Tusk Brothers Trading Company

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Tusk Brothers Trading Company
General Information
Status Active
Leader Wyatt Holiday
2IC ReGor Long-Tusk
Motto "They Hate us cause they ain’t us."
Headquarters “Boar’s Head” Asteroid
Historical Information
Founded Year 24, Day 148 by ReGor Long-Tusk
Political Information
Type Trading

Tusk Brothers Trading Company (TUSK) is an incorporated Trading Faction. It was officially opened on day 148 in Year 24. Prior to this it was a None Faction Group. It was founded by ReGor Long-Tusk and his brother to be used as a front for the Free Gamorr movement, but later turned into a legitimate business, and proved to be an emerging player in the hiring and placement of species across the galaxy.

The Founding

Promotional banner used during TUSK’s Opening.

Started by ReGor Long-Tusk and his brother ELoc, Tusk Brothers Trading Company was a front for the Free Gamorr Movement. As time moved on the business grew and grew to become the largest company in he known universe for placing and hiring people everywhere. Rising to prominence at the first swap meet of year 24, ReGor built the faction from nearly nothing. Later many came to call TUSK home, future leader Wyatt Holiday amongst them.

Blockade of Gamorr

On day 175 of year 24 the Tusk Trading Company completed a blockade of Gamorr's home system, Opoku. This blockade was enacted due to the Aurodium Legion's failure to negotiate the release and rights to Gamorr. Speaking for the Aurodium Legion, Kay Dallben failed to secure a peaceful ending to the blockade and actually ensured that the space lanes in the Opoku system would stayed clogged for months if not years to come.

Departure from Mek va Uil

ReGor Long-Tusk announced early in year 25 that TUSK would be abandoning all holdings in the Mek va Uil system within the Sepan sector. This area had been TUSK’s home since the founding and thanks to Allaina Musava (leader of Sanctuary Prime) it had been the home to all of TUSK training. The reason for the departure is unknown but it was speculated that due to TUSK not falling under the SP banner, SP wished to consolidate within their system.

With that announcement ReGor also announced the procurement of an asteroid near the TUSK secondary base of Tynna. Positioned within the Brack sector the asteroid was dubbed the “Boar’s head” due to the light pink hue and shape.

Boar's Head asteroid

The Boar's Head asteroid consists of Glacial and crater environments. There are four cities that inhabit the small asteroid ; Stankonia, New Pork City, Dahkur Province, and Houstatlantavegas. The capital city and defacto center of the Free Gamorr movement is Houstatlantavegas. From this city ELoc and ReGor Long-Tusk decide all potential operations and missions. The other three cities act as support and are fairly uniform in their construction. Houstatlantavegas however has multiple styles of architecture from across the universe. Over 11 Billion gallons of water was transported in to facilitate several water inspired buildings as well.

The "Boar's head" asteroid prior to habitation.

The “Boar’s Lair” Trading station, also started the steps of closing its doors within Mek va Uil. The station had been TUSKs’s attempted to open a trade hub, but ultimately failed and all remaining vendors where notified.


Tusk Brothers doesn't have a traditional rank or title system. Everyone is equal and decides collectively on the movement of the company, with that being said the leaders that facilitate deals for Tusk brothers are ReGor Long-Tusk and Wyatt Holiday. Wyatt, an early supporter of TUSK, was named leader on day 244 of year 24. ReGor shifted his focus to the Free Gamorr movement with Wyatt handling more of the day to day operations.

Leader of Tusk Brothers Trading Company
Preceded By:
ReGor Long-Tusk
Wyatt Holiday
Year 24, Day 244 - CURRENT
Succeeded By: