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Corsair Logo.png
General Information
Motto "We are Corsair!"
Status Dissolved
Leader Zackery Elliot
Owner Minerva Umgee
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 307
Dissolved Year 15 Day 136
Political Information
Industry Mercenary Outfit

Corsair was a mercenary outfit started by Minerva Umgee and led by Zackery Elliot prior to its dissolution.


"Corsair is an intellectual group of professionals dedicated to the obvious and tiresome event of chaos. We are relentless, we are always there. In the shadows night and day we are haunting you, preparing to strike when you are most vulnerable. If you feel like this might potentially be a home, a family you'd be interested in talking to say hello. We do not bite in the light. If you think we are scum, not dangerous, or are pink fluffy little clowns, I strongly advise you to go and talk to one of our professionals to get immediate medical brain trauma treatment. That is the only way to safeguard your future and secure your health. This is the promise we leave the galaxy. We will prevail at any and all cost, to proclaim victory and hold our heads up high. If Necessary, we fight til our Deaths. We are Corsair!"


Zackery Elliot Affair

On Year 14 308, galactic businessman Anomis Wox of Wox Logistics issued a public complaint regarding the services of Zackery Elliot, a male Corellian purportedly affiliated with Corsair. Wox reported that "Mr. Elliot just abandoned ship on me in the middle of a job with no notice. He seemed to be doing well and I liked him, but gave absolutely no warning for this. Hiring discretion is advised."[1] Grom De Ghrul, a Gamorrean trader and neutral observer, demanded proof of Wox's claim.[1] Acting upon Mr. De Ghrul's demand, a Kaleeshi businessman known as Salabastian Ord confirmed the incident: "I can verify that Mr. Elliot joined my organization this afternoon, and that he needed pickup from a ship owned by Mr. Wox's company." In addition, Mr. Ord provided a copy of Mr. Elliot's application and its acceptance:

Zackery acceptance.png

Mr. De Ghrul requested that Corsair not kill Elliot as he seemed to be an inexperienced recruit who was unfamiliar with the accepted business practices of the galaxy. Mr. De Ghrul also warned Elliot to depart Corsair as they might kill him. In response, Minerva Umgee, the owner of the Corsair, issued a terse public statement: "Zackery is in Corsair. Mr. Wox, I appreciate the warning, [but] the situation is handled. Corsair won't be killing the poor guy. I love killing more than anyone else, but I do not feel he deserves death. As such, Grom you can go play in your precious mud and stop harassing my members. [...] The only person in the entire organization that actually kills is me, and I haven't really hunted anyone."[2]

It has been speculated that this verbal altercation is what ultimately led to Grom De Ghrul's later demise but that cannot be certain.

Mr. Ord Embezzlement

In the late hours of Year 14 Day 331, Salabastian Ord was appointed leader of the Corsair mercenary outfit by its corporate owner Minerva Umgee. In a surprising act, the newly-empowered Mr. Ord chose to immediately embezzle the organization's coffers.[3] Ostensibly, Salabastian Ord and Minerva Umgee had several outstanding disagreements in the past and, although Ms. Umgee had assumed these issues were settled due to Mr. Ord's feigned friendship, he still carried a grudge. According to Ms Umgee, Mr Ord misappropriated approximately 1.8 billion credits base value assets which on the open market is easily worth three-to-five times that.[3]

Ms. Umgee apparently demoted Mr. Ord from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of Corsair after the embezzlement occurred and appointed relative newcomer Zackery Elliot as his replacement. It was not known whether Elliot was expected to save the organization or if Ms. Umgee had other assets to that end. She mentioned having lost two friends over this looting; thus, it is possible that Fures Nocti and Dar Batra may have ended up dead as a result. However, it remains unclear if she was referring to them or to someone else.

Mr. Ord later mentioned that this event was in retaliation for the death of his friend Primun Furium, who was killed by Ms. Umgee on trumped up false charges, as well as the fact she had placed a bounty on the head of another friend of his, Finreith Raidh. According to Mr. Ord, word had come from various contacts of his that Ms. Umgee planned to place a bounty on his head next, and as a result he decided not to wait for that to happen and when given the power he took revenge for that future event. [4]

Diabolus`ut Persolvo cast doubt on the veracity of these events somewhat; however, he offered no proof to the contrary either. He claimed to have approached Mr. Ord with the intention of buying the ship containing Ms. Umgee. He was then informed that Ms. Umgee was on a ship owned by herself. As a result Mr. Persolvo indicated that he believes that the whole thing to be a setup. He did not speculate on the perceived nature of the setup, but it is not unusual for corporate owners and ranking officers to travel in private ships while on business, so the true nature of the situation was never confirmed. [5]

Based on additional information that was later revealed, it appeared Mr. Ord may have lied to Mr. Persolvo when the latter approached him about buying the ship with Minerva inside, as Minerva claimed to have escaped imprisonment aboard a newly acquired YT-1300. It was revealed that Zackery Elliott was also dead at this point, believed to have committed suicide, so Corsair was not expected to survive much longed.[6]

Salabastian Ord was killed by Syn of the Eidola Pirates on Year 14 Day 359, a day after the capture and subsequent release of Minerva Umgee, suggesting that Ord and Umgee had been traveling together.

Known Personnel


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