Black Sun Responds to Fake Instability Claims

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Posted by: Jeor Knight - Faction: Black Sun

Date: Year 17 Day 167 Onboard the Darkstar Battleship [BSS] Ill Gotten Gains in system Malicar (94, 402).

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This is Ariana Howitt of Black Sun News Network with a very special report. Dark Prince Jeor Knight held a Press Conference earlier today stating that the former Underlord and Vigo, Alexander von Ismay and Imperator Kathlen Stewart have been declared criminals on the run. Von Ismay and his partner Kathlen Stewart have left Black Sun with a very small amount assets that were entrusted to them by Black Sun and all loyal citizens of Black Sun. Von Ismay attempted to use those assets to blackmail the Family Council. Our glorious leader, Dark Prince Knight, refused to sell Black Sun’s integrity and the scorned former Underlord took his pittance and ran. The stolen assets were of little significance and our nationalized corporations have reported no disruption in regular activities. An investigative report suggests that Stewart’s greatest damage to Black Sun was her months of mismanagement at Neuro-Saav Corporation, despite ample means and support. Her ineptitude continued even during her betrayal: when she decided to steal from the Family, she was unable to do even that properly.

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Dark Prince Knight described the result of a Family Council investigation. "We firmly believe that von Ismay was not the mastermind of this treason, but rather a pawn under the control of Kathlen Stewart. She used her position as chief concubine of von Ismay to poison his heart against Black Sun. We firmly believe that this seductress spun her web of deceit and lies over many months, leading to von Ismay’s abdication, and culminating with the attack on the Family. She then left him a broken man while setting up a shadow parody of Black Sun. Despite her best efforts to sway loyal members to her side, she was forced to buy the loyalty of one Rennek Cor with the prospect of his own faction. Black Sun has faced attacks by far more experienced and devious enemies than Stewart. We wish the VisCor “News Network” luck surviving Stewart’s paranoia and vindictiveness."

Vigo of Shadows Banquo Knox addressed the recent false news reports.."By now, I am sure you have seen the laughable attempt by the ViskCor News Network to slander Black Sun. Their attempt to tie Vandal Archibald’s actions to Black Sun is complete drivel. The Family Council received Archibald’s confession in person and freely given. Several of his schemes were planned with Kathlen Stewart. She and her rabble have been trying desperately to distance themselves from their former conspirator. The claim that Black Sun killed him is correct. The Family Council ordered his execution. As a two-time traitor, thief, and liar, Archibald had no place in Black Sun. However, his death was not without some shred of grace. Originally loyal to Stewart, he was included in her inner circle and able to witness her petty vindictiveness first hand. Disgusted by her actions, his conscience got the better of him and he turned himself in for judgement. His lengthy confession, cross-checked against other sources, helped protect Black Sun against the lingering remnants of Stewart’s band of malcontents. Gavin von Ismay was discovered conspiring with Stewart to break his oath to the Family. The former Minister of Technology's head now graces the entrance of the [BSS] Ill-Gotten Gains to remind those who would take their oath of the consequences for breaking it."

Let the actions of these traitors be a lesson. Pride is not one of the three tenets of Black Sun. When one places their selfish pride over the well-being of Family, when one lets arrogance blind them to Honour, and when one places personal profit over the Profit of the Family, retribution follows swiftly.

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As to Black Sun’s position in the Imperial Union, sources from within the Empire have indicated that their faith in the Family is only stronger, having once again proven their ability to quickly and ruthlessly cut out the cancer that was Stewart and her lickspittles. The stability that lies ahead for Black Sun under the watchful eye of Dark Prince Knight has only served to reassure the Imperial Union that Black Sun is a worthwhile ally again after several years of erratic behavior and instability under Underlord von Ismay. This has been Ariana Howitt with the Black Sun News Network with this special report.

Family. Honour. Profit.