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== See Also ==
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[[Category:Races and Species]]

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This is about the Chiss Race. If you are interested in Chiss Organisations, then you are looking for Chiss Ascendancy

DistinctionsRed Eyes

Biology and Appearance

Native to the planet Csilla, the Chiss are a race that very closely resemble humans, but there are significant differences between the two, most notably in outward appearance. Chiss have black hair and glowing red eyes while their skin colour ranges from pale to dark blue; it is believed that their coloration and the eye color is influenced by the level of oxygen in the environment. They also have an increased metabolic rate, which typically results in a very lean physique with well-defined musculature.

Society and Culture

Chiss Scouts on Patrol on Csilla, the Homeworld of the Chiss. Chiss support is rumored to have been a factor in turning the tide of the Battle of Csilla.

The Chiss are known as being very deliberate and composed in their actions and their disciplined manner has been credited to their upbringing. In Chiss society a child's maturity is accelerated; they almost entirely bypass an adolescent period before being accepted as an adult. Chiss culture is largely based on customs and courtesies. For a time in their history there were Ruling Families, also called Ruling Houses. The number of these extended families would wax and wane depending on the governing needs of the time, and eventually faded from direct political power, but a legacy of social practices from their era still lingers. One such tradition is the elaborate welcoming ritual, in the form of colours and ceremony, that marks the visit of a member of a former Family into the domain of another.

Honour is very important to the Chiss race, and the actions of a Chiss are always subject to scrutiny. As such, the Chiss tend to be very formal and always considerate of how their actions can affect their Family and themselves. They are also very intelligent and often gifted in strategic thinking, as well as private and insular. The Chiss language is called Cheunh, but many also speak the trade languages including Basic.


1st Chiss Ascendancy

This is the emblem of the Chiss Ascendancy, used by the 1st and 2nd Chiss Ascendancy Governments

The first Chiss Ascendancy known as the Ancient Chiss Ascendancy marked the start of Chiss Culture. It’s formation was the mark of the ending of tribal warfare and the beginning of Chiss prosperity. The Chiss before this time was broken up into multiple tribes that fought all the time over land and resources. The Ascendancy was born after 3 years of negotiating amongst each tribal factions. The tribes then began to title themselves as Houses and pulled all their resources together.

The Ancient Chiss Ascendancy was the one responsible for the “Golden Age”. During this golden age, the Ascendancy sponsored many economic, scientific, and technological improvements. Many new trade partners and goods brought prosperity to the already booming economy on Csilla. Out of these programs came the Charric Technology. Soon enough the Charric technology was being applied to weaponry and once again the economy was given a giant boost.

The Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet (CEDF), was also created during this time both as a result of the discovery of Charric technology and the growing need to protect as well as expand. The Ancient Chiss Ascendancy inaugurated the new military into action. The fleet was first designated to defend Csilla as well as protect merchants in and out of Chiss Space. As the fleet grew though in size, it was ordered to colonize and explore. As a result of the massive amount of information coming in, the Ascendancy created the Chiss Expeditionary Library, and placed the CEDF in charge. The colonization brought many new star systems into the Ascendancy.

The ‘Golden Age’ would last for 5,000 years until the Chiss Civil Dispute that would destroy the Ancient Chiss Ascendancy.

2nd Chiss Ascendancy

For more information:Chiss Ascendancy (Year 8),Chiss Ascendancy (Year 9)

The second Chiss Ascendancy was given the nickname the ‘Sith Ascendancy’ by Chiss historians since it was founded by a Dark Lord of the Sith Isoldor Storm. Isoldor Storm himself was trained and given the license to rule the mid rim worlds by then Galactic Emperor Vodo Bonias. In response to this new found power Storm then transformed his New Sith Order into the government titled ‘The 12 Colonies’. The 12 Colonies would go on to suffer many defeats and as a result morality hit a new low. Storm, while on Csilla during this time became fascinated with Chiss culture and made a deal with the Chiss Parliament. The Chiss Parliament would name him Chancellor of the Chiss Ascendancy and in turn the Parliament will stay in control. It continued like this until an assassin by the name of Lance Hawke killed Storm by a swift blaster bolt to the head.

After Storm’s death, the 12 Colonies broke up, but one splinter of the group stayed behind. The group led by Prard Al Kayrek, a Chiss pirate, took control of Storm’s assets, and transferred them to create a new group. This group would go by the name of Black Nebula. Black Nebula would go on to plunder what was left of the Chiss economy and infrastructure as well as disband Chiss Parliament.

The Legitimists, who were a group of Chiss that had sided with the Sith regime of Storm. Made a last ditch attempt to revive their version of the Ascendancy. They created a group with help from Black Nebula, the legitimists would run Csilla but Black Nebula would rule only by name. The plans would eventually would fall apart as one member was accused as being a part of the pirate group, Eidola. Then a New Republic offensive attacked Csilla(see:Battle of Csilla).

It was during these times that Csilla was plunged into darkness and it would be years before a glimmer of hope would emerge.

3rd Chiss Ascendancy

This is the emblem of The Third Chiss Ascendancy. According to Aristocra Carn`ilo` Sabosen, who commissioned the new logo, the black replacing the traditional white represents the tragic recent history of the Chiss people.

For more information: The Chiss Ascendancy, Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile

The Third Chiss Ascendancy can trace it’s origin to the Chiss Society, a small social group made up of Chiss from all over the galaxy. After a while two members of the Society, Carn`ilo` Sabosen and Flar Gar started to work together to re-establish the Chiss Ascendancy. Many Chiss around the galaxy came to help support the rebuilding of the Chiss government. As the rebuilding began, a new Aristocra was appointed, Carn`ilo` Sabosen became the new leader for the rebirth of the Ascendancy. Under the leadership of Aristocra Sabosen, the CEDF and the Council of Families was reborn.

The Third Chiss Ascendancy had many challenges ahead of themselves. They founded a medical corporation to help fund the Ascendancy’s activities but after awhile faced betrayal by the General Minister Sye Montaris. After secretly selling the CEDF to suspicious parties(who then sold it to Karl Korne), Sye Montaris faked suicide to escape from Chiss Intelligence. Aristocra Sabosen decided it was time to move on and started to plan for the future.

On Year 11 Day 210, the Council of Families met and agreed with the Aristocra’s plan to create a new mining corporation, Chiss Material Extractions. CME was able to set up headquarters on their newly settled planet of Dayral, which became the first chiss colony. After awhile though there came to be internal disagreements between the two leaders, Aristocra Sabosen and Lord Flar Gar. As a result, CME became a separate entity from the Chiss Ascendancy.

Ideological Divison

As CME continued to grow, an ideological divide between Flar Gar and Carn`ilo` Sabosen also grew.Carn`ilo` Sabosen carried the standard of adherence to traditional chiss cultural values , while Flar Gar accepted a more multicultural view.

Philosophically, Carn`ilo` Sabosen was a Traditionalist, while Flar Gar was "Progressive"(favoring some changes to chiss culture in favor of adaptation).

Their divergent philosophies resulted in several controversies, which eventually rippled into the chiss community. Both men eventually gained some support.

In Year 12, perceiving that Flar Gar had mocked his vision of a revived Chiss Ascendancy, and that Flar was not leading Chiss Material Extractions in a more Traditionalist philosophy, Carn`ilo` Sabosen took action. He hired a bounty hunter. Flar Gar however heard by indirect means and trapped Carn`ilo` Sabosen On day 108, Carn`ilo` Sabosen was arrested and prepared to stand trial.

On day 109, after a controversial trial, Carn`ilo` Sabosen was put to death. His death equally controversial due to the chiss prohibition execution as a form of punishment.

Flar Gar's Progressive philosophical perspective (which he termed "Neo-Pro Chiss") allowed for rare exceptions to be made.In this case it was due to Carn`ilo` Sabosen holding ownership of a share of stock. Potentially this was a security risk that Flar felt Carn`ilo` Sabosen could use to harm CME,even if exiled.

Flar Gar felt that Carn`ilo` Sabosen would have been on some level a threat to not only Flar but also chiss culture. This is despite the fact that Carn`ilo` Sabosen had also contributed in no small way to the reconstruction of chiss culture. In Gar's opinion, the extraordinary case had to be meet with extraordinary measures.

Shortly after the execution, Chiss Material Extractions changed its name to 'The Chiss Ascendancy', frustrating the remaining traditionalists.

The traditionalists kept the name Sabosen had given their community:'Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile' and insisted that the renaming of what they still call "Chiss Material Extractions" is a usurpation, while Flar and the Progressives insisted that 'The Chiss Ascendancy'(formerly Chiss Material Extractions) is the practical expression of chiss community goals.

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