Dain Thurith

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Dain James Thurith
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia (Planet)
Mother Kathlin Thurith
Father Socharis Thurith
Siblings Mythreel Thurith
Noah Hatfield(Adopted)
Colton Hatfield(Adopted)
Alessandro De Caito(Cousin)
Born Year -7 Day 130
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6ft 3in
Coloring White
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Emerald Ring
Title Ring Leader
Rank Ceannaire Fáinne
Positions Leader & Founder
Prior Affiliation Eclipse Templars
Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
Sun Guard
Zann Consortium
The Mercenary Guild
Tion Hegemony

Life on Corellia

Forged By Fire

Mando'ade, afterwards, and then life in The Mercenary Guild.

Role in the Battle of Churnis

"I'm just here to save as many of my friends as I can."

Dain received word from Myn Kuat shortly before the battle began, asking if he had his support in reclaiming The Mercenary Guild from second in command Pietre Henimun who had taken over when Myn had gone on vacation as was normal for the group. Historically the group had not been a government faction and was a corporation owned by Kuat, but this time when he went on vacation the group could not be reclaimed without Henimun's cooperation. Inside the group a divide had occurred, some loyal to Myn and wanted to align with the Galactic Alliance, Henimun's sect wanted to align with the Imperial Union and a third wanted to remain neutral and out of galactic politics. Dain having seen this coming left months prior to Myn's vacation with many following him to form a new group that would aim to remain neutral. Followed by those who were loyal to him as Lord Dean and an active CO of a brigade that had gone undefeated during the Guild's lengthy Derra campaign. He told his former mentor and leader that he would do what he could and he began organizing his people to return to Churnis, where they had left just a few months prior.

After some time the leader of the Darkstar Hellions before changing to Zann Consortium, Ximaro Jix contacted Dain on Myn's behalf, telling him the attack was about to begin and the Hellions were spearheading it. Dain's role was to gather information and report to Ximaro while doing what he could as a mercenary leader himself to destabilize the growing control the Galactic Empire had been gaining over the sector. So Dain, his friends, and those who followed them, set course to Churnis and landed in Malari, an area largely uncontrolled at the time with a heavy Imperial presence.

Despite giving orders to not ever step foot outside their ships, one member, Alain Darkstaar, was captured while walking in the streets of an Imperial controlled city. This put Dain in a difficult situation, he felt a strong loyalty to anyone following him, so he wanted to save him. Luckily his connections to Myn and the groups supporting him were unknown but Alain may be interrogated and give this information over. As such, he hastily agreed to sell the Empire the cities Dain had built (only three at the time, a minimal amount of land that could never be secured once shields went up) at a slight mark up above cost in exchange for his ally's freedom.

At some point a number of Guild members who Dain had trained himself came to him and told him they were trapped in Guild ships unable to move. Dain, wanting his former students and friends to not be harmed, arranged with Ximaro a deal. His loyalty in exchange for the safety of his friends.

Joining the Zann Consortium

Having traded his life for those in the Mercenary Guild's, Dain was now a full-fledged member of the newly reformed Zann Consortium. Swearing an oath to further the agenda of the terrorist organization, he moved forward as Ximaro's protege and found himself becoming the target of an increasing number of attacks. Later he would learn that each assailant had been sent by his mentor to test his skill and to see whether or not he was capable of surviving attacks from all directions. After successfully defending himself and his people, Dain was finally allowed to begin working independently again without the direct supervision of Ximaro.

The forming of Sun Guard

Dissolution of Sun Guard and Dain's Exile

Having been outed as a Defiler and operative of the Zann Consortium, Dain felt little choice but to publicly close the doors of Sun Guard and step down out of the sunlight he had created around himself so as to let memories of him and his ties to Zann die.

Not supportive of how his secret identity was revealed without his consent, he knew he would never trust his mentor and long time friend Ximaro Jix again. Due to this, Dain sought refuge in the abyss and knew that he would need to reshape himself and his fellow Sun Guards into something darker to survive the future.

Life in the shadows

Knowing no matter where he turned the enemies of Zann and his old comrades, the Defilers, would be hunting him, Dain all but vanished without much of a trace. Moving in secret and trusting very few, he stayed on the edges of known space while he thought about his return to the galaxy and how he would achieve his ultimate goal of no longer being seen as Ximaro's personal assassin.

Just like how his own ends were the means in which he become a Defiler, his own ambitions were the undoing of his time as a Defiler. Reluctant to be a cog in Jix's master plan to sow chaos throughout the galaxy for the sheer sake of it, he knew when he left the shadows he would have a large target on his back. Because of this, he sought what he hoped would be a safe haven among old friends in the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums, the remnant of his old home, the Mercenary Guild.

Betrayal Met With Betrayal

Stepping out of the shadows and away from his position as a Defiler, Dain decided the best way to move forward was to rejoin his old friends and allies from The Mercenary Guild who he had helped during the Battle of Churnis, Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums. While there he found that even though he hadn't been a Defiler enacting the plots of Ximaro Jix for many years, trust was hard to come by as he knew of AMC's leader, Max Ameeno Baca's connections to the Consortium in the past. Only a year after rejoining his old comrades, his greatest suspicion that he would never be trusted as one of their own due to not being of the Bacca family came to fruition. Having spent a year working on a recycling hub in Prefsbelt Dain aimed to create a recycling focused company as part of the alliance lead by his longtime friends but when the time came, they opted to hand the reigns to Sophie Blaster someone who had nothing to do with the hub and certainly had not put months of her life into defending it from the bandits in the surrounding asteroid belts, and worst of all she had no experience leading and was not even a ranking officer in AMC at the time, she was simply a petty officer just like her second in command was also not a member of the command structure. Her only qualifications were that she had operated a recycling ship and was the wife of Shri Bacca.

Hoping to deal as large of a blow as possible to the traitorous faction he positioned agents Varian Shroud and Kareem Smiles in separate locations so as to cover as much possible locations and capture as many potential targets as possible. To Dain's surprise, the second in command and fellow general, Enox Labaca exited hyperspace directly next to Agent Shroud and presented himself as a perfect target. Able to get close to his target without being spotted as a threat Varian took control of his prey's ship remotely in the dead of the night and moved him to a location just outside of AMC's controlled system, Comra where Dain was waiting. Enox, asleep at the controls of the ship, awoke to the alarming sound of a blaster powering up and pointed at his face.

Enox, now in Dain's custody, awaited his fate while negotiations were ongoing between sponsor Korinas Vildras, captor Dain, and would be ransom payers Max and Shri. After realizing that Korinas was not going to pay enough to make his time and effort worthwhile and knowing that AMC's leaders were not going to pay a credit for their "high valued" general, Dain realized that the best way to punish AMC was to return the now incredibly disgruntled General Labaca back to them. Upon returning Enox to his faction, his position as second in command was stripped from him immediately, almost as if the leaders didn't trust that he was indeed kidnapped and that they were so paranoid that they thought he had been part of the operation itself.

Using this as a smoke screen, Dain happily made off with the contents of AMC's armory with the intention of using it to arm his future faction...

The Dawn of the Eclipse

Having recently found his longlost sibling, Mythreel Thurith, the now growing group needed a new home. Not trusting anyone as his experience working with AMC had taught him nobody would trust a former defiler not to be an infiltrator and operative of Zann Consortium, Dain elected to reform Sun Guard but with a new name and image. No longer seeing the sun and the light as a guiding force and seeing the galaxy around him as a blurring of light and darkness, he looked to his old crest of the Supreme Sun Guard and decided now was the time to Eclipse the past and the future, thus, Eclipse Templars were born.

Not long after forming the new faction, Dain found himself making several new allies - many of which knew of him from his days as a Defiler and trusted he was honest about his intentions of leaving that life behind him but taking the skills he had learned with him. As such, he was joined by new allies and quickly a ragtag group of warriors from all walks of life united to form what would be called Umbradawn - the perfect blurring of good and bad to form a truly gray entity.

Emerald Ring Emerges

Eclipse Templars rebranded and restructured to be a family oriented crime syndicate known as the Emerald Ring, Dain at this time wanting to recognize that the group had evolved because of his cousin, Alessandro de Caito's, continued influence. The pair having been running Umbradawn together for two years both agreed that the existing structure and identity did not fit who they were now. Instead of trying to remold the group to a new image, they both opted to simply go with what made sense, an identity and structure that was focused on allowing people to prove themselves and then find their place within while making it clear to all that this new group did not follow the laws of any government but rather followed their own moral compass and did whatever it took to advance it's goals. As such, the group embraced it's reputation as being notorious pirates and outlaws but there was more to it than that.