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The Galactic Sports League (GSL) is the organisation which is aimed at representing sporting activities at galactic level.[1] The Colonial Shockball League is part of GSL.


The Galactic Sports League began its official activity simultaneously with the first season of Shockball on Year 10 Day 329 and kept organising three more seasons before the staff members suspended - voluntarily or involuntarily, this is still debated - the shockball matches.

During its activity, GSL managed the galaxy to improve its quality of life with the additions of stadiums in the cities. Also, even though GSL has never been a fully structured organisation, it was given the possibility to produce limited quantities of Shockball gloves to be awarded to the players winning the Super Clash.

GSL management always kept a neutral stand and avoided any involvement in the galactic politics. All attempts to turn the Shockball into a political matter were not successful, but teams from various galactic governments were of course allowed to crash their political enemies' bones during the matches.

Although it was never officially dissolved, the League stopped his plans to promote sporting activities on around Year 12 Day 235. Since GSL fame in the galaxy was uprising, sponsorships were increasing, and the popularity of shockball was attracting many youngs among their ranks, the suspension was unexpected and still raises some questions on what has really happened in the backstage.


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