Jennifer Dreighton

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Jennifer Dreighton

Diary Excerpt

The following except from Dreighton's personal diary refers to the very beginning of the From The Ashes battle along to some Imperial Core internal power struggle events. This excerpt comes from Grand Admiral Veynom personal archives.

  • Y3 D6: We received a new message from Veynom. Stayed up all night to decode it, with some good results, but much is still unclear.
  • Y3 D7: Every time I go online, someone implores me to evacuate Bastion. Starts getting on my nerves.
  • Y3 D8: I was informed that Vodo was plotting against me. I don´t know any details yet.
  • Y3 D9: So Vodo wants me removed from my position. Well, I guess a Warlord is doing what a Warlord has to do. Nontheless, we will have to find a way to stop him.
  • Y3 D10: I was informed that the plot has been cancelled. Good. Back to work! (Turns to huge piles of paperwork.)
  • Y3 D11: Where should I start? Piett isn´t gone for a full day and Knyte starts a silly power struggle. Then I got taken hostage by Vodo. Well, at least that way I could help to prevent him getting killed. *sarcastic grin* Last but not least his Princess started insulting me for having planned his murder together with Piett. God, I could use an Aspirin!