Mossy Ministries

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Mossy Forge
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kir Jax
Owner Kir Jax
Historical Information
Founded Year 23 Day 257
Political Information
Industry Items Manufacturer

At the Beginning there was nothing but darkness and then out of the darkness appeared the Ores of creation, followed by the creation of the Sun the father of life and the Moon the destroyer of Life and the spawning of the Great Tree the Mother of Life. Mossy Forge is a Peaceful Production Company making items for use around the galaxy.

Our aim is a peaceful one and just wish to sell good to the galaxy. We at Mossy Forge will sell to anyone in need of an Item or Service we have. We have got all your Weapons, Tools, Armor, Survival Gear and Droids needs covered at our Vendors across the known Galaxy.

We have setup our main Vendors in the Yavin System with more popping up across the known galaxy in the future. We also offer the service of your supply of Military NPCS for all your hunting needs.