Andrew Starfyre the Elder

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Andrew Starfyre
Andrew Starfyre Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Per’Aghtra
Mother Nabi Tenar
Father Barret Starfyre
Siblings Unknown
Children Andrew Starfyre Jr
Died Year 1 Day 243[1]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.70 meters
Coloring Brown hair
Grey beard
Eye Color Grey eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Rank King (former)

Andrew Starfyre (King Andrew I) (Andrew Rai'ix Chume Starfyre) was the first male monarch of the Hapes Consortium, having been granted the position by a majority of nobility following half a century of civil war in the Hapes Cluster.

He was born on the planet Charubah in the Charu system and was the son of a noblewoman and her pleasure-slave. His mother wanted nothing to do with him and his father was banished from the province government palace. As a result, Starfyre grew up in a rather modest environment as his father took to farming the land for food. Early on he befriended such individuals as Derrik Florda who he later formed the Phoenix Movement with.

In 3979, Starfyre and Florda found an old XGH-50 stock freighter which they repaired and modified, using it to traverse the Hapes Cluster under the guise of a mere supply transport. Befriending many along their way, the two eventually became entangled in the affairs and business of the Draconian Union. By the Draconians, Starfyre and Florda were viewed as nothing more than a group of insurgents, but the two farmboys influence grew and the Phoenix Movement was formed in 3985. The Phoenix Movement tilted the balance of power in the Hapan civil war and drove the Draconian Union out of the Charu system in 3991.

By 3998 the Sword Confederacy had surrendered to the Phoenix Movement and the Draconian Union engaged the Phoenix forces in the second battle of Gallinore. As the Draconians were defeated, the path to peace had been laid down. Starfyre was made King of the re-unified Hapes Consortium in 4000.

His reign was a peaceful one, spent mending the wounds and scars the civil war had left on the Hapes Cluster. Security was expanded and much of the Hapan treasuries were spent on rebuilding the Hapan societal infrastructure. Circa Year 1 he was too sick to rule, but had appointed Jessy James as Crown Prince and Alexander Tylger as Regent and Prime Minister. On Year 1 Day 104, Prince Jessy James assumed the Hapan throne as king. Several weeks later, Starfyre was assassinated by extremist elements of the anti-Hapan underground on Year 1 Day 243.[1]


Early Life

Starfyre grew up on the outskirts of Per’Aghtra, the capital city on Charubah, one of the most technologically advanced worlds within the Hapes Cluster. While the Charu system was home to House Olanji and the mighty Olanji conglomerate which was the cornerstone of the Draconian Union's industrial capacity, the planet had largely stayed out of the Hapan civil war. The defenses, both on planet and in the system, ensured that no organization within the Hapes Cluster dared attack it.

He was the son of Barret Starfyre who had previously served as a pleasure slave to a noblewoman ruling the province around Per'Aghtra. While it has never been confirmed, Countess Nabi Tenar seems to be the most likely mother of Starfyre. After having been thrown out of the noblewoman's court, Barret Starfyre had taken to farming a small patch of fertile land. He was considered a peasant and farmboy, but had many friends in the local community. He dreamed of traveling the Hapes Cluster, despite the ongoing conflict. He studied starship schematics in his spare time and was an admirer of the starfighter pilots that risked their lives in the service.

His childhood friend, Derrik Florda, had previously enlisted in the Draconian Fighter Corps and told Starfyre wondrous tales of the Hapan worlds in the Rifle Worlds and Rim Worlds region along with the magnificent space battle taking place on a daily basis. Starfyre had little interest in the conflict and hoped for peace so that he could travel and see the worlds his friend told him of.

Phoenix Movement

In 3979 Starfyre and Derrik Florda found an an old XGH-50 stock freighter at a recycling depot on Charubah. The ship, originally named Firebreather had been used by Draconian Logistics to ship supplies around the Draconian Union, specifically to and from XY322098. The two bribed the depot manager in to letting them take the vessel and repaired it at the Starfyre farm. They named it the Phoenix and used the old authorization codes the ship had in its database to visit many restricted regions of the Hapes Cluster.

Organised Resistance

Peace Treaties


In Year -5, King Andrew appointed a promising young officer, Jessy James, as Grand Admiral of the Royal Hapan Navy. This promotion was James' first step towards becoming Crown Prince of the Hapes Consortium. Several years later, James was named King Andrew's heir in Year -1.


In early Year 1, King Andrew's health began to decline. Hee announced that he would abdicate the Phoenix Throne and retire from the majority of his duties as monarch. In his place, he named Lord Alexander Tylger, Governor of Dathomir, as Prime Minister and as well as Regent to the Phoenix Throne until the Hapan Crown Prince, Jessy James could formally ascend to the throne. True to his word, on Year 1 Day 104, Prince Jessy James assumed the Hapan throne as king.


Several weeks later, on Year 1 Day 243, following a farewell ceremony given in Andrew's honor at the Fountain Palace on Hapes, several conspirators in the radical Underground Anti-Hapan Organization waylaid Andrew and his bodyguard. In the chaotic festival atmosphere, shots were fired, and Andrew was stuck. Surviving records indicated there were two assailants: One armed with a blaster pistol; the other with a vibro-knife. Eyewitnesses reported that Andrew was shot in the throat and, mortally wounded, carried away by his elite Phoenix Guard.[1] Prime Minister Tylger was present during the assassination and reportedly pursued one of the conspirators through the crowd. Within hours, General Pez of the Hapan Security Force assumed command of the dragnet for the conspirators and promised swift justice to those involved.[1]

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King of the Hapes Consortium
Preceded By:
Inaq Thian Pal'durath
Andrew Starfyre
Unknown — Year 1 Day 104
Succeeded By:
Jessy James