Adam Diggins

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Adam A. Diggins
Adam Diggins Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Corellia
Spouse Danii Diggins
Lira Ryuujin
Children Mara Diggins
Born Dec/19 (Corellian local time)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.77 meters
Weight 65.50 kg
Political Information
Affiliation Terra Stryker Industries

Adam Diggins is the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Terra Stryker Industries and a retired Naval/intelligence/Special Operations agent. He is known for his merry band of Strykers, flying around in his CR-92R The Krasniy Oktyabr and generally being badass.

Diggins has medium length brown hair with a brown eye. Cybernetic implants replace his right hand and part of his face due to injury — including a cybernetic eye — although as of late he has been making an effort to hide said cybernetics with skin grafts. He usually wears a trenchcoat over light armour, although he has been known to wear heavier armour if the sittuation warrants it.


Early life

Adam was a super intelligent child caught in a chaotic environment. His father (Barrii) was a leader of a swoop gang (The "Hell's Riders") from Tatooine & his mother (Rosa) was an Alderaanian military adviser for the (then new) Empire. How they met and ended up together is unknown.

His dad retired to Corellia & became a gunrunner for the Empire, smuggling weapons to Imperial resistance cells on enemy controlled worlds. There Adam enjoyed a semi peaceful life. While his parents were gone he was watched by his neighbour Alexis M or his father's friend Corsair.

Adam's childhood was shattered when his family was killed by "Rebel" agents to prevent them from alerting the local garrison of the rebel cell. Many, many years later it was found out they were not agents of the Rebel Alliance, but to this day their identity remains unknown.

In the attack Adam's parents, Rosa and Barrii - along with Adam's sister Nycole - were killed & the nine year old Adam was seriously injured by a grenade. If it wasn't for the timely arrival of Ying Lee, Adam would have died. No amount of good luck could fix his injuries from the battle though; and due to his allergy to bacta Adam was forced to get a cybernetic replacement for his eye & most of the right side of his face. Part of his right arm and leg along with several internal organs had to be replaced as well. It took years of surgery and therapy for Adam to recover. With no one left to turn to Commander Ying Lee legally adopted the nine year old as his own son.

When he was old enough (and recovered enough) Adam went to work for the Empire to avenge their death. Under the mentorship of his adopted father, Adam joined the 2nd Sector fleet & became a loyal member of the Imperial fleet. He graduated with High honors, the rank of FSGT, and was granted command of the gunboat squadron Death's Hand. He was also granted command of the Lancer Frigate Expiditious.

The Empire (round 1)

The Charon-era empire stuff goes here

The New Imperial Order

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Out in the Black

(here there be pirates)


(The 12 colonies stuff fits here)

The Empire (round 2)

(probably honorable mention for the Calaron campaign here)

New beginnings

(The formation of TSI as an organization goes here)


Currently Adam Diggins is leading TSI and slowly drifting towards retiring on some outer rim planet to watch grass grow, paint dry, and his niece take over the galaxy. In the mean time production orders and guiding the next generations keeps him on his toes

Known family


By Danii Diggins:

By Lira Ryuujin-Diggins:

  • Unknown

Adoptive children:

Other relations:

  • Lira Ryuujin-Diggins, wife (living)
  • Danii Diggins, wife (deceased)
  • Nycole Diggins, sister (deceased)
  • Metuki Ryuujin, brother in law (deceased)
  • Unknown half-brother(s)
  • Unknown half-sister
  • Barii Diggins, father (deceased)
  • Rosa Diggins, mother (deceased)
  • Derran Khan, son in law (living)
  • Lance Hawke, son in law (unknown)
  • Kailii Diggins, grand daughter (living)
  • (unknown) Diggins-Hawke, grand daughter (alive)

Questionable relations: