Fang Turr

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CT-3954 "Fang" Turr
Biographical Information
Race Human (clone)
Homeworld Kamino
Father Clone Template
Born Year -35
Languages Basic
Religion Believer in the Force
Quote "A good soldier always follows orders. An honorable soldier knows when to defy orders when it is the right thing to do."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 m
Weight 80 kg
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Rank Captain (formerly)
Prior Affiliation Galactic Republic

Dukha Industrial

Fang Turr, formerly known by his Republic Army designation CT-3954, is a Human clone commando and one of, if not the last surviving clone trooper. He currently works as a bounty hunter.


Early life

CT-3954 was grown in a Kaminoan cloning facility in Year -35. CT-3954 eventually earned the nickname "Fang", which rumored to be because he tried to bite a training droid during a training session. Toward the end of his training, Fang's skills began to stand out from those of his comrades. This caught the attention of several Mandalorians, who offered to extend his training to become a commando. Fang gladly accepted, and was trained under Tomas o`Cuinn.

Into battle

Fang's extended training meant that he was unable to participate in the Battle of Geonosis. However, he did make it to the front lines in time for the Battle of Falleen a few months later. He went on to command Clone Force 404, and participated in many battles afterward, acquiring an kill record of 136 battle droids.


In Year -22, Fang's squad was ordered to infiltrate a Separatist command post and assassinate a traitor to the Republic who has been selling military secrets to the enemy. The assassination was successful, but things turned sour when a probe droid discovered the squad and alerted every droid in the area to their presence. The squad gave the droids a huge fight, but they were outnumbered and outgunned. Fang watched as his comrades fell to the ground. He too was hit, but his injuries did not kill him. The Separatists analyzed the clone and figured that he could be broken to tell them any military secrets he knew.

Fang was frozen in carbonite and loaded onto a transport. The war ended while the transport was in hyperspace, and the ship received the fateful transmission ordering all Separatist droids to shut down. The droids complied, and with no one to pilot the ship, it remained stranded in deep space for decades.


In Year 20, the derelict Separatist transport was discovered by scavengers. The scavengers towed the ship to Tatooine via tractor beam, and began dismantling the vessel. It wasn't long before they discovered a frozen Fang in the cargo hold. One of the scavengers freed the clone from his hibernation. At first, Fang was blind from hibernation sickness, and mistaking the scavengers for a Republic rescue team he thanked them and asked them how long it would be before he could return to the front lines. Confused, the scavengers told him that the Clone Wars had ended over 40 years ago. Fang did not believe them, and used what little strength he had to escape the scavengers.

Fang's eyesight eventually returned, and after asking several locals, he realized that the scavengers were telling the truth.

Personality and traits

Like every other clone in the Grand Army of the Republic, Fang's appearance is almost identical to that of the Clone Template. He is a loyal, battle-hardened warrior with a strong honor code. He has a respect for Mandalorians, due in part to his genetic template and training.

Having served with the Jedi during the Clone Wars and witnessing the power of the Force firsthand, Fang cannot deny its existence. He does not, however, possess Force powers.

Bounty hunting resume

  • Year 22, Day 60: Successfully rescued Keyan Skyblade from his captors.
  • Year 22, Day 93: Successfully rescued Alanna Corely from her captors.