Ember Aranyos

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Ember Aranyos
Biographical Information
Race In Flux Mirialan
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Peter Aranyos , Natascha Aranyos(Deceased)
Children 5 Gand hatchlings aged 5,5 Force Children (unnamed to protect privacy)
Born Y -5 D 108
Died Living
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters (6 foot)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Alissma,Aranyos Trading Network
Rank Count Vykrll
Positions Owner
Prior Affiliation Blackout Shipyards

Alissma,Neuro-Saav Technologies

Ember's Early life

Growing up on Gand was tough he was an outcast, living off scraps not knowing where the next meal would come. Not knowing if this day would be his last. His lucky day had come when he boarded a ship heading for skeebo where he met a rich man "Ichiru Hanabusa" who offered him a job with Blackout Shipyards. His 1st pay check was more than the young Gand had made in his life, not knowing what to do with his new found wealth he turned to gambling.


Ember is a frequent gambler. Found often participating in raffles particularly for freighters though he did at least once bid on a Nebulan B/Medicae class frigate. To date though he hasn't won anything of note from his gambling.

Ember has found a more profitable side of Gambling he now as well as participates as a gambler he runs gambling events to off set his gambling losses

Tribe Vykrll

On one long Hyperspace Hauling job Ember was visted by Ara the god of the Gand and it told him that it was his destiny to revive his tribe from nothing and to bring together the tribes of the Gand.

Ember is the Chief of the Gand tribe Vykrll


In attendance Ember Aranyos , Kuro Neko , Revan Jones and Alicia De`Kova

Aboard the M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner Sanctuary of Ara, a room has been prepared for the ceremony of Hinwuine-kaalif'jiga

Welcome, members of Alissma, the faithful of Ara, and sentients from all over the galaxy to this broadcast from the M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner 'Sanctuary of Ara'. I am Ruetsavii Kuro Neko and today it is my pleasure, as Head of the Church of Ara, to honour a great achievement made by one of our most trusted members. Ember Aranyos, as some of you may know, was born into the Vykrll hive on Gand. He soon rose to be head of this tribe and established himself as one of the leading Gand of his generation. But Ember did not follow the typical stay-at-home path of many Gand. He travelled his own path across the galaxy; he met many different sentients. One of the sentients he met was to have a profound effect on Ember. Our dear friend, Wes Reed, was to discover that Ember was strong with the Force. It was like an awakening for Ember, and he embarked upon developing his skills with the force so that he could better serve Ara and Alissma. However, it was not easy. During this time Ember was struck down with the Derra virus. Not just the basic strain, but a particularly virulent one. Ember underwent a number of unstable transitions, and during this dark time in Ember's life he made errors of judgement. But he stabilised his condition and came out stronger, and came away knowing that his friends supported him and believed in him even in his darkest hour. Ember has now risen to become leader Neuro-Saav Technologies, Alissma's shipbuilding arm. But it is not this achievement I want to celebrate today; it is Ember's achievement in the force we celebrate today. It is my honour to be able to bestow upon Ember Aranyos the title of 'Count', which is equivalent to a 'Knight' in the eyes of the Jedi, and shows one is ready to take and train an apprentice. Ember Aranyos, please kneel before us, and Ara.

Ember Kneels before Ara

Kuro Neko makes the sign of Ara over Ember's head with a ceremonial sabre Arise Ember Aranyos, Count of Vykrll.

May the grace of Ara go with you, and his vengence be wrought upon your enemies.

Kuro Neko hands Ember the sword

Ember Takes the Sword and stands up Ember bows towards Kuro "this is such an Honour"

Kuro Announces, Ember, Count of Vykrll, in this ceremony of Hinwuine-kaalif'jiga we would like to present you with a special gift. I hear that Gand who are sensitive with the force are called Findsmen. You gift is somewhere on this ship, held by August Goodner. Go and find it. Kuro Neko indicates all may now clap... Thank you all Alice stands up and claps at this great accomplishement "Congradulations" :D :) Ember bows befor going to look for this Gift Kuro Neko says shame Frosty didn't make it... Revan applauds Ember's accomplishment watching the ceremony "Indeed. Congrats." Kuro looks at his holo recorder "wait, did I see Frosty just photobomb us?" Ember says he super sneeky that Frosty


Meeting The Family

On an Average Day of Lazing around and inspecting Neuro-Saav's Factories on Gand IV , a message From the Gand Home World informing him that an OffWorlder was looking for him. This Peeked his interest not knowing their intentions he Brought 2 Squads Of his best Body Guards with him to the last reported location of this OffWorlder , Sending his 1st Squad out to see if the Streets are clear a Young Diathim Came up to the Guards seeing that they wore the Colours of the Tribe Vykrll asking them if they knew where to find Ember Aranyos , Figuring this is the OffWorlder they take her to Ember Aranyos making sure she had no weapons the Diathim Introduces herself as Natascha Aranyos, Ember is Stunned not knowing if this is a trick or a Real Member of the Family ,Deciding to take her to orbit in his ship he Searches her mind to find the Truth through the Force. To his amazement She was indeed his Sister, Wondering Why she had searched him our he asked her, Natascha informed him that her mother had recently Passed away and she was in need to know who her family was . She also went on to say that she spent every last credit she had to her name getting to Gand and was in need of work , Apon hearing this Ember asked Natascha a few questions about Efficiency and managing workers and if she had any experiance around factories , happy with her answers he informed her that there had recently been a vacancy in one of the Neuro-Saav Departments and she could take it . Over joyed Natascha aspects the job.

Trade and FI

To this date Ember operates about 7000 buildings his great trade skill comes in useful when trying to squeeze that extra cred or 2 from any thing from a drink to rent from tenets (OOC Ember Aranyos has level 5 diplomacy and trade feel free to use him to operate your buildings)