Vampiric Focal Pistols

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Vampiric Focal Pistols
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The Vampiric Focal Pistols are pairs of special Force endowed pistols which are meant to be used by those atuned to the Force, particularly those aligned with the dark side of the Force, though all Force users can benefit from carrying them. When used by non-Force users, these weapons behave like more powerful and accurate versions of the DL-56 blaster. Forged by the great Noghri blademaster Sekou Tau as a sideline to his bladesmithing activities, the weapons bear all the tender care of a master smith. It has been long believed that the first such pistols were commissioned by a heretical Force user named Hawke Tanor who rejected the use of lightsabers in favor of blasters. The black-gripped pistol was named "Thuzelo" which means solace in the bladesmith's noghrese dialect and the white gripped pistol is named "Ithemba" meaning hope.


The Focal Pistols were forged using a special alloy known as neurasong. The alloy is forged from transperisteel, neuranium and songsteel. Songsteel gives the weapons strength and durability and is resistant to lightsaber attacks. The added neuranium makes these weapons invisible to scanners and the Force, while the transperisteel provides the backbone of the weapon and makes it easier to forge. Due to the addition of the songsteel, the neurasong alloy is incredibly hard to forge. It requires expert technique and minute attention to detail. Due to this, the weapons take weeks, sometimes longer to smith. As part of the smithing process two tiny "sunlight" crystals are built into housing mechanism and barrel of the weapon. These act as balancers and disperse some of the energy released by the weapons when they fire. This prevents the powerful weapon from recoiling in the owners face, or from exploding in their hands. This also allows for the fire power of the weapon to be increased.


These paired blasters do best in Force endowed hands. Because the weapons themselves are endowed with a small portion of the living Force as part of the forging process, they bind with Force endowed users. As they forge a relationship with their owners, the weapons pick up some of the owners traits. When projectiles are placed in the weapon, the weapon endows them with the Force. This leads to otherworldly accuracy as such force endowed bullets have been known to fly around obstacles to hit their target. These cases are rare and spring from a close, unbroken relationship between the weapon and a powerful Force user. Those not atuned to the Force have no such benefit. However, the weapons are still of great use to non-Force users due to their accuracy and ease of wielding. Currently, these are bonded with Hawke Tanor as he is the owner.

Special Features

When bonded with a Force user of sufficient power, these Vampiric Focal Pistols develop extra powers, seen so rarely that they are almost mystical. When bonded with a Dark Side Master of great strength and power, these weapons can fire a massive blast of pure dark side energy at the masters opponents. This energy comes from within the master himself and thus has the effect of weakening him for a time, but the effects on those hit by the ball of energy are far more devastating than the effects on the master. It is from these dark blasts that the pistols earned their Vampiric title. Those who choose to walk a middle road between light and dark, have reported similar combat usage. However, instead of a blast of dark energy, the bullet propels a blast of air, dust and debris at the opponent, confusing them and often blowing them away. Light side users also share in this special feature. However, their feature is significantly different than the others. When fired by a powerful user, the weapons bullet splits into hundreds of tiny beams of light, which spread in an arc as they travel. The result is a shotgun blast of light and projectiles that blinds opponents and often kills or wounds dozens of foes, while blinding the rest temporarily.