Shotan Turok

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Shotan Turok
Shotan Turok.gif
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Born Unknown
Died Year 13 Day 182
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation InterGalactic Banking Clan
Prior Affiliation Andromeda Armory, Trax Sector Vehicles


Shotan is a Togruta, and Togruta's have colorful markings on their skin, a genetic trait left over from their predatory ancestors. Long, striped, curved, hollow horns spiral upward from their skull, and three darker striped head-tails drape downward, two to the front, falling over their chest, and one thicker one located in back, beginning at the base of their skull. A Togruta's skin is deep red, and their dark eyes and gray lips are embellished by the white markings that adorn their face. Vertical red and white stripes run down their chest and back, all the way to their toes, thus allowing them to blend into the thigh-high turu-grass that Shili is covered in. While hunting, their montrals aid them by providing echolocation abilities and a finely-tuned spatial sense, allowing them to encircle their herbivore prey.

Shotan; however, has purple markings where the average Togruta is red except for his horns and tendrils.


Shotan is a business Togruta and a natural Leader. He is highly skilled in Trade, Leadership, Research and Development of Star Ships, he's an excellent pilot and highly skilled in City design and development. Shotan is good at everything he does, there was nothing he didn't know, except how to face defeat. At the age of 15 a band of pirates boarded his parents ship in deep space, killing them all and looting the ship. Shotan in a futile attempt to help his Dad protect his mom, and three sisters he was laid unconscious. He woke hours later to find his mom and dad dead and his sisters gone.

The ship was heading into the Shili sun, but Shotan pulled it out of it's death dive and saved himself with the promise that some day he would find and rescue his sisters and avenge his parents. The Togruta are normally a peaceful race, but justice must be served and one day it will be. Perhaps he may find that he's a late sensitive. Perhaps the force has plans for him that he is yet to discover. Only time will tell.

Later in life, Shotan has become a self Made Millionaire and has done so with no help from anyone. Something that is very rare in this galaxy.

In his life's search, he found friends in the Andromeda Family, the Silhouette organization, and many others. Shotan's life is taking a turn for the better as his private business thrives and now he's been offered the opportunity by the leader of andromeda to open and run Andromeda Armory-Yes the Future is looking bright, but his past gets darker still as he learns of the murder of both of his sisters leaving their bodies floating in the unknown regions space. With a bright business future staring ahead, yet Shotan once again has it made very clearly to him how alone he is. But those responsible will one day pay.

Now is the time to fully engulf himself in his work to put the past behind him. What is next in his future is yet to be seen.


It is unclear the exact date of the accident but an accident in either late Year 12 or early Year 13 led to Shotan stepping down as leader of Andromeda Armory on Year 13 Day 44 as he was unable to perform his duties. He revealed the accident had caused significant damage to him and that he was undergoing a series of operations. He regretted customers had not received their weapons to date and put the blame on himself as he said he should of asked Samuel Ashen for help sooner. He assured folks that they would receive their weapons. Another leaked mail from Joni Wight to Chester Riddick dated Year 13 Day 45 about the incident revealed all weapons were in inventory and that they were making every effort to meet customers needs. It is assumed that Shotan's stepping down is temporary due to his injuries and that once able he'll take control back of Andromeda Armory.[1]


On Year 13 Day 77 Samuel Ashen placed a bounty of 50 million credits for the live capture of Shotan citing that he had falsified his injuries and used a position of trust to loot Andromeda Armory. No proof of this wrong doing has yet come forth and Shotan has made a counter claim that it was Samuel and Joni who looted the organization. The truth may never be known. Shotan placed a counter bounty on Samuel Ashen for the like 50 million credits.

The original reference for the above was deleted, it is unclear whether the bounties were rescinded and the men made peace.


Year 13 Day 182, 17:17 The YV-666 [L] The Evermore piloted by Shotan Turok has been damaged by the gravitational pull of Morath Proto Star.[2]

On Year 13 Day 183 Corey Vildras, Consul of the InterGalactic Banking Clan reported that Shotan had passed away in a navigational accident at the helm of his ship.[3]

It appears there is some controversy over his death.[4][5]