Nova Industries

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Nova Industries
Ni-logo-sml v1.png
General Information
Motto "You have only one life, keep it safe."
Status Active
Leader Alleria Shepard
2IC Rho Galfona
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 82
Political Information
Affiliation Rogue Squadron
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Nova Industries

Nova Industries (also known as "Nova" and abbreviated "NI") is one of the premier item production industries on the market. Nova is a proud pro-republican organization and is currently under the leadership of Alleria Shepard.


Nova Industries was started a few years ago under the guidance of Sterik Hasger. Though the company started out well it began to decline as outside interests sought to strip the young company apart before it could gain a stable foothold. Seeing the difficulties inherited as the companies owner, Mr. Hasger decided it would be best to pass the opportunity to another. Mr. Adam A. Flynn saw Nova Industries as a perfect addition to the already growing influence of the SoroSuub Corporation, a collection of companies determined to make the galaxy a safe haven for all who sought peace.

Shortly after obtaining our company, Adam A. Flynn placed Mr. Jacen Malorm in control of the company. Mr. Malorm did a wonderful job to increase the net worth of the fledgling company. Not long after he was instilled as leader, the quality of work performed by Mr. Malorm began to come under question and scrutiny... Difficulties between the the companies leader and the SoroSuub High Command threatened to escalate till Mr. Malorm decided to step down as leader. Relieved at the conclusion of the mounting catastrophic effects on the company, a new leader was appointed.

Mr. Devon Somes stepped up from the rank of Director of Personnel Transportation in order to lead our company. He ensured that the company managed to stay ahead of the competition. He would also go on to guarantee excellent services to everyone in the known galaxy.

Over time Mr. Devon Somes stepped down. Following in his footsteps Kurami Jankov became the next leader of our company. Following a period of rapid expansion under the new leaders talents, the company was finally put under the control of the Rebel Alliance by its owner Adam A. Flynn. This act would ensure the continued prosperity of Nova Industries' production capabilities as well as research into new technologies. Now owned by previous leader Kurami Jankov, the role of leadership has been passed down to Alleria Shepard.


Nova Industries is one of the most renowned item producers in the galaxy. Working hard to bring forth the latest in armour, storage devices, personal shields, to supply kits that can be found within our warehouses as well as shops around the galaxy. Nova aims not only to keep the everyday consumer satisfied but also to be safe from harm in any condition.

Currently Nova is working hard to solidify a concrete base of operations and structure with which to advance its capabilities. Investors, new or old, are encouraged to contact our current leader Alleria Shepard with any questions or comments.

Nova Industries' bases and factories are currently classified from public knowledge. Soon, once security of our operations location is secured, the company will reveal its product list and other services. Along with our product information will be included delivery of our products.

Nova Industries is a part of Rogue Squadron. Being the only item production group within the government, its role is vital as it provides personal defense and other necessities for the group to carry out its mission against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. Nova Industries is proud to help the determined members of Rogue Squadron and serves the High Command with dedication and loyalty second to none.


Nova currently seeks to provide you and the rest of the galaxy with the highest in quality services. Never stepping down from a challenge, Nova is constantly searching newer and better items, whether it be smaller and more efficient survival kits, stronger armor, or faster computers. Nova is there for you when no one else is, so buy our products, they may just save your life.

Nova currently offers the following list of items:

Heavy Battle Helmet Item Statistics - Equippable Slot: Head Armour +25 AP When Combined with Heavy Battle Armour adds +5 AP, -1 Dodge.

Heavy Battle Armour Item Stats - Equippable Slot: Chest Armour +85 AP, -1 Speed When Combined with Helmet adds +5 AP, -1 Dodge.

Flak Helmet Item Statistics - Equippable Slot: Head Armour +5 AP

Flak Jacket Item Stats - Equippable Slot: Chest Armour +20 AP

Tactical Helmet Item Statistics - Equippable Slot: Head Armour +15 AP

Energy Shield Item Stats - Equippable Slots: Hands Armour +15 AP Does burn damage in melee contact. After absorbing 20 damage, energy field collapses.

Heavy Belt Item Statistics - Equippable Slot: Belt Weight Cap: 24 kg Volume Cap: 0.3360 m3 Adds extra carrying capacity to wearer.

Grappling Hook Item Stats - Equippable Slots: Hands Allows you to go over walls.

Multiple Sensor Pack Item Statistics - Equippable Slots: Hands Focus Sensors to see people, facilities, ships and vehicles in the same grid square in a certain direction.

Electronic Lock Breaker Item Stats - Equippable Slots: Hands A self contained security probe with which a skilled user can hack through security systems and locking mechanisms.

Vertical Locker Item Statistics - Equippable Slot: Chest Weight Cap: 1100 kg Volume Cap: 2.4000 m3 Can Store 120 kg of equipment.


Nova Industries is currently looking for personnel interested in the following jobs fields:

  • Freighter Pilot - With much construction still necessary, a large volume of raw materials need to be moved from location to location in order to allow for mass construction projects to be completed. Ideal ships for this task are freighters.

  • Construction Supervisor - It is necessary for the construction to be completed in a timely manner. A supervisor is needed to insure that our construction crews work each day, some of them have been known to slack off from time to time.

  • Factory Supervisor - As item production becomes the companies main goal, more and more personnel is needed to watch over the factories of Nova to guarantee that quality products are made in a timely manner. Factory Supervisors are encouraged to motivate their employees through any means necessary in order assist the company. A large level of trust is put into these personnel as without them the company cannot hope to survive.

  • Product Transporter - Not all our customers will be able to pick-up a product that they feel they need, and many small-time business will want to resale our product since they will not have their own production capabilities. It is the Transporter's job to make sure that all products make it to the customers and resalers hands in a timely manner. Good piloting skills are necessary, and most of these jobs will be using smaller freighters such as YT-1300s.

  • Public Relations Correspondent - This is provably the most challenging job, but so for it there is a higher payment. The individual who wish to work as a P.R. Correspondent will be required to answer all messages from our costumers, to accept orders for production and notify the rest of the production crew for the order, so that they can produce it.

How to Apply: In Darkness (the SWC Interface) complete the following steps -

  • Go to the Join Page
  • Find Nova Industries in the list and select it
  • Submit your join request
  • Sign up to the RS holosite here
  • Contact Alleria Shepard to notify her of your application.


  • Nova-banner y11.jpg (Year 11)
  • Nova-banner h-v2.gif (Year 12)

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