The Whisperers Network

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The Whisperer's Network
Whisperers Logo.png
General Information
Motto Unfiltered, Unwavering, Untainted.
Status Founded Day 206 Year 24
Leader Bram Dupol
Owner Bram Dupol
Headquarters Freedom's Landing, Trans-Nebular
Historical Information
Formed from Y24 D150
Founded Y24 D206
Dissolved Y25 D122
Political Information
Affiliation Independent-Neutral
Industry Information

The Whisperer's Network

Formerly the Shasstariss Whisperers Corporation, the Whisperers Network, as they are now known, are a loose conglomeration of independent reporter's, Information Brokers. Ex-intelligence agents and local news outlets who joined together to bring news of importance from across the galaxy to your holoprojector.

TWN News Team under blaster fire on Serrocco

Whilst being new they owe no fealty to any government or other organisation, they bring you the news, unedited and unmolested by anyone's agenda or politics, free from any institutional bias. They pride themselves in being able to be where the action is. Their team of Ace reporters can be found watching in complete secrecy from the shadows in warzones and the sites of natural disasters and reporting this information back to the public. The truth or as near to to the actual truth as can be gleaned, our reporters will risk life and limb to bring you the news.

Founded on day 206 of Year 24, they finished construction of their first Holonet Communications center in the city of Freedom's Landing on asteroid 24-T-131 Theta in the Trans Nebular Sector.

TWN Broadcast Central

TWN operates a small fleet of ships both large and small, ranging from large Capital ships broadcasting the news to smaller dropships which allow our reporters protection and defence as they move in and out of dangerous situations to bring you the most up to date factually correct news.Our latest vessel, the 'TWN Chromatic Aberration' is a large well used, Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser. She has been painstakenly refitted removing a large amount of the ships redundant fire control systems which have been mechanised by slaving the weapon system to T-series tactical droids. A large chunk of space from the central bulk of the ship has been fitted with a new broadcasting equipment with the ship's scanning array moved from the dish on top to an unused space in the bowels of the vessel. The main sensor dish was converted to allow it to broadcast high frequency bursts allowing the news to be sent to your hand or holo-terminal at faster speeds.

Along with the News and other information services, The Whisperers Network, also offer Data Card sales and station building services. They employ a crack team SE-2 Labour droids to construct all stations so you'll never have to fear your pets suffering as the droids ensure every last rivet and bolt is precisely placed as per the stations design specifications. Please feel free to check out our advert in the commerce forum or contact Bram Dupol directly, via DM or Discord. If you want your own news story broadcast, we can get that arranged for you, either through the Imperial Controlled system or hacked and sliced into their Comms feed using our network of highly specialised Slicers and hackers. Your anonymity is assured if you want it, discretion is our watch word.

All the news, Brought to you Monthly, Unfiltered, Unwavering, Untainted…

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