Ke'gyce Keldab

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Ke'gyce Keldab
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 365036
Production date Unknown
Class Cruiser
Model Veltraa
Manufacturer Unknown
Modified by Aurora Technologies
White Star
Technical specifications
Length 600 meters
Engine unit(s) Alderaan Royal Engineers LF9 ion engine (3)
Speed Hyperdrive: 2.0
Sublight: 60 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (20)
Heavy laser (6)
Tractor beam (3)
Standard systems Docking bay (2)
Hangar bay (2)
Docking port (1)
Medical ward (1)
Flight-grade repulsorlifts
Modified systems Luxurious interior replacement
Exterior paint scheme
Complement R-41 Starchasers (15)
MkI Star Saber XC-01 starfighters (15)
Crew 5,000 (standard)
1,500 (skeleton)
300 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passengers 800 maximum (typically naval infantry)
Cargo capacity 2,100 tons
Consumables 1 year (maximum crew)
3 years (minimal crew)
Commissioned Year 15 (CGT) as Ke'gyce Keldab
Role(s) Command ship
Fleet Gree defense fleet
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority
Owner(s) Tomas o`Cuinn
Commander(s) Fidavar Chur
Tomas o`Cuinn

The Ke'gyce Keldab is a Veltraa-class cruiser that serves as the flagship of Tomas o`Cuinn's naval fleet. It is currently assigned to one of the defensive naval fleets of the Gree system, augmenting the Gree Trade Authority's system defenses.


A family relic for longer than Cuinn has drawn breath, the cruiser was given to him by his parents upon graduating from the University of Charubah. The length of time that this cruiser has been in his family's possession is not public knowledge.

The Veltraa-class is based upon designs of an ancient Sith variation of the Interdictor-class cruiser, though its combat capabilities have been greatly reduced and it lacks the much desired gravity generators incorporated into its famous predecessor. While employed by the Black Sun crime syndicate, Cuinn utilized Aurora Technologies, and later White Star, to outfit and modify the cruiser's interior design for a more luxurious and aesthetic appeal along with replacing many of the dated systems with modern technology. The flight-grade repulsorlifts, an unusual fit for a cruiser, allows both atmospheric entry and surface landing capability and combined with its powerful turbolasers, these specifications put the cruiser into a unique category. When "danger close" turbolaser support is needed during surface combat, the Ke'gyce Keldab answers the call with a vigorous amount of firepower. The extremely accurate destruction wrought by its twenty turbolasers combined with the monstrous visual that accompanies a massive cruiser inside an atmosphere are enough to turn the tide in any situation.

Fighter Complement

While the Ke'gyce Keldab's turbolaser batteries make for an effective defense and deterrent against other warships, its limited number of heavy lasers leave it quite vulnerable to organized squadrons of attacking starfighters. To counter this, the cruiser carries its own thirty-strong complement of starfighters incorporating two different designs. The pilots of both squadrons train regularly on flight and combat simulators in a process of continuous improvement, keeping their skills honed and ready for any sudden combat engagements.

Cabur Squadron

R-41 Starchaser

Cabur Squadron, twelve R-41 Starchasers with three ships in reserve, operates as an assault squadron capable of effectively engaging enemy light freighters, gunboats and other starfighters. With its weaponry including heavy lasers, ion cannons and proton torpedoes, it easily fills the role of a multi-role starfighter and is capable of tackling almost any scenario involving smaller enemy starships. While R-41 Starchasers are known for their positive balance of speed, weapons and durability, they lack heavy armour and internal hull bracing. As a result, they are vulnerable to well-placed enemy shots, but impressive maneuverability combined with high pilot skill help to negate this weakness. Regardless, the R-41 Starchaser is famous for its high reliability, low maintenance requirements and cost-effective market price, making it extremely economical despite its impressive usefulness and utility.

Jurkad Squadron

MkI Star Saber

Jurkad Squadron, twelve MkI Star Saber XC-01 starfighters with three ships in reserve, operates as a space superiority squadron specifically against enemy starfighters. With exceptional durability, it is capable of standing against all but the most advanced of modern fighters such as the X-wing, Miy`Til or Razor. Its sleek hull is surprisingly fortified and, with its deflector shielding, can typically absorb a couple of lucky shots before ultimately failing. Dual heavy laser cannons combined with its impressive maneuverability and high pilot skill are the deciding factor between whether that durability will be tested during a dogfight. When the capture of an enemy target is required, these MkI Star Saber's are able to assist with their individual ion cannons. The uniquely-shaped hull also excels during atmospheric combat, giving it a distinctive edge against other starfighter designs during planetary operations.