Aarkon Dradsmore

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Aarkon Dradsmore
Aarkon swc.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance (Year 0)
Black Sun
Galactic Empire (Year 10)


In Year 1 BCGT, Aarkon enlisted in the Rebel Alliance. He was accepted as a Flight Cadet in Zee Wolf's Elite Fighter Squadron. Aarkon continued to serve in the Rebel Alliance as an assistant to the High Command and soon became an Admiral and took command of one of the first Fighter Carriers to be built for the Rebel Alliance.

Aarkon later became Supreme Commander when Targ Seth'Gul stepped down and thus served as leader in Year 0. Aarkon was the Supreme Commander that was to send out the first declaration of intent to the Galactic Empire. His declaration of intent can still be read on the Rebel Alliance Holonet. He was later temporarily replaced as Supreme Commander by Zee Wolf and then formally by Mon Akira when he departed the Alliance. He later turned up in Black Sun and was most frequently seen at the side of Gabriella Storm before resurfacing in the Galactic Empire in Year 10.

Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance
Preceded By:
Targ Seth'Gul
Aarkon Dradsmore
Circa Year 0
Succeeded By:
Zee Davin Wolf