Corellian Merchants Guild

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Corellian Merchants Guild
Cmg logo.png
General Information
Motto "Influence that Transcends the Galaxy!"
Status Dissolved
Leader Tanner McFadden
2IC Div Mac
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 30
Dissolved Year 15
Political Information
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Corellian Merchants Guild

The Corellian Merchants' Guild, or CMG, was reestablished formally on Year 14 Day 30 by Grand Duke of the Council Tanner A. McFadden. The CMG is a galaxy-spanning private trade organization that provides monetary aid, information, contacts, starship maintenance, repair facilities, and production resources for its members. Initially, only native Corellians and the owners and crew of Corellian-made starships were eligible for membership. With the recent expansion of the CMG it has joyfully opened its doors to all sentients across the galaxy. This is why the Council of the CMG coined a catch-phrase of: "Influence that Transcends the Galaxy!"

The CMG logo is circular in shape which represents the revolving dynamics of the cycle of life. Embedded with images of a blaster, credits, and gears symbolizing the Corellian nature to fight, obtain wealth, and engineer; equally dividing the life of a Corellian and the Guild.



The Corellian Merchants' Guild was originally founded in the ancient days of Corellia, during the infancy of space travel in the galaxy. Founded by wealthy Corellian merchants and important Corellian political figures in the galaxy, the CMG was deeply entrenched in galactic commerce. In the early days of the galaxy, the Corellian government sealed off their borders to interstellar trade vessels. Those vessels were ordered to drop their payloads in the outlying systems of the Corellian Sector. Afterwards, the CMG would transport and transfer the cargo to their proper destination within the Sector. The CMG had an active role in the Corellian government shipping and travel regulatory divisions, thus making each member wealthy from legitimate compensation, or from informal smuggling transactions. Many Corellians prospered during this ancient time.

The Corellian Merchants' Guild closed its door for a time period, when the Corellian government ceded the reign of power to the Galactic Empire. Many of the wealthy merchants left their home of Corellia to plant roots in the far reaches of the galaxy, out of the strict control of the Galactic Empire. Because the CMG had major influence in the Corellian government, the Galactic Empire viewed the CMG as a hotbed of sedition and anti-Imperial activity, but because of their influence in the galactic commerce, the Empire could not easily declare the organization illegal.


Today, the CMG has reemerged with a new headquarters in the Maldrood System. With the forefathers of the Corellian Merchants' Guild past, the new generation of CMG merchants have embraced the concept of neutrality in the midst of the Galactic Civil War. With neither side making any head-way to win or end this war, the CMG transcends the borders of the galaxy to continue to influence commerce and create prosperity in the far reaches of the existence.

With its operations located within the territory of the Anzatan Commonwealth, the CMG has built a bond with the Privy Council of the Commonwealth for the mutual benefit of both organizations. The CMG Council has found sanctity within the systems of the AC and a strange love for the people of Anzat. The Dukes of the Council of the CMG can be seen routinely carousing the nightlife within the cities on Anzat.

In Year 14, the CMG merged its operations with the production corporation Ord Wurkz and became the sole provider of weapons and battle armor to the Bortele Cluster and Maldrood sectors.

The Council

Tanner McFadden serves as the Grand Duke of the Council.

The CMG heritage is deeply rooted in the merchant traditions of ancestral Corellia, and because of this the CMG granted noble titles among the members, showing rank and responsibility. This tradition began prior to the written history of the Guild, most likely in the infancy stages of the colonization of the planet Corellia by the "Celestials." Corellia, itself was once ruled by one ruling family, with the head of that family deemed a "King." This "King" is said to have established the Corellian Merchants Guild. The ancient King chose to go against the norm and establish a democratic republic on the planet of Corellia, which propelled the planet and its citizens into the forefront of interstellar travel and starship engineering. And so the position of King within the Merchants Guild is indefinitely held unfilled to show reverence.

The Council of the Corellian Merchants Guild is the governing body of the Guild. The Council is comprised up of seven Corellians. (Although rumors state that various races of Sentients now hold a position as a Council member.)

The leader of the Guild is held by the position of a Grand Duke, known as the Grand Duke of the Council. This Grand Duke guides the Guild in its strategic goals in commerce, security, and prosperity. Assisting the Grand Duke is an Archduke, known as the Archduke of the Council. The Archduke supervises all the operational and administrative duties to ensure the Guild functions daily. The last five members of the Council are known as Dukes, or Duchesses. They are commonly referred to as Duke (Duchess) of the Council. These Dukes manage different areas within the Guild to ensure they function. These areas are known as Resource Management, Production Control, Transportation Control, Merchant Marine Security, and Fleet Security.


  • Cmg banner.png (Year 14)

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