Aves Sunfell

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Aves Sunfell
Nrav aves.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Mindana Pesh Sunfell
Father Nolween Sunfell
Spouse Zamina Sunfell
Siblings Minati Sunfell (sister)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Aves Sunfell was born on the planet of Corellia, on Year -19, Day 329 to Nolween Sunfell and Mindana Pesh Sunfell. He was the first child of the family but when he was two his little sister was born, Minati Sunfell. His father was a respectable trader on Corellia.

Graduating on the Rebel Alliance academy, Aves was appointed in the Star Fighter Corp and made a Flight Officer in the Battle Group he was assigned to. He stayed there and performed his duty well, rising up through the ranks until he achieved the rank of Captain on Year 9, day 271.

When Adam A Flynn and Ingo R. Vailis took over the New Republic, Aves participated in the rescue operations of some of his Battle Group members. For his assistance to rebuild the New Republic assets after the coup, he was awarded the Master Builder's Award.

At the Sixth Session of the Senate, Aves secured himself a seat at the senate. A few months after, he was promoted to Wing CO of his Battle Group. Little time after that, he was appointed as Battle Group XO for his Battle Group by High Admiral The White. In the meantime, he was also appointed as Star-Fighter Command XO and promoted to the rank of Marshal by High Marshal Daigle. A few weeks after this appointment, High Admiral The White passed on the leadership of the Battle Group to him.

Running in the Fifth Chief of State Election, he won the seat on a run-off between himself and Jake Azzameen, on Year 11 Day 6.