Domin Rob

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Domin Rob
Amani NEGAS.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Amani
Homeworld Maridun
Clan Domin
House Domin
Mother Lorekeeper Domin Namani (Deceased Unknown)
Father Warlord Domin Robmal (Deceased Unknown)
Marital Status Single
Siblings 3 (Deceased Unknown)
Children N/A
Born Year -2 Day 231
Died N/A
Languages Amanese, Galactic Standard
Religion N/A
Quote "No, I'm not a pirate. Yet ; Yes, I hate the Empire. Have you read the history of the Amani, Maybe you should."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3 meters
Weight 152 kg
Coloring Tall with wrinkled deep yellow skin at the front and a dark green rear hood that ran from the neck to his feet and tail
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}


At a Glance

  • NAME: Domin Rob
  • FACTION:Express Enterprices
  • Joined: Year 18, Day 32
  • RANK: Lieutant
  • Positions: Hunter, Troop Trainer

  • SPECIES: Amani
  • HOME WORLD: Maridun
  • CLAN/FAMILY: Domin
  • Father: WarLord Domin Robmal (Deceased Unknown)
  • Mother: Lorekeeper Domin Namani (Deceased Unknown)
  • Siblings: 3 (Deceased Unknown)
  • BORN: Year -2 Day 231
  • SEX: Male
  • SPOUSE: None
  • Children: None
  • Natural Abilities and Characteristics:
  • Tall with wrinkled deep yellow skin at the front and a dark green rear hood that ran from the neck to his feet and tail. His skin coloration helps him blend in with the forest and grassland environment as well as being a signal of his skin's poisonous nature. It secrets a poisonous slime that serves to keep the skin moist as well as serving to deter predators. Has small red eyes to see well in dim light and a small mouth that widens to engulf raw game and contains numerous sharp teeth and a long tongue. Like other worm species, Domin Rob expels his biological wastes through his mouth (although he tends to do this in private after he learned how it disturbed other species). Has a small nose that provides him with a keen sense of smell, said to be able to detect strangers from ten kilometers away.
  • His arms and fingers are long and thin, while his legs are comparatively short and thick with large feet. The males and females of his race are virtually indistinguishable by other species. They appear ungainly when walking, their large hands and feet are ideally suited for an arboreal lifestyle on their homeworld where they made their homes in the high treetops.
  • While his walking speed is painfully slow, his flexible body allows him to curl into a ball and roll at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour across flat terrain. In this form, he can not perceive the world around him but is able to use the technique to hurtle past a target and uncoil to deliver an effective attack.
  • His race the Amani have small vital organs spread throughout their body and employ a redundant organ system that includes multiple versions of major organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs. Their brain consist of multiple nerve clusters spread throughout their body. These characteristics mean that an Amani can withstand devastating injuries and still survive and, if one member is bisected, two identical Amani will reform.


  • Amanin attack on Imperial troops during the Battle of Maridun.

From Early life to Adult life and to Service in Express Enterprices

Pre Express Enterprices

Fourth Heir of the Domin Clan. In the Galactic Empires attempt to enslave me as they had so many of my race, I manage to steal an Imperial shuttle which got me to Morath Beta.

Fresh Start

On Morath Beta, I joined Express Enterprices when I saw they were looking for a hunter. I was sent to their training academy on Aargau, where I quickly excelled in all my courses earning me the EE Academy Advanced Graduate award and graduated in one week, three months ahead of my classmates. Upon Graduation I was quickly promoted in the EE ranks thanks to my earlier training on my homeworld and from my parents as well as from my natural abilities.

Service Records

Express Enterprices

  • Joined Y18 D 32

Rank & Job History

  • Y18 D40, Hunter, NPC Trainer
Grade Rank Galactic Date
[T-1] Recruit - Year 18 Day 32 - Year 18 Day 39
[O-1] Sargeant Major Year 18 Day 39 - Year 18 Day 43
[O-2] Lieutenant Year 18 Day 43 - Current

Award History

  • Y18 D40, Basic Pilot Wings
  • Y18 D40, Advanced Troop Command

Ribbon Date Awarded
EE Academy Advanced Graduate award Year 18 Day 39
Mention In Dispathces [MID] Year 18 Day 40
Medal of Support Year 16 Day 40
Distinguished Service Award Year 18 Day 40