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Freedom's Landing

Early Asteroid Mining

Freedom's Landing began life as a small collection of buildings surrounding a larger structure that may once have been a palace or temple, on the surface of a small Rocky planetoid Asteroid 24-T-131 Theta in the Asteroid Field MT+xxx xxx Mu in the Trans-Nebular Sector. The small planetoid was home to a small group of asteroid miners who had set up home there in the field looking for common raw materials and other more valuable crystals they could turn a larger profit on. As time went on the planetoid was all but abandoned as the miners spread out through the surrounding fields and out into the sectors beyond. Where once the miners had partied and worked refining their supplies now the planetoid was home to bandits and others of their ilk.

Then whilst engaged on some exploritory prospecting with The Havoc Group, Bram Dupol discovered the asteroid and decided it would make a half decent place to live. Over the next few months Bram converted the old buildings into viable facilities that became taverns, garages, offices and a variety of other useful buildings. Construction was completed swiftly in two phases. Phase one consisted of clearing away the unwanted buildings and ruins, plus the construction of the new palace structure over the remains of the original temple in the North-East Quadrant if the settlement and the associated buildings in the North west section. In two prime locations he converted the ruin of the temple complex and constructed a Holonet Communication Centre, two facilities Bram would make use of later when he founded The Whisperers Network Phase two consisted of construction of the remaining buildings in the southern half of the city and construction of the Landing Pad and the Holonet Centre. Around this time Bram began what he called the beautication process, adding statues, small parks and fountains just outside the Palace walls and around the area set aside for the six planned Council Flats.

Also at this time he named the settlement 'Freedom's Landing' to celebrate his new found freedom upon leaving the employ of Cloud City and The Resistance. On Day 164 of Year 24 Bram Dupol and his team of talented construction workers first broke ground on the first building scheduled for construction, the palace complex.After a short time the settlement developed organically into a bustling city, where families mixed freely with bounty hunters and known smugglers. All was peaceful for many years until a resurgence of pirate activity shattered the peace of Asteroid Field MT+xxx xxx Mu.

All of a sudden, squadron after squadron of bandits and pirates threatened to swarm the field and it was all Bram could do to keep them at bay in the short term. At this point he hurriedly arranged for a Shield Generator to be constructed on a patch of land that had once been a small group of council flats. This ensured the safety of the civilians in the city, coupled with a small group of Anti-air batteries and SAM Launchers, but something needed to be done about the bandits preying on anything entering the field. Bram had tried to reach out to the Bandit leaders, who flatly refused anything he could offer them and in the end he outfitted a small defence force who intercepted and destroyed any bandits who came too close to the planetoid or any friendly ship who entered the field. Bram outfitted a full squadron of Y-wings along with a back up unit of Toscan fighters to cover them. Xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx also contributed a group of larger vessels stationed in orbit in the form of a pair of Arquitens Class Light Cruisers. This did little to thwart the attacks, but did allow any visitors the luxury of a "safe" journey into 24-T-131!

Temple Complex Before Demolition

Once construction had begun, Bram and a small team of his trusted staff began an extensive archeological survey of the original ruin of temple complex to see if they could discover more of its origins. After a month or so of careful digging, research and they had found little evidence of the origins of the palace, however they had proven that it was part of a long abandoned temple complex. Five weeks into things, Elay Philette, Bram's chief librarian and researcher made the dramatic discovery of a set of stairs that led down into the interior of the planetoid. After they removed the detritus of centuries of dirt and rubbish, Elay led them down into the darkness. In the preceding months of research that Elay had completed, she had a hunch that this was not a palace at all but a temple. The research had revealed that this temple had been abandoned around two thousand years ago as to exactly who had built the temple and what they worshipped that was still in question. As they decended into the murky depths below the temple Bram and his party began to feel a growing sense of unease, as if something did not want them there. The deeper they delved the more oppressive the feeling became, but eventually they discovered a large room full of stone cut alcoves within each was a number of stone tablets and scrolls. This was E'lay's area of expertise and she set about looking through the tablets. She quickly identified the texts as being written in With Runes and the scrolls in Protobesh and Coremaic, E'lay explained to Bram that these were prayer tablets in ancient sith. Bram was somewhat perturbed by this but E'lay assured him that this stuff was quite safe and would fetch a healthy sum of credits to the right collectors.

Sith Clay Tablet

It took six months to fully catalogue the tablets and scrolls, although they were incredibly fragile, they too had a great collectors value. Bram ordered a strong door to be fitted to the entrance of the room and they explored further down. They found a few more rooms with scrolls and tablets in, but the next room which was further underground still full of racks containing swords and other long wickedly sharp looking weapons. They very carefully avoided those as the Sith were known to poison their weapons using their knowledge of sith Alchemy(Darkside infused chemically changed processes). In the corner of the room sat a large chest almost completely covered in a large sheet of very old and brittle leather. The small group in the room could feel the miasma of darkness coming from the chest, but once opened all it contained was a single gauntlet of an unknown metal. This to they gave a wide berth until they got one of their specialised KX Series droids to give a very through report on. The Gauntlet was covered in spikes and small blades, not something you'd want to be punched by at all. The report went further, the spikes seemed to be covered in the remains of a poison which had long since decayed to the point it would no longer be harmful. The report noted that the inside of the gauntlet contained the skeletal remains of the last person to don the gauntlet and a bunch of small holes of unknown purpose. Bram requested the droid take the gauntlet out of the room and take it to one of his extensive fleet for further testing.

Once aboard the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser Solitude K-0XX took the gauntlet to the room Bram kept for force related items and proceeded to give the item a more thorough going over. He eventually concluded that t!he holes were points that injectors would emerge from them once the device detected living flesh within it. As to what those injectors would dispense, the droid decided it could not be anything too good. E'lay reached the same conclusion as the droid and it was decided that the gauntlet would be returned to the temple once the new building had been completed. In the end they found quite a bit of stuff and Bram opened a small exhibition in the Library at Freedom's Landing, entitled "What came before, a look into the past beneath your feet."

The Palace quickly became known as "The Freedom Palace" shortly after construction was completed. Around this time during a of slight paranoia, Bram moved in a unit of highly trained and heavily armed security operatives who protect Bram Dupol"s most prized 'possessions' his family. Loysia and the children had the full run of the Palace with the exception of the room Bram kept for high level meetings. He generally found that the Children were often found in the gardens often lazily swimming in one of the large fountains in the rear of them.

Visitors wanting to visit the exhibition or any of the other sites in the city, can contact Bram Dupol via the usual methods and request access through the planetary shields, along with deactivation of planetary defences.

Freedom's Landing Map