Hura`tow` Nakesh

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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.1 meters
Hair Color blond
Eye Color red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Rank Lcahran(Lieutenant)
Positions Aristocra Nakesh
Prior Affiliation New Republic,Anzatan Commonwealth
Awards Chiss Ascendancy -(FRAMER)


Hura`tow` Nakesh, or "Atown", as he is known to his friends is a complex individual and proof that people are not what they appear. This seemingly unremarkable grunt has served many positions including smuggler, soldier, and politician.

House Sabosen has employed him as a bodyguard on occasion. He is extremely dedicated to rebuilding the reputation of House Nakesh.


Early Life

He was born on Csilla his father Furo' la' Nakesh(Olan), brother of Mal`diu~Nakesh, married Hura's mother Viro`tos` olas(Atisi). He was young when the Nakesh family was a proud and success full family.Then Internal rivalry and war broke out. Selina, Hura's aunt was not full blooded chiss and was there for tainted with greed. She then planed to destroy The Nakesh name and the Family Business. Enraged by this act, Malduin left the Palace on Csilla and headed to the far reaches of space. Olan and afraid Hura would get caught in the crossfire, and sent him away in the family's Personal fighter, an A-24 Slueth. He then was left with a holomessage to lay low. The reason for this is that Csilla had a war going on and was under the control of Black Nebula and The New Republic claimed to liberate Csilla. Atown initially believed that New Republic had simply placed the Chiss homeworld under a new tyranny.

Simple Smuggler

Atown then worked for a small origination that transported goods. He doesn't talk about it much because he just transported and never asked questions.

RACN Service

Atown then joined the Anzatan Commonwealth as a Servicemen in the Navy under a very shady chain of command he did the best he could to up hold the honors of the Commonwealth. At this time, he met other Chiss Mechna Yerikov and Flar Gar, who invited him to join the Chiss Society.

Soldier and Statesmen?

Months later after he had worked hard he found an interest in the Politics of the Anzatan Commonwealth and thought he could change and improve it by playing an active role. He Soon rebuilt the LDP(Liberal Democratic Party). With only a few members, he tried to push for reform but the Monarch at that time Wilhelm Von Ismay, opposed this.Despite Ismay calling his monarchy Democratic, Atown thought if Anzat had a Parliament why did they not have much say in what goes on and felt that the Parliament had almost no power at all. Enraged and frustrated he left the Anzatan Commonwealth.

New Republic and a new chance

After leaving the Anzat he found the New Republic although not fully to his liking he felt he could have a new chance there. He hoped he could change and bring back the strength of the chiss people Since Csilla was now under the control of the NR. He planed to work hard gain a position in the military then ask for Csilla's Liberation. Fortunately that didn't play out like he planed they had a slow administration and people didn't trust each other. This large amount of mistrust and fear made him rethink staying in the NR. The one thing that bothered him the most was a case where a few fugitives that were captured by the NR were turned over to the Jedi. Even though only one of the fugitives were force sensitive the Jedi's took over the entire case.They did this because the accused where so called "Shadow Vigos". This being a big thing he thought the Jedi's took over the case too gain popularity and to pretend to take credit for doing something they did not. So once again injustice ruled and force Hura to move on.

Guarding the future

Flying in the outer rim he met Malduin one of the last Nakesh in hiding. He did this because of selina and her greed nearly destroyed everything their family stood for. Proud and invigorated Atown, and he pledged to rebuild the Nakesh family name. Malduin speaks to him informing him of another chiss named Car`Nilo` Sabosen He and some other chiss were talking and banning together. He needed a body guard and Atown took the job with out question. He worked as Nilos body guard for sometime then Nilos finally brought the rebirth of the Chiss Ascendancy. Although it was a medical organization it was one step closer to regaining chiss pride and home world.Currently working In the many areas of the Chiss Ascendancy hoping to one day return home with the chiss people.


He is often an open but suspicious about others . He likes to meet people but takes things one step at a time. He is hard working and strives to show how great the chiss race truly is. He tends to listen and follow orders more then speak. He prefers speaking to smaller crowds then a large audience.

Service Record

Anzatan Commonwealth

  • Royal Anzantan Commonwealth Navy(Former)
  • Member of Parliament-Liberal Democratic Party(Former)

Chiss Ascendancy

  • Ensign - Chiss Expansionary Defense Force(Former)
  • Colonial Syndic - Ministry of Allocations(Former)
  • Deputy Minister - Ministry of Allocations(Former)
  • Lcahran(Lieutenant) - Chiss Expansionary Defense Force