Neres Warjan

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Neres Warjan Yyd'k
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Clan Aliit S'badai
Mother Knows to him
Father Deceased
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings 2 Brothers, 1 in Imperial Service
Children None he knows of
Born 47
Died Not yet
Languages Galactic Basic, Mando'a
Quote Interesting
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1,75 Meter
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Rank Alor`aan
Positions Academy Leader; Recruiting; XO of 1st Heavy Fleet
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation, Tresario Star Kingdom

Neres Warjan is a member of Mandalore from the Yyd'k family of Clan S'badai.


Early Life

Neres was born on Tatooine, grew up there, and learned that life was hard and not as easy as the pilots and smugglers told him, at least the few he had met.

At the age of 10, he decided that he didn't want to live forever on this hot and dry rock. Just a few years later he got his chance.


A freighter pilot he knew heard rumors about a factory on Coruscant. Apparently, they were in need of workers who would like to help build military vehicles such as Hoverscouts. Neres thankfully accepted and left his family, to which he never had any close bindings anyway.

The work itself was the best thing that could have happened to him, but he also experienced negative matters. He had always been thinking that respect and a better position can only be gained through hard work. Some people at the factory did not agree with this philosophy.

After seeing too many people of this kind coming, and all the good guys leaving, he decided to quit as well.


Leandra, Neres' friend

Accompanied by a friend from the factory, Leandra, Neres decided to become a freelancer in the transport business, the best and safest way to earn credits while seeing more of the galaxy. So they purchased a YT-1210. It worked well for both, but one day they were caught by pirates.

After finding out that nothing was onboard the ship, the pirates took Leandra as their hostage, sabotaged the freighter, and left Neres on it, in the hope that he would die on a ship without power. But Neres learned much in the factory, especially what to do in an emergency situation.

A few days later he arrived at a station somewhere in space, coordinates unknown. He repaired the ship there, but never found out who those pirates were, nor did he ever see Leandra again.

On this day he swore that he would never be a victim again, to no one. Later he got an invitation to join a faction, one he thought could teach him how to fight.

He joined Mandalore.


Neres as a young Mandalorian.

Sometime in Year 7, Neres joined the Army of Mandalore, and was placed into the 4th Division, called the "Neo-Crusaders".

There Neres worked his way up, and later he get the chance to join the 2nd Mobile Infantry Division, called "Chosen Ones", under the command of Talor Dakari. He earned the rank of First Lieutenant, which he held for over a year. One year was a long time. Too long a time.

Just like in every other place, he had seen people raising in ranks who didn't work much, but instead talked more, using nothing but their diplomatic tongues. Neres disliked those people, he never trusted them.

His Commanding Officer, Cesodevo Avina, who joined Mandalore a week before him, left Mandalore as a result of a discussion with Tyr DeMeer about Mandalore joining the Imperial Union. After his departure, he joined the Falleen Federation.

Neres contacted him and told him about the things in Mandalore, and after a few hours of talking with Ceso, Neres decided to join another faction, one he thought where work was rewarded well, and Ceso helped him join the Federation.

Falleen Federation

In Year 10, Neres joined the Falleen Federation after contacting Rick Farlander and told him about the circumstances of leaving Mandalore.

He joined at the rank of Acting Lieutenant which was like a demotion for him, but Neres worked his way up in the Falleen's Army. Here he met good and hard-working people.

But again, things didn't run as well as he thought. King Bisz Aldaris had his own idea of how the Army should work, and how the things should be named there.

The members of the Army weren't happy about that and tried to talk with him, but only found out that he didn't want to listen. Therefore, most Army members and others of the Federation decided to leave the Federation, knowing that they would never come back as long as Aldaris or anyone else following his standards was the King.

So they were offered to join the Tresario Star Kingdom, ruled by Jude Vatz.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Neres after his promotion to General.

After founding an Army in Tresario, Neres became Chief of Operations, which was boring, but at least from his perspective, he did quite well at it.

Later, after the promotion of Alto Rexar to Field Marshall, Neres became the next Commanding Officer of the Army. Shortly after getting his new position, Neres was promoted to General. But he needed a XO to fulfill his duties, this position was filled with Avalon Red.

Months passed, and he had seen people join and go, some like Neria Derycke left because of personal reasons, others like Avalon Red joined another faction because Tresario joined the reformed Imperial Union[1], but this without letting anyone know.

Even after his XO left, Neres did his duty and accepted further work like being the Archivar of Tresario's own Archive. Here he learned too that doing this work is an unthankful and unnoticed one, which frustrated him sometimes, but kept it actual as good as he could.

After several messages sent to the leader of Tresario, King Jude Vatz, with ideas to keep people in the Kingdom and things to work for, were never answered or, from Neres' side of view, were unnoticed.

Because of this frustrating experience, he thought about leaving Tresario, which he called to this time his home, and the friends he met there.

Neres corresponded with Tyr DeMeer about joining Mandalore again, and after Tyr didn't had seen any problems to do so, he left Tresario and joined back his old faction and comrades.

Back in Mandalore

He came back to a good time because the second Season of the Great Hunt was about to begin.

Neres, together with Siarica Aylina and Werda Mird, created a team which they named Team Fett Club, and won, as a team, the first place.

At the same time, Neres took over the Academy as leader from Avianus Antornis, which had not the time to do it further.