live out his days in quiet.

Mando'ade Once More

His retirement did not last long, however. Mand'alor Kai Oryk came to him, asking for his help in a small job. Anto, wanting to help his old friend and mentor, agreed, packed his gear and set off. One job became two, and two became three, and before he knew it, he was back in his old position as a full time leader in Mando'ade. Realizing what happened, he took another step back in order to reevaluate what he wanted. He traveled the galaxy alone for approximately a standard year, realizing that he did not seek wealth or power and merely wanted to carve out a living with his brothers and sisters in Mando'ade. Late in Year 16, he returned to the faction with a drive and fire he previously lacked, directed at ensuring the long-term success and survival of Mando'ade.


Since contracting the Derra Virus, Anto rarely is seen outside of his armor, a set of olive drab Heavy Battle Armor, scarred from heavy use, but otherwise kept in pristine condition. Prefering speed and space to move about over firepower, he primarily travels the galaxy aboard a HWK-290, the Jate'kara, which means "Good Luck" in Mando'a. He has spent years using this ship as his home away from home, when travels take him from Mando'ade space. It is also the ship that he piloted during the invasion of Karedda. However, he also makes use of an ATR-6 Assault Transport, the Briikase Gote'tuur V, which means "Happy Birthday 5", in situations requiring more force.

The HWK-290 Jate'kara
The ATR-6 Briikase Gote'tuur V

Left: The HWK-290 Jate'kara; Right: The ATR-6 Briikase Gote'tuur V


Anto is a combat veteran with a range of combat specific skills, proficient with all manner of weapons, from pistols to heavy weapons. He is a passable medic, should no doctors or medical droids be around, and, through his hobby in tinkering with his and other sentients' armor, has developed quite the skill in improving it.

He also has several "soft skills" that have helped propel him to positions of trust within Mando'ade. He is an adapt leader, planner, and writer. In instances where his mercenary group has had to wage battles with words instead of weapons, he has proved to be an adequate negotiator and diplomat. He does his best to put all his skills to use for Mando'ade, and leaves nothing back.

Other Projects

Anto is the creator and maintainer of the Mandalorian Clan Census, a list that keeps track of all known Mandalorian clans in the galaxy.