Embaril II

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Embaril II
System Embaril
Sector Allied Tion
Galactic Coordinates (346, 263)
System Coordinates (12, 14)
Astrographic Entry Embaril II
Type Temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland.gif River.gif Ocean.gif Volcanic.gif Mountain.gif
Rotational Period {{{rotation}}}
Orbital Period {{{orbital}}}
Population 40,728,685,068 inhabitants
Controlled By Tion Hegemony
Governor Tion Hegemony
Magistrate {{{magistrate}}}

Embaril II is an industrial world located in the Allied Tion sector. The planet was covered in grasslands and mountains and there are small oceans scattered across its northern and southern hemispheres. Within these saltwater bodies, there is a wide variety of aquatic life covering a spectrum from the beautiful and incandescent reefs to the diminutive yet deadly skeleton fish.

Embaril II is also home to some very nasty predators that stalk the looming mountain ranges covering each of the planet's poles. The grassland areas are where most urban settlements began. Historically, many shipbuilders have taken advantage of these flat and fertile lands, for the construction of expansive factory complexes that specialized in the mass production of small fighters.

Embaril II has been under the rule of outside forces for much of its history. It was originally conquered by the Tion warlords and then controlled by the Kingdom of Barseg as the Galactic Republic brought peace to the galaxy. The new rulers basically ignored the planet, though, and it continued to be administered as traditional territory. The galactic government's council eventually decided that the planet, under the rule of Barseg, was not being allowed to flourish. The council took control, but the planet continued to be misused as an industrial center and two hundred years later, a single ship-building firm had established a dominant presence on Embaril II. However, in a hostile maneuver, that company's umbrella corporation was taken over by another, privately owned company. The new owners moved the entire outfit's headquarters to Embaril II and it was with their support that the planet came under local control and remained independent for a time.

A day on Embaril II lasts for 22 galactic standard hours and a year encompasses 370 local days.