House Nakesh

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House Nakesh
House Nakesh logo.png
Historical Information
EstablishedCirca 5000 BCGT
General information
Current headAristocra Hura`tow` Nakesh
AffiliationChiss Ascendancy



As the Chiss Ascendancy fell and the old houses along with them, each Chiss family began to refer to itself as a "House". Among these were some nomadic merchant families that had grown in the power vacuum to provide much needed foodstuffs and technology for the people of Csilla. The fact that the people knew who was providing for them made them very influential. The leader of Hosue Nakesh was Kamm`aldui` Nakesh.His business acumen would eventually result in one of the most well known mining corporations: ,Nakesh Alliance Extractions.

The merchant families were criticized for adopting alien cultural values and marrying aliens. Kaar `evali` Nakesh was a prominent example as he married Angelina Nabiere,rumored to be connected to an influential coreworld industrial magnate, after the death of his first wife(who was chiss).


After some time in Nakesh Alliance Extractions, Miras`eli` Nakesh(cousin of Kamm`aldui` Nakesh) schemed with Toras`kaar` Nakesh(Kaar `evali` Nakesh's son by his first marriage) to take control of Nakesh Alliance Extractions.Their scheme failed, and they were fired from the company.Kamm`aldui` Nakesh gave the company to a friend and returned to the Unknown Regions in disgust.

Toras`Kaar` Nakesh claimed the title of Aristocra Nakesh, while naming his step-sister as "Grand Princess", a non-chiss title.They were also joined by [record missing] and they attempted to revive the Ascendancy through their own endeavor , Dauntless Broadcasting Network.Dauntless never was able to be recognized as a legitimate corporation due to the distrust that the family has generated.Askaarn was known for betraying his employers when it suited him and Selina gained notoriety for her quick marriages and divorces.

Selina and Askaarn eventually committed suicide, and the other member of the Nakesh family had disappeared and was rumored to be dead as well.It seemed the House was dead.

On a whim, Kamm`aldui` Nakesh returned to the galaxy after being summoned to discuss the future of the Chiss Ascendancy.Malduin eventually returned to the Unknown Regions, but not before he left behind his new allies in the Third Chiss Ascendancy a gift.

He had an heir.

Another hope

Hura`tow` Nakesh volunteered to be the bodyguard of Carn`ilo` Sabosen, despite being named heir himself.Malduin looking to establish his own dynasty had started on the process of creating shadow children.So he had his younger brother and his wife hid the shadow child in plain sight.House Nakesh was not recognized a one a House, so anyone named Nakesh was safe on Csilla.

House Nakesh has declared its support for the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile.


The leaders of House Nakesh entered into negotiations with Aristocra Flar Gar, leader of The Chiss Ascendancy to discuss a new plan to put aside politics and work for the future of all Chiss.The result was the Chiss Parliament, a new assembly which would be inclusive of all Chiss.

Withdraw and Advance