Ordo Perkins

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Ordo "Jasper" Perkins
Biographical Information
Race Iktotchi (Formerly Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Mirax Perkins
Father J'rek Perkins
Spouse Elisian Farfox (married while under domination; Ordo didn’t think it counted)
Partner Brikase (fiancé; missing for 5 years)
Siblings Corra Perkins
Ruusan Perkins
Children Mesh'la Perkins (daughter from Eff)
Born Year -15 Day 105
Died Year 14 Day 92 (Killed by Sevk Ill`er)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 6" (1.6764m)
Coloring Light Tan
Eye Color Greyish-green with yellow around pupils
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalorian, Clan D'ael'mor, Clan Ordo.
Rank E-3, E-4, O-1, Squad Commander, Deck Officer.
Positions Combat Pilot, Private Investigator, Bounty Hunter, Foreman of R&D Weapons department.
Prior Affiliation Corellian Science Academy (graduated from), Corellian Port Authority, Mandalore, MandalMotors

Ordo Perkins was a Mandalorian and the owner/operator of Cuy’val Dar Station, a deep space training facility and commander of Ordo’s Dozen. Ordo was born Jasper Perkins on Corellia to Mirax and J'rek Perkins in Year -15 before the Galactic Empire. Ordo's father and mother raised Ordo and his two sisters as Corellians. Although, in reality, they were Mandalorians from Clan Ordo who were hiding after the mass murder of their clan mates.

Personality and Appearance

Ordo was very inquisitive and investigative. He would spend countless hours poring over information and events looking for answers and clues to problems. Ordo analyzed everything he could but often only stored what he found for personal use. Ordo had a fatherly streak and could be quickly caught trying to help the weak and downtrodden, especially if they happen to also be female. He, however, could quickly change his attitude if they proved to be dishonest with him. Ordo grew up as a farmer and was often very simple in his view of the galaxy. He meant what he said and said what he meant; there was little chance you would be confused where you stood with him. Ordo was a martial arts adept which made him very disciplined and regimented but had a very deep violent streak that he worked to repress for the sake of those around him. He had the ability to disconnect his emotions as a result of year of training and fighting his violent beast like side. Most often Ordo was friendly to others, giving most the benefit of the doubt and had an honest desire to do the right thing. However, if someone crossed the line with him (which changes depending on the day) things got rough real quick. Ordo was a light tan skinned male who was usually seen wearing green modified Corellian powersuit armor with red joints sporting three red horizontal stripes resembling claw marks on his left breastplate, with a matching green helmet with red T-shaped visor. Ordo sported a variety of weapons but often had a cross-sheathed sword and Rykk blade on his back. He had stony greenish grey eyes with small circles of yellow around the pupils and brown short hair cut close to his head. Ordo had heavily scarred face, back, chest and arms.


Early Life

Ordo was born Jasper Kal Perkins. He was born 15 years before the galactic civil war to Mirax and J'rek Perkins. Jasper was the oldest of three, his sister Ruusan was one year younger, and his sister Corra was 7 years younger. His father was formally an elite commando and martial arts instructor, though he would not discuss for whom he worked, and began training Jasper physically and mentally at the age of three. His mother, a Corellian, insisted he also be trained in piloting and engineering, as was the custom of Corellian youths. J'rek, his father, readily agreed and enrolled Jasper in the Corellian school system at the age of 5 standard years. Jasper had a knack for physical activity excelling in his father’s martial art called D’ael’kai, as well as marksmanship. However, he had a terrible temper and would often find himself punished for losing control, a problems that would follow him well into adulthood. As Jasper grew, he proved to be very good with both building and repairing engines and weapons. Jasper's scholastic achievements earned him early entry into the prestigious Corellian Science Academy at the age of 15 standard years.

Corellian Science Academy

Though it wasn't his father’s first choice for his son, Jasper was enrolled the Academy immediately. Jasper was one of the youngest students at the Academy, and as such got a hard time from the older students. Jasper generally tried to keep out of trouble but always seemed to get into some kind of scuffle over one thing or another, often his size and age. Despite the trouble with other students, Jasper continued to excel in the fields of engine R&D and Weapons R&D. Spending a great deal of time working in the laboratories made Jasper happy. He loved knowledge and would regularly test his many theories, just to find out what things did. His greatest achievement was in weapons cooling systems that allowed more ship weapons to be placed together while not overheating the systems. This resulted in his instructor helping Corellian engineers to add two Quad-heavy Laser Cannons to the YT-1300 model as opposed to the two laser cannons that it once was built with. Jasper was well into his second year at the academy when tragedy struck at home.

Jasper Goes Home

The call came into the Academy from local authorities that Jasper's father and mother were killed in an attack while they were travelling to Selonia to drop off an exotic pet that a rich off-worlder had purchased. The reporting officer said two large star yachts dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire on his parent's YT-1210. One of the yachts was destroyed in the combat but the other disabled and boarded the 1210. Soon after, the engines of the 1210 began to glow and the yacht disengaged. The yacht made it to hyperspace as the Jasper's parents ship detonated leaving nothing but a large safe and nav-computer. Jasper, who loved his parent deeply, was crushed and vowed to make his father proud. So, with that thought in mind Jasper left the Corellian Science Academy and went home to care for his two younger sisters. To start, Jasper canceled off world deliveries and purchased a large transport speeder, and then he bought a few new droids, to make work easier. Jasper did a good job and by 18 had the ranch running almost as good as his father had. With Imperial outposts consuming Nerf like it was going out of style, the ranch did very well. After a short time, Jasper was able to pay for his younger sister Ruusan to go to the same Science Academy that he himself attended. He did a fair job and was well respected in the area as an honest businessman and hard worker. Not long after Ruusan left, his youngest sister was killed by a sand panther attack at the age of 11. Jasper found and killed the panther but had a hard time letting go of the incident and blamed himself. When Ruusan was told she, also blamed Jasper and vowed never to speak to him again. Jasper, who wanted nothing more than help his family stay together, felt like an utter failure and decided to liquefy his assets and send them to Ruusan. Jasper then made plans to work toward buying a new starship and leave Corellia for good. The only response from Ruusan came from her new fiancé, an Imperial scientist, who said they would be moving to Coruscant and they thought he should know.

Corellian Port Authority

Jasper applied to work for the Corellian Port Authority hauling freight and moving ships for refuel and repairs. Noting his resume had honors from the Corellian Science Academy as well as local authorities, he was quickly hired. Jasper worked as a pilot and mechanic at the starport for the next 4 years but had not made enough money to buy the ship he wanted for his new business and home. He found a place to live at a local garage that let him park his family transport, a converted Reconnaissance Troop Transport, there for a small fee. That is where he met Briikase. Briikase was a petite woman with dark brown, almost black, hair with large innocent brown eyes. She was strong and spirited; she could fix a freighter or speeder and with the same spanner, turn around and knock a spacer out. He was earning money to buy a freighter large enough and fast enough that he could start his own business, hauling any legitimate cargo he could to literally anywhere they could pay for. She was working off some debt her brother had left her with when he died. They both lived at the garage, he lived in his family's old transport speeder parked outside, and she lived in the apartment above the garage. She was a beauty, with the kindest heart that ever was to be found on Corellia, or anywhere else for that matter. She found out that Jasper had lost his mother and father to pirates and he was working to by a freighter so he could leave and start his business, so she would come by and bring him dinner when he was there and not delivering cargo to some station or other around the system. She said it was to help lower his cost so he could get out of her hair sooner, but that was to keep him from trying to pay for it. They began to have feelings for one another and would talk for hours about what they would do with their lives. She wanted to travel explore the galaxy, maybe travel to all the places that she heard about on the holo-vids. Jasper started to want to do anything at all, as long as she was close. One day, Jasper left for work, he had a job that his boss hired him out for, but it was longer than usual, 2-3 weeks. He told her, “This one job will pay for a ship and pay your brothers debt with enough left over to get married, stock the ship, and not look back!”

She said, ”I don’t know Jas, I got a bad feeling on this one.”

All of their dreams were 2-3 weeks from being realized. He promised her he’d be safe they were sending security with me six CorSec officers, and a security droid. Jasper had his hunting blaster designed to take down big game.

“If that don’t get’em, I’ll tear their ships apart with that hydro spanner you bought me this spring. “

The laugh he had hoped for never came. She just kissed his cheek and said if he didn't come back, she’d find him and tear him apart. She had tears in her eyes when he drove to the starport. Jasper called Bria every day. She said thing were getting tough back home. She said some strange people had been hanging around the shops across from the garage. She even said she saw some bounty hunters watching the ones watching the garage. The day came when Jasper finally dropped his cargo and picked up the return crates destined for Corellia. Then something happened. The CorSec officer in charge burst into the cockpit and shot Jasper in the left shoulder. Jasper ducked behind the pilot’s seat and grabbed his blaster rifle. It was long and not suited to close quarters so he braced himself for the pain and jumped out swinging his blaster like a club knocking the officer unconscious. Jasper picked up the officer's DY-255, then bound and gagged him. Assuming all the other CorSec officers were hostile, Ordo made sure the setting was not on stun and made his way through the ship. Jasper found all of them in the cargo bay prepping the crates for transfer; they were expecting to steal them for themselves and leave Jasper dead and the ship floating in space. He took a deep breath and put the DY-255 down. He unslung his hunting rifle and took aim. Jasper opened fire and hit his first target the second in command in the neck dropping him. In the confusion and surprise of hearing one of the galaxies only remaining slug throwers He picked off one more before they dropped behind the crates. The commotion however woke up the security droid and things were starting to look down. Jasper was not going to win. He was wounded, out classed and out gunned, but He promised He would see Bria again. Remembering the crates were all secured Jasper locked the cargo bay door and opened the air locks. He watched through the porthole as they were sucked out the droid was not equipped with magna-locks or clamps so it was sucked out also. He closed the lock and went back to the cockpit. Jasper rebound the officer with the officers own binders and occasionally hit him again out of anger. Jasper made the jump and comm'ed Bria. No answer. The next day, no answer. She never forgot to comm. back if she missed his call before not once. Jasper got back to Corellia and landed his boss met him at the starport and told him he was in big trouble for losing the cargo. His boss was in on it. Jasper took out his knife and buried it in the man's ribs. Jasper carried him on board and laid him next to the officer. The officer watched Jasper with fear in his eyes; he knew he was going to die. Jasper removed the gag and told the officer he had once chance to live. He told Jasper everything he knew, Jasper's boss had hired them to dress as CorSec officers and steal the cargo they were to share the money and leave Jasper in space dead or dying. Jasper shot the man then comm'ed the owner of the crates and told him to get his property and his ship. He then locked it and walked away leaving the officer and his former employer dead and hugging in the galley pantry.

After Briikase’s Abduction

When Jasper got to the garage where he and Briikase were, it was destroyed. Carbon scoring was everywhere. Footprints were scatters in the dust some of some wearing heavy armor or carrying loads. Bria was gone… He put out a reward for anyone with information and hired a bounty hunter to track them, whoever they were. When Jasper asked around the locals said that some ruff looking spacers attacked the garage and tore it up, obviously looking for something, Briikase came out and started shooting her DL-44 but the spacers stunned her and tied her up. A pair of armored Mandalorians came out of the caff-shop across the street and opened fire on them. They chased the spacers though the city to the starport. The witnesses couldn't say what happened next. Jasper rushed back to the starport to find out anything he could the manager said two ships tore out a weeks and a half ago, one Baudo-class Star Yacht and many aggressors. Jasper waited for the bounty hunters to turn up anything. He waited for someone to come and claim the 2.5 million-credit reward. No one ever came. When the man Jasper came to call Buir turned up in a Baudo class star yacht, Jasper was going to attack who ever came out. However, when he saw the wounded Mandalorian, he knew it wasn't the one who took Bria. Jasper patched him up and took him back to Mandalore as the man asked. He had nothing to lose and saw a way to get out become someone new. The Mandalorian Ka'voryc saw in Jasper a warrior, recognized Jasper's family sword and blaster, and adopted him. Ka'voryc changed Jasper's name to Ordo after an old commando clan that had disappeared years ago, and from whom his father's sword had come. Ordo then decided to approach the Mandalorian council to ask for a place among them. Ordo was trained at the Mandalore academy, before joining Mandalmotors after graduation. Ordo who was already a seasoned pilot, caught on fast and worked hard. He would however never stop searching for Bria. Whenever he had leave, he would search coordinates found in the Baudo-class Star Yacht’s navigational computer.


200px-MandalMotors svg.png

Ordo joined Mandalmotors directly after his academy graduation, and was given a mechanic position. Shortly after, he was given the position of raw material delivery for the orbital space stations in various sectors of Mandalore space. Ordo worked hard for many months and was always ready to help his new family. He quickly learned Mando'a and became quite adept with it after a short time. Many weeks in Hyperspace gave him ample time to train his mind in matters respecting Mandalorian culture and language. Ordo was eventually assigned a Managerial position over a few mines and shipyards, and was regularly getting praise from his superiors for his fine work. On one leave period however he came across a beat up YT-1300 that was floating in deep space. Ordo was searching old coordinates in his Star yacht's nav comp and found what would become 'the Beskar'gam' and on board a deactivated R3-X4 astromech unit that he later named 'Crossfire'.

Crossfire and the Beskar'gam

Ordo marked the coordinates and returned in a YV-666 he had borrowed from his Friend and former boss Andrew Panzer. Ordo picked up the Beat up YT-1300 and nursed it back to life. Due to the condition of the ship Ordo used the opportunity to redesign the ship to better suit his needs. He also added a coat of matte black paint to help hide the ship when travelling through space. Upon completion of the redesign and rebuild The Ship was finally ready for it's maiden voyage. The YT-1300 in a ceremony of of three persons Ordo, his security chief Kaida Asto, and his Co-pilot Testa Arkda was named The Beskar'gam. While repairing the ship a small astromech was found in the engineering section of the YT-1300. The astromech carried the designation R3-X4 and was deactivated but otherwise in fare condition. Ordo, who had trained in droid repair, thought he'd upgrade the little droid to have greater versatility during missions with Ordo and the Beskar'gam. The day the Beskar'gam was finished R3-X4 was fitted with a new light blaster and activated. The droid quickly recognized the ships computer and engineering systems and became a valued asset to Ordo's team. The little droid, due to never having a memory wipe, is very opinionated and quirky. Ordo was seldom seen without his mechanical friend whom was affectionately (sometimes any way) called Crossfire.


Ordo’s Dozen

150px-IEFlagblue svg.png

During his time piloting the Beskar'gam Ordo hire several mercenaries and soldiers. After many engagements members would be lost and replaced until a rag tag squad of various races was formed and named Ordo's Dozen. The Dozen continue under the command of Ordo Perkins and have become fully trained Mandalorians. The Dozen his noted for its use of various forms of Corellian powersuit armor and travelling in a custom painted Reconnaissance Troop Transport. Ordo sought a base for the Squad to deploy from on mission to help him find Bria. The Dozen were happy to assist the man they came to view as Buir (father) and were eager to join the hunt.

The “Eff” Incident

While on Patrol with Ordo's Dozen, Ordo came across a team of bandits in an asteroid hideout. During interrogation, they directed Ordo to a Coruscanti woman named Elysian Farfox who had mentioned the name Briikase to the bandit leader during a meeting to secure goods. Ordo jumped on the lead himself and sent Ordo's Dozen to Cuy'val dar Station, his personal training station. Ordo found the woman, who was exceedingly rich, though very few knew from what. Ordo arranged to meet the woman who sent Ordo to several possible locations where Bria may have been. All turned up a loss, but forced Ordo into hostile areas where he had to kill or be killed to get out. After the third possible location, Ordo drew a blaster on Farfox, and threatened to kill her himself if she didn't tell Ordo the truth. She did tell him the truth and that was she was a powerful force user. Ordo's last thought was to pull the trigger, but he never got the chance. Farfox (EFF) dominated Ordo's mind and made him her slave. She had a public wedding at which she forced Ordo the marry her and later father a child. Ordo was then used as a test subject in many experiments involving response to pain. The once handsome Corellian after a year of torture was left a scarred and weathered man. Ordo has little memory of the time between tortures other than the elation he felt when Farfox would bring him in for her personal needs to be met. Using the Force to impress love and devotion into Ordo, he still struggles with the desire to return to her even across the galaxy. Ordo was saved from the woman by a random mission, in which he was to kill one of Farfox's enemies. Ordo accomplished the mission, but a detonator was rigged to blow if the individual’s heart stopped. The explosion hit Ordo and force Farfox to rip out of Ordo's mind or suffer the effects of the intense pain unshielded. This left Ordo with little memory of his daughter or the location of Farfox and her master, Lord Aukuggrey. Ordo was found by Crossfire and Seb Nimablu, clinging to life on a frozen planet in the outer rim. After many days in a Bacta tank, Ordo finally recovered and went back to Cuy'val Dar Station to continue to redesign his new clan training facility and home base for his father's clan.

Cuy'val Dar

Cuy'val Dar Station is a deep space training facility located in the outer rim. The station was purchased and remodeled to have training areas and living quarters to train and house an entire clan in definitely. While in the middle of the rebuild, Ordo left to follow a lead about the whereabouts of his missing fiancé Briikase. While away, he visited a small world called Imasi. While on Imasi, he set up a supply of local delicacies to be established between a local distributor and Cuy'val Dar station. However, before he could leave, the planet was assaulted by an invasion fleet of unknown aliens. Ordo and several others including Rhan Komo, Athrun Zala, Dax Rayya, Uta wan Murono, and a local Chiss business woman named Ikalur, flew aboard the invading ship and fought to free the planet of a deadly virus the aliens released on it. Before jumping to hyperspace, after leaving Imasi, a portion of his missing memory was freed during a conversation with Elysian Farfox that revealed the daughter they had now two years prior. Ordo then began searching for his daughter and Farfox who he continued to call "Eff". This landed him tracking a droid of Eff's to a planet named Xykon, where Ordo was arrested for assaulting a bartender, with his handmade bowcaster named "Desolation". Upon leaving, Xykon Ordo found Farfox and offered his services and station in exchange for their daughter. She accepted and took over construction of Cuy'val Dar Station. Later, the station was opened as a luxury resort and getaway which attracted many various individuals from around the galaxy. However, it turned out to be part of a plan by Eff's master, the mysterious Lord Aukuggrey. The station was saved and Ordo commissioned reconstruction of the facility. Ordo had suffered heavy damage during the fight for the station and stayed on board with his clan mates and his daughter, Mesh'la, until the station was finished. Ordo was then called away to the Derra conflict to support the local government’s effort to contain another highly contagious virus that turned ordinary people into violent warriors and even changed some of their DNA so severely that their species completely changed.

Ordo no helm.jpg

Metamorphosis Plague

Ordo contracted the Metamorphosis Plague in Derra system and was embroiled in the planetary conflict for a long time on Derra IV. He fought various beings and droids killing an estimated 35 sentients and 50 droids before leaving the planet. However, Ordo also took with him the plague and began changing into another species. Unlike most that contracted the virus that changed rapidly in excruciating pain, Ordo changed less rapidly at first even completing an undercover assignment to infiltrate a drug trade before finally giving over to the virus’s full effects. Ordo’s daughter Mesh'la Perkins and fiancé Briikase Ka'voryc remained Corellian while he became Iktotchi.


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Owned Ships

Beskar'gam YT-1300 Yt1300.jpg
Ordo's Folly YT-2000 YT-2000.jpg
The Sideways Striil S40K Phoenix Hawk-Class Light Pennace The sideways Striil.jpg
Dael'kad Squadron Y-wing BTL-S3 Squadron YwingLarge.png
Longshot Zeta Class Longrange shuttle Zeta Longshot.jpg