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--Insurik Damask 03:06, 8 May 2013 (GMT)

Insurik Damask
Biographical Information
Race Muun
Homeworld Munnilist
Mother Se'em Damask
Father Caar Damask
Spouse None
Siblings Hugo Damask
Children None
Born Year 9 Day 364
Quote "If the is no wind, Row", "I am a Muunstrocity!
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.03 meters
Coloring Pale Purple
Eye Color Light Blue
Political Information
Affiliation = House Valeo (Avance),(Avance News Network), (Damask Holdings), (Echanti Citizen),(Resurrected Glory Mandalorian Clan) Rendili StarDrive
Title Editor-in-Chief Veritas Press
Rank Editior-in-Chief
Positions News Chief/Editior-in-Chief, Talk Show Host
Prior Affiliation N/A
Awards Golden Hawke



Insurik was born into the Damask household to Caar Damask and to his wife Se'em Damask. Hugo Damask would be considered Insurik's half-brother. After some years working in the Banking Clan Insurik's father appointed him to Vice President of Damask Holdings and that is where he stayed until Hugo Damask took control of the family fortune and replaced him with Larsh Hill. Hugo stated that Insurik can keep his last name but will no longer be "a part" of the family business. So Hugo gave Insurik some credits and now Insurik is with Rendeili StarDrive to start a new career and life.

As a young Muun he travelled the galaxy with his father on business trips. He was a talented banker and financier who was requested around the galaxy to aid in various projects. Insurik had his own plan and after a while he became Vice President of Damask Holdings. Insurik ventured out in the world making friends, eventually coming in contact with engineers working for the New Republic. There he chose to assist in various projects. During that time he encountered many Ambassadors and Diplomats, thus sparking the interest in diplomatic life

Earlier this year he was accepted into Rendili StarDrive as an employee. The experience he picked up, until that moment has helped him a lot in overcoming the heavy hurdles of his new job. Rendili StarDrive is a lot different than being a banker but some of the skills do carry over. Insurik became a Researcher for Rendili and recently have been made Vice Chairman of Damask Holdings. His brother (Hugo Damask) and him have made amends and now are on speaking terms and have realized that blood is thicker than water and need to be together. They stated a trading company called Damask Holding. They are a unincorporated business that specializes in any merchandise that you want: Guns, droids, ships, etc.

Insurik has been known to listen to problems and look for a solution that would benefit both parties or in case of dealing with enemies, try and limit their success. Loyalty and trust are two important things to Insurik. Not only can they make a group stronger but also create bonds that last for long periods, if not forever. Insurik abides to the rules and laws set to his organization. As frustrating as they might be at times, we fight for one thing in this galaxy and that is peace. Once we can all live together without forcing ones ideals upon another that is the moment Insurik will find true peace.

Rendili Star Drive is important to Insurik, as it is the place he found a different kind of family and friends. Where he grew and learned about life (without being in Hugo’s shadow), what made him the Muun he is today. He would not harm it in any form or way just for personal satisfaction or goals. Or simply getting his way. Any action from Insurik that would damage the relation between Avance and Rendili StarDrive would result in him taking proper responsibility for those actions. Chances of him straying from this path would be unthinkable, but it is important to know what his stand point is on this.

He'd like to learn some of the ways Avance holds itself and try to implement those methods into his own life. Getting to know more people, who will hopefully grow into a new group of friends and family. Helping and protecting those in ways that he is able. Insurik is a proud member of House Valeo and is honored to have been chosen to be a member of this esteemed House. "If you want to be apart of something great then House Valeo is the way to go." Insurik tells people.

Avance News Network

Insurik was appointed the head of Avance News Network (ANN) and is the Editor-in-Chief there. This has been a long time coming and Insurik was humbled at the level of trust that the citizens of Avance have entrusted him with.

Talk Show

Insurik has a talk show called the Insurik Damask Show where he interviews sentients from all around the galaxy. He interviews all types of sentients with various political status ranging from the Emperor to a farmer. If they have a voice or need a voice Insurik is there to give them a chance.


After Insurik found his way in the galaxy at Rendili StarDrive and with Avance. He was reunited with his brother Hugo. It was a strange and very akward moment considering Hugo cut him off from the family and the family fortune. But Insurik saw that Hugo was a changed Muun and had found himself just as Insurik had found himself. Hugo is still with the InterGalatic Banking Clan but has found that family means more than credits.

Hugo stated to insurik that he has a unincorporated business called Damask Holdings and wanted Insurik to be Vice President of it. Insurik and Hugo shook hands and then hugged only then realizing how much they missed each other.

InterGalactic Banking Clan

Insurik left Rendili StarDrive to seek a position as President of Banking for the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Insurik's brother, Hugo, is the Governor of the Bank. Everything was going well until a week after Insurik took office. A client accused IGBC of misplacing 400 million credits. Insurik did not know how or what happened, but he tried his best to save the face of IGBC’s public image. After a while of trying hard Insurik gave up and resigned his position. IGBC is currently under new leadership and is on the fast track to recovery.

A Moment of Weakness

After Insurik resigned from IGBC he did receive quite a few job offers. Insurik looked over all of them and each one was amazing so it was hard to choose. Insurik was on the Holonet one night talking to Cobra Commander to finalize their interview for the Insurik Damask Show. When he offered Insurik a position with the Raging Bantha’s. Without thinking or with due regard to Insuriks previous allegiances to the Avance Government and House Valeo, Insurik accepted. Insurik's citizenship was revoked immediately and friends began messaging him nonstop through his comlink and datapad. Telling him that that was the wrong decision and that they were disappointed in him. Insurik's heart sank. He thought “Could this get any worse?” Then it did. He lost his position as News Chief for ANN and most importantly he lost trust that he have to build back up over the course of his life.

Insurik was known as a strong, moral character that always took the high morale road and never looked down on anyone and here he was; a member of the one thing that Avance and his friends do not like or tolerate. He immediately left Raging Bantha’s and was trying to find his way again. Insurik was lost not only literally but mentally as well. He did not know who he was anymore and neither did his friends and co-workers. WHen all seemed lost and Insurik though about sucide, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Davik Kaisho, a Jedi Master and member of the High Council from the Force Guardians found him and took him in. He gave Insurik a chance and Insurik is now Director of the Phoenix Foundation.

Also at that very same moment in time a member of House Hawkes sought Insurik out asked if Insurik would join their Federation and run their NFG as the Director of Banking. Insurik was honored that he was even considered for this and they not only gave him a home, job and support but they made him the first ever recipient of “The Golden Hawke”. Insurik was floored at this gift of integrity not only because of the true respect and honesty that it conveyed but of trust.

Now Insurik is trying to regain the trust back from the people and government that he loves the most and hurt the most. It will take time but Insurik will prove to them and himself that he is the Muun that they thought he was.

Insurik was fired for no reason from the Phoenix Foundation because they all thought he was a spy! Insurik did work for Raging Banthas but was not a patched member and never did anything illegal. Insurik felt betrayed and then went to work for no one. He was jobless and only had about 107,200 credits to his name. Then a stroke of luck. Veritas Press asked for Insurik to come aboard for an opportunity of a life time.

Veritas Press

Khorde ask Insurik if he would come aboard and take the raines of Editor-in-Chief (EIC) from him. Insurik obliged and went to work and is now very happy where he is.



Insurik left the ANN around Day 152 of Year 15 after nearly a year serving as its Editor-in-Chief. His resignation came after loud public outcry was raised over his ties to the Raging Banthas and other criminal organizations. On day 365 of the same year he quietly applied for a job with Czerka Corporation, and while he was cleared for duty in the Avance company public suspicions soon grew again. This lead Insurik to plea for a trial in an Avancian court to clear his name, and an ad hoc court was set up with Con Semper acting as a judge and Belloq Tull representing the prosecution. Insurik insisted upon representing himself, and was found guilty of treason, conspiracy to commit treason and espionage. He was sentanced to labor and public service, and is currently being held by The Wraiths at a secure detention facility where behavioral experts are still assessing whether rehabilitation can be expected. A full report of the trial and events preceding the trial was published by Paul Luz, The Trial of Insurik Damask.