Sale of Indulgence

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Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade - Faction: Zann Consortium
Date: Year 18 Day 350 Location Unknown

Meeting with journalists members of the Zann Consortium crime syndicate, along with leader Ximaro Jix, have released details about their ongoing mass production and distribution of various spice including the commonly mined form Ryll which has been on demand from various customers around the galaxy.

Zann spokesperson Corellian, Juan Vargez explained that various drugs were being manufactured and created by NexCore Mining Corporation; cut, processed, and packaged by Black Hole Manufacturing [BHM], while smuggling and distribution are handled by Defilers and Dread pirates, along with third party smugglers.

Ryll Defiler.png

"We understand that governments and corporations will frown upon their citizens purchasing and receiving our products; however we standby our products and assure everyone they are safe for use." Jawa spokesperson and Nexcore Mining CEO Greyson Abrams assured press officials.

Primarily circulating among its indentured servants and citizens of its backwater planets where Zann maintains minimal laws the spices are often given away in small quantities as payment. In addition, Zann chemists identified a new spice variant they call "Ice Motion" which is mined exclusively in the glacier regions of Woldona VI; in the dark away from all forms of light and kept at low temperatures in metal storage crates. The product is said to slow the user down to such a degree, it gives the individual a state of suspended animation followed by intense euphoria . Journalists were given an opportunity to view a holo-vid filmed in night vision where Defels and Talz gathered the spice in darkness to preserve its chemical compounds. There they learned that new creation by Zann could be injected.


Given the opportunity to speak with CEO of [BHM], Peter Kurten, reporters found that not only are all created chemicals carefully regulated, but Kurten himself had come up with reproductions of the once popular spice, Booster Blue and Muon Gold. Using his own ship manufacturing materials Kurten spoke of the positive results his own pilots have endured using what they call "flight medicine."

“Like with our mass distribution of black market X-45 sniper rifles, we are more than willing to help all sentient's enjoy benefits others deny” Ximaro Jix, Crime Lord of Zann Consortium, stated briefly.


Closing the small conference, Juan indicated that in addition to private sales, a large shipment of spices will make its way to the next annual Uli Swap Meet for all traders and recreational users interested in purchasing the products, at which time they will release" Ice Motion" to the public.