Vaedra Jien

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Vaedra Jien [Sinya'Freetaa (Darkness Brave)]
Vaedra Jien.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek (Lethan)
Homeworld Rhyloth, Thantus
Mother Pampy'Freetaa (Haoy & Kiva)
Father Silais'Freetaa (Presumed Dead)
Spouse Vincent Coreleone
Siblings Shiri'Freetaa (Year -11, Day 32), Shakka'Freetaa (Year -16, Day 162)
Children Daesha Corleone (Year 12, Day 207)
Born Year -14 Day 333
Died Year 13
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 2 meters
Coloring Red (Lethan)
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation The Freemasons
Rank Employee
Positions Personal Asst. to Operations Director
Prior Affiliation TAR, ARES
Awards N/A

Languages: Basic, Ryl, Lekku, Bocce, Droidspeak. Vaedra can speak a smattering of Huttese but only recognizes a word here and there of other languages.
Grew up on Thantus after being enslaved at age 7.
Master(s): Master Stratos (deceased), Master Vincent Corleone
Status: Freedom purchased then lost a podracing bet. Now she finds herself owned by the Prince who after a shaky start she has come to adore. Hobbies: Vaedra enjoys tinkering with droids and pod racers. She also loves her ships. The Ma'allesh is her pride and joy. It got it's name from the twi'leki words for safe travel.

Summary of Events:
Taken by slavers, along with her sister Shakka, they were sold by a Hutt to a Cathar Fallen Jedi (Master Stratos). They grew up on Thantus where Vaedra later purchased both her freedom and her sister's. Vaedra served a short stint in TAR graduating the academy with honors. She left with a Zabrak friend (Dean Ju-El Silverstar) to create an academy with another organization known as ARES. The academy was to become an independent entity later. When Master Stratos passed they made to find their home and family. They did so and Vaedra took an unexpected Leave of Absence from ARES. During the absence she lost track of Ju-El. When she returned after spending three years with her family it was to the role of a Worker with ARES.

After loosing a bet to a human prince she found herself enslaved once more. She left ARES and went to work for her Master's organization, The Freemasons.

After some time she found herself carrying Master Corleone's child. It is a girl child who she has decided to name Daesha Corleone. Daesha meaning "female ruler" or "queen" in the Twi'leki language. Of course she will probably call the child Daesh'acorleone. She will be of the House Corleone and the Clan Freetaa. What then does the future hold for Vaedra and the half breed daughter she will bear?

She perished when her beloved ship flew too close to the Binaros sun. Her daughter is currently in the care of Vaedra's sister.

Excerpts from her personal journal.

Daesaha Corleone as she would look at age 4.