Jic Uiji

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Honest Jic Uiji
Fat jawa.png
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Clan Uiji
Mother Jarkosapig Uiji
Father Niko Uiji
Marital Status Rumored
Siblings Countless Jawas
Children Rumored
Born Y -6
Died Not yet
Languages Jawaese, Jawa Trade Talk, Bocce, Huttese, Basic (cannot speak), Droidspeak (partial)
Religion Jawa Industrial Magi
Quote "I didn't need him then, I won't need him now"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3'7" or 1 R2 droid
Weight Impressive
Hair Color Ginger/Red
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Title Honest
Rank Important
Prior Affiliation Eidola Pirates, Cybot Galactica, The Exchange, Kingdom of Elysia/Kerdos Company
"I have this weird feeling... Jic is going to make a lot."
— Mishka Sorokin, moments before Jic sold a freighter for 5% of market value as a part of a failed auction scheme.

Jic Uiji is a Jawa typically known for his frequent involvement in varying schemes for profit and advancement of his own political interests.