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This is a list of all AE Entities, belonging to Soluun Afraad.

Year 17

AES Wisdom #1-6

6 G-1A Starfighters. An anonymous gift and Soluun's first ships. Given to her on Day 80.

AES Esmerelde Du Bois

YT-1300. Given to Soluun by Esmerelde Du Bois as she died on Day 250.

AES Hulk

Brayl-class Bulk Freighter. Given to Soluun by Esmerelde Du Bois as she died on Day 250.

AES Calm

Arquitens-class Light Cruiser. Sol won a raffle and won this ship on Day 250.

AES Memorial

V-19 Torrent Starfighter. Given to Soluun by Esmerelde Du Bois as she died on Day 250.

AES Eye of Horus

Eta-5 Interceptor. also from Esmerelde's death, Day 250.

AES Pleasure

H-type Yacht. Soluun found this ship abandoned on Day 226.

Year 18

AES Mass

BFF-1 Bulk Freighter. Sol bought this ship on Day 140.

AES Flash

YG-4210. Sol got this ship from the NR Bonus Scheme on Day 160.

AES Luxury

C-3 Passenger Liner. Sol bought this ship as a new flagship Day 200.

AES Heal #1-2

2 Sprint-class Rescue Crafts. From the NR Bonus Scheme, Day 250.

AES Crispin Sygnus

Class 720 Freighter. Given to Sol as Crispin Sygnus died on Day 277.

AEV Rapid

Cloud Car Combatspeeder. Bought from Ubrikkian Industries (UI) on Day 283.

AEV Argon Nightwish's Folly

JX40 Jailspeeder. Soluun kept this after Argon Nightwish attempted to kidnap her, Day 297.

AES Starstruck

YV-666. Sol won this from a Narmo's Nest raffle on Day 299.

AEV The Conehead

Luxury Sail Barge. Sol bought this from UI Day 310.

AES Eclipse

Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser. Sol won another Narmo's Nest raffle on Day 316.

Year 19

AES Dark Star

EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Sol bought this Day 134.

AES Parsec One

YT-150. Bought alongside the Neb on Day 134.

AES "Afraad" of the Dark

YT-2000. Bought from Incom Corporation, Day 136.

AES SoluuN-1 #1-12

N-1 Starfighters. Bought alongside the YT-2000 on Day 136.


Longprobe, bought Day 189.