Galactic Medical Institute

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Galactic Medical Institute
General Information
Motto "The best in medical care."
Status Dissolved
Leader Kev "Doc" McTor (Year 1)
Owner Hal Breden (Year 3)
Historical Information
Founder Kev "Doc" McTor
Founded Year 1
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Medical Service

The Galactic Medical Institute (GMI) was an independently owned and operated medical company that produced and distributed various goods, equipment, and services. All of its personnel were required to take the Hippocratic Oath before employment.[1] The organization was founded by Kev "Doc" McTor. After serving as its first director, McTor stepped down from the position in mid-Year 1 due to other responsibilities.[2]

List of Directors


  • Galactic Medical Institute Holographic Year 2.gif (Year 2)