Dred Furian

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Dred Furian
Biographical Information
Race Human
Children Markus Furian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Akaan'aran
Prior Affiliation Kyramud Cabal
Dark Nebula Alliance

Born on Concord Dawn Son of Markus of Clan Furian. Has almost mastered the skill of Flying fast fighter ships. This warrior is not afraid of much, an is a risk taker. He is Alluit buir of clan Furian. Raised by his father Markus to find evil where ever it may be and Destroy it. He is a loyal an dedicated Leader of men an warriors. Most mind tricks or games do not work on this Veteran Warlord Mandalorian. This Battle Engineer is fearless and has taken on some of the most infamous Mercs and evil people in the galaxy.

If you get too actually see him, in person, then it means your already or will soon be dead or in a prison of the Cabals liking. Some enemies he will give no mercy and kill on sight. You know who you are, I maybe near you even know. Or one of my many operatives.

He is well armed at all times an carries enough weapons and ammo too make him self a one man army. When he is in combat, he spares no one. An loves too bath in the Glory of a good kill an challenge. His family crest is the 3 Headed Red Dragon in a circular pattern. That shall bring fire too the skys and burn all before them.

Know Commander of the brotherhood, merc organization Kyramud Cabal and bring justice and violence too those who usually deal it out too others.

Commander Kyramud Cabal/Warlord of the Brotherhood Defender and Battle Engineer of Showner system Warlord of Showner II Allitu buir of Clan Furian

His Clans Motto: Fear None Take it All