Emerson Hauser

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Emerson Hauser
Biographical Information
Race Ortolan
Homeworld Orto
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation The Infinite Empire

Emerson comes from a long line of facility engineers. Born with an innate ability to pilot ground vehicles, Emerson was piloting Groundhogs and Speeders by the age of 8. It was then that Emerson Hauser decided to branch out into mining and prospecting. Out of necessity, Emerson ended up at the helm of freighters for the mining company he worked for. While he still knows how to turn a wrench, he has pursued his passion of getting resources out of the ground and then hauling them to wherever they need to be.

In Year 13, on Day 52, Emerson joined The Infinite Empire. His duties included piloting freighters and mining operations. In Year 13, on Day 91, Emerson left The Infinite Empire to begin a freelance career. Year 13, Day 145 - Emerson is wounded in a small skirmish with Bandits in the Ku`Bakai system.